Monday Q – Tip

Are you howling yet? Is your aphotic basement illuminated only by the brightness caused by Bettman’s smile?

Ladies and gentlemen … It’s Coyote time!

The series between the Coyotes and the Predators is a bit like David and Goliath.

Ask the average hockey fan to name three guys who skate for Pheonix. Most will say – Shane Doan, Mike Smith and Shane Doan. If pressed, they may explore their memories until the name Shane Doan appears.

The Coyotes are a team that skate in an orphanage, looking for someone – anyone to love them and take them home. For now, the NHL and Gary Bettman are their caregivers. Much like a Disney cartoon, the Coyotes are being raised by the cruelest of parents. Arrogance and greed – the greatest attributes to a league that toils in a league of their own.

Predator Hockey?

If les Cotoyes continue to dominate players such as Radulov, Kostitsyn and Rinne – the Predators, will be listening to Glen Campbell quicker than a jilted country boy gets his truck back. Can the Preds get their Stanley Cup goal back? That is the question?


If the players from Pheonix keep their groove on and advance to the finals and win Lord Stanley’s Coupe, the questions of conspiracy will be floating around on a thawed rink in Bettman’s backyard.

– Did the Coyotes win to increase the distance of the NHL’s brass’ vacation destinations? More money in the pockets of everyone?

– If the Coyotes win, it would increase interest for a potential buyer in and around the Arizona area. It would also increase interest of a potential buyer in Anywhere, U.S.A. Hockey hotbeds such as Hawaii or Arkansas. For Bettman’s boys – a coyote anywhere than Canada is not ugly.

Better Team?

The Nashville Predators are a far superior team to Doan’s howlin’ boyz from the hood. The Preds totally dominated game one of the series and if not for the courage of net minder Smith in the coyote crease, game two would have seen the Coyotes holding their sticks a little tighter.

Instead, game two flipped the tables. It was the Predators that deked instead of shooting. Taking wrist shots when they should have been eluding. By right – in their little hockey minds, the Preds won the series before it commenced. The Coyotes but little pucks on the hides of the mighty Preds. Little black specks on the yellow sweaters of the Nashville six.

As the series returns to the land of Loretta Lynn, a raucous home crowd will attempt to raise their team from the aphotic abyss into which the Predators have fallen.

The Predators will be in their dressing room previous to game three and they will wonder. They will tape their sticks and tie their skates and they will wonder. What fate awaits them as they take to the ice down two games to none?

They will wonder;

Are you howlin’ yet … ?


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  1. philippe ouimet

     /  May 1, 2012

    Excellent article and at the same time food for thought… most fans Bettman is certainly not on my favourite list that said…if ever the Coyotes win OUR cup then maybe it’s time for Canadians to look at creating the CHL….we have the Arenas,the players,the knowledge and I wan’t to beleive we still have integrety!!!!

    • It’s not about an American team – it’s about an American running the league who has no concept of the passion involved with Canadians and hockey … There is a good read, I am sorry but I do not recall where, in the negotiation process between Bettman and the head of the CBC re t.v rights. It was so apparent – from the get – go, Mr. Bettman showed no compassion for the legacy of hnic … I’ll try to find the link for you …

  2. Here is the link Phillipe …thanks for reading

  3. philippe ouimet

     /  May 1, 2012

    thanks Rick for opening my eyes…now I know who invented snake oil!!!


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