Remembering the Expos – Part Two

Discouraged and accepting of the fact I would not be attending the All – Star game, I fell asleep the night before saddened.I awoke the next morning refreshed albeit a little sad …

I joined my Mom at the breakfast table to the happy kisses of Barney and a plate of bacon and eggs. My Mom, was happier than usual. A continuous grin echoing the bright yellow yolks that lay before me.She was behaving like she knew a secret …

“Check under your plate !” She said with enthusiasm.My dog Barney seemingly understanding as he nudged my half – asleep hand as it rested upon my knee.

I lifted the ceramic vessel and before me was an envelope conspicuous with the absence of ink. I opened it to expose two tickets. A pair of invitations to a soirée of stars.

” Al dropped them off late last night!” My Mom declared as she made us some coffee. ” He said he was sorry he could not get better seats …!”

” Better seats? ” I thought. ” Geez- I would be happy on the roof of the stadium…?!”

I asked my Mom if she wanted to go and she passed. My Mom did not like crowds, preferring instead to watch television or play cards with her

The Game

Along with a friend – Mike, we watched the game from the third base side.The Stadium was
alive as had been the norm in the past few seasons as the Expos climbed the ladder as on of the élite clubs in the league. 59,057 people from all walks of life jammed the place to make it the 10th largest crowd in baseball history for an All- Star match.

Kid Mercury was there – blowing his trumpet, cape blowing behind him as this unlikely ‘ super hero’ ran around the stadium, pumping the crowd into a frenzy. Mercury arrived in 1979 as the team’s biggest cheerleader. Self crowned with a cap adorned with lightning bolts on either side, the other ‘kid’ brought laughter and energy when the home team slumped.

The introductions of the players got under way.The orange roof of the house that Jean
Drapeau built a stark contrast to the white uniforms of some of the players below.

The Expos’ Andre Dawson, Tim Raines,Steve Rogers and Al Oliver were greeted with thunderous applause as the home crowd accepted their heroes as if a son was returning from war.Ovations that lasted a few minutes for each player.Ovations filled with warmth and gratitude. Ovations that seemed like minor clapping when compared to the reception of the most popular player in the Expos modern-day.

An ovation for Gary ‘ the Kid’ Carter.


Thunderous applause greeted the Expos catcher. It was so loud – the concrete in the stadium shook as if an earthquake would take it down. In the past few seasons, ovations as such were common and it is a wonder the stadium was still standing at all.

Raines started in left – Dawson in centerfield. Carter was behind the plate and his teammate Steve Rogers was on the mound. Al Oliver was the only Expos player to start the game on the bench. Strange because the man whose number was zero – was having the best season in his gold glove winning career.

In an ironic twist of fate,Rickey Henderson led off the game for the American League All – Stars with a single to his counter- part.The ball was fielded by fellow base stealer and lead- off man for the National League – Expos’ Tim Raines.The crowd favorite fielded the crisp single and tossed it to Manny Trillo of the Philadelphia Phillies at second base.The first All Star game outside of the United States was underway amid a circus – like atmosphere in Montreal’s Olympic Stadium

To be continued …
Souvenir photos courtesy of Kid Mercury – Montreal’s Most Dynamic entertainer !


Top Ten Reasons Andrei Kostitsyn will be Missed.

The enigmatic Belarusian has been dispatched to the greener pastures of Nashville.

A love/ hate affair has come to an end …

As simple as Y's and O"s

Here now are the top ten reasons Andrei Kostitsyn will be missed …










And the number one reason Andrei will be missed ?


Something for Nothing …

Waiting for the winds of change
To sweep the clouds away
Waiting for the rainbow’s end
To cast its gold your way
Countless ways,you pass the days

Neil Peart

At the trade deadline and in a sane world- Geoff Molson tied Pierre Gauthier to a chair and placed duct tape over his mouth. The Habs’ G.M should be shown the door in less than a month and a half. No point in Molson allowing ‘ the ghost’ one last chance to ruin his club de hockey …

Alas …

The world in which we live is crazier than placing Gomez on the power-play. Reality dictates the Montreal Canadiens remained relatively placid on trade day to keep up with tradition. Either that or the organization was so snake – bitten by the ‘ Gomez for the kitchen sink ‘ deal in 2009 – they hid their heads in the tri – colored sand.

Let it be known,the once proud organization has now deployed two Kostisyn’s into cowboy country(Nashville) and received nothing in return. First, the younger of the brothers Belarusian was sent packing for two players. One forward who Mr.and Mrs. Boyd named Dustin and a goalie named Dan Ellis.

The boy named Boyd spent ten games in the same uniform as Rocket Richard. Danny boy – d scored one goal during that time and was quickly dismissed to Hamilton. This moved him closer to Mr. And Mrs. Boyd in their home of Winnipeg which pleased the parents but not
Pierre. Boyd is now skating in the KHL – further from Winnipeg yet just as cold.

Ellis, the net minder , was in the Montreal organization long enough
to taste a poutine and get a gander at the gals at Chez Pare. Ellis was signed as a unrestricted free agent by Tampa in July,2010 and went on to incense fans with his twitter feed. Mr.Ellis is now skating with the Ducks in Anaheim and is no longer tweeting anyone …

Which brings us to Andrei Kostisyn who probably thinks tweeting is something that birds do while they fly in the sky. Soaring with a head in the clouds is something Andrei knows well as he spent the majority of his time in Montreal doing just that. A change was needed.

The Habs did what they needed to do and sent the bigger Belarusian to be with his brother in Tennesee – the home of Ernie Ford. In theory – Montreal received a 2013 second round pick ( along with a fifth round pick in the same year)for their former Russian rogue. Given the team’s history of drafting – the team will get nothing.

Nada. Zilch. Zero.

Why do the Montreal Canadiens continue to delete their extras into the trash cans of the NHL for less than the price of a good quality Pez dispenser ?

In 2008, the Habs traded Cristobal Huet to the Capitals for a second round pick. That pick went to Atlanta along with a conditional one for a over- the- hill Mathieu Schneider. Schneider, in his return to Montreal – was formidable on the power play yet floundered in the defensive zone and was finished as a Hab at the end of the 2009 season.

Would it hurt, just once , for the team to land a skater with youth in his skates and stars in his eyes? It it that difficult to trade a competent guy who has ruined his welcome for a player of the same caliber? The Habs have been bit by the Pouliot bug when they shipped Latendresse for the Ontario native with the French name. In fairness – Pouliot changed lines more often than Al Pacino in the movie Scarface. In Pouliot – the Habs knew what the guy was capable of in the NHL. In trading brother Andrei for a second round pick, the team is taking a chance. A risk bigger than Latendresse and Pouliot together.

Could Kostisyn have not been packaged with someone to collect a sure- skated player? Maybe Pierre tried. I guess it is difficult when you are tied to a chair and have duct tape over your mouth.

Yet – whose fault is that ?

Well,you don’t get something for nothing
You can’t have freedom for free
You won’t get wise with the sleep still In your eyes
No matter what your dreams may be

Niel Peart – from the song Something for Nothing

Trade with Purpose …

As the day ends and the night draws near – The Montreal Canadiens will play the Florida Panthers at 5 pm tonight in Florida. When the team returns home to play the Wild ( after a game against Tampa ) on March 1 , who will be skating for the Habs and who will not …?

If the team decides to rid themselves of Kostisyn and / or  Plekanec , they would be better off if a master plan was in effect. Or else – the team will be spinning their skates and end up in the exact position next year.

All indications appear that the team is now going for a top pick in the lottery. How else can the current three game skid be explained ? At the start of the week – the Habs were six points behind the Toronto Maple Leafs for the final play-off spot. Losing to the Devils , the Stars and the Capitals and being out-scored 10 – 3 in the process, is not an indication of a hungry team.

If Molson et al have decided to re – build ( again), that is fine. Go for a first round pick in next season’s draft. It has been a long time since the Habs’s faithful have had something to be excited about. Add that player to the roster that contains bright young stars such as Subban, Leblanc, Tinordi, Diaz and Emelin. A vase in which to place the flowers in the organization that have yet to bloom …

Alter the club all you want fellas – please have a game plan for once …

Plekanec is willing to veto his no trade clause according to a report from Pat Hickey of the Gazette. Pleks has been a great player in Montreal – he has done everything that has been asked of him in turbulent times. Trade him if necessary yet trade him for a young -ish veteran that will compliment the rest of the youth.

Every Cup contender needs veterans to keep the ship level while the young guns learn their craft. This is the mistake Gauthier made when he failed to sign Hamrlik and Halpern and let Spacek go to Carolina for Kaberle.


Next season – if the team goes via the way of the fountain of youth. Gionta and Cole  will be  the two veterans who will lead the young guns. If the team must trade Kostisyn and Pekanec they must upgrade to size and heart with a player who is between 25 – 30 years of age. Someone young enough and scary enough to instill some fear into opposing teams. Two elements that Kostisyn and Plekanec did not possess.

Look at all the Stanley Cup champions throughout history. The common denominator is talent , toughness and heart. The Habs have talent. Now they must trade or draft for some heart and grit.

These are the types of players that should be skating for the Habs on March 1 .

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Kid Mercury Toots His Own Horn !

As a kid , he would take the 161 bus from his home in Cote St Luc to Jarry Park to cheer his beloved Expos. That passion evolved into him becoming one of the most recognizable figures during the Montreal Expos glory days.

“My favorite player early on was Ron Fairly!” Kid Mercury says with enthusiasm. “Along with Rusty Staub, they were the face of the Expos when I was a kid.I loved the Expos and baseball! The two were the passions in my life !”

It was that passion and enthusiasm that landed Mercury as the team’s unofficial mascot in 1978.One year before Youppi was hired as the official one by the team. Kid Mercury was never hired by the Expos nor was he given any free tickets as he entertained the fans between 1978 – 1985, the height of the Expos popularity in the stands and on the field.

“I had just returned from Club Med. I had been to exotic places like Tahiti – all over the world entertaining people. When I got back and went to an Expos game , I realized – at sporting events , there was a huge void on the entertainment level. The game has lulls and there was no one getting the home team or the fans pumped up ! There were the organists at the Olympic Stadium and the Forum ( home of the Canadiens) , that was it!

Mercury,as he called himself – donned a black cape and placed a hat on his head with lightning bolts attached to the sides. He also hung Expos pennants from his trumpet  and aside from a few minor adjustments over the years – Kid Mercury was born!

Sorta …

” A hippy girl I knew from California used to call me Mercury after the Greek God Mercury. She named me that because every time she needed something – I turned up!  That was the idea for the lightning bolts on my hat ! I was a messenger like Mercury!”

In 1978, the Expos were exploding onto the scene. The team’s young stars entering the prime of their careers. Tim Raines was becoming one of the best hitters and base-stealers in the majors. Andre Dawson ( Mercury’s favourite player ) was one of the most feared hitters , a premiere defensive center fielder and also one of the best base runners in the game. Yet there was only one guy on the Expos’roster that exemplified to Mercury the type of player he would have been.

That player was Gary Carter. The Kid.

“I had done my  thing for about twenty games that season. People seemed to enjoy me and I was having a great time running all over the stadium , blowing my Bach trumpet and getting people pumped up ! I used to call up Ted Tevan‘s sports talk show on CJAD radio every chance I could. I was so into the Expos like everyone ! One night , I was on the air and read a poem to Mr.Tevan – a few lines that demonstrated my love for the Expos. When I finished speaking – there was silence. I was expecting Ted to call me a ‘mooch’ at any minute and finish me off with his machine guns! Instead – my poem moved Tevan so much – for once he was kind of speechless!”

Mr.Tevan asked his name and what he did for work. When Tevan discovered the entertainer‘s moniker and that he was the guy  running around with the horn at Expos home games – he replied in un – typical Tevan fashion. Ted became very excited …

“Who is this mystery caller  ? Tevan replied in his raspy, smoky voice.”Mercury who … Mercury what ? ”

” KID Mercury! Like the Kid … Gary Carter …!” Replied Mercury  spontaneously . ” I chose the name because  I was a lot like Carter – I had so much enthusiasm and there was not a camera I did not like !” Mercury laughs.”I would be in the stadium among 50,000 plus spectators,I could pick out a camera at fifty paces!”

In a flash – a star was born and Kid Mercury loved every minute of it!

Mercury’s love of the limelight and his natural abilities of entertaining landed ‘the Kid’ on the pages of many papers in those days along with many television spots – mostly on French stations.

Off the field, Mercury ran a bar which was located on Pine Ave . Although the club was named Secrets, Kid Mercury used his new- found fame to promote his establishment. On his costume – sometimes his shirt, other occasions his cape – the name would be printed for everyone to see . Kid Mercury would have  invited 50,000 people every night back to the bar if he could HAVE !

” I loved putting smiles on people s faces but most importantly – I loved what they gave back to me ! There was so much love coming from everybody. They loved the Expos, they loved the atmosphere and they loved me ! I like to think I gave that love back .”

The biggest disappointment for Mercury during those years is the same for many fans when the history of the team is discussed.Two words that haunt every fan and  every player of the club; Blue Monday

On Friday, October 16 , 1981 – three days before the Dodgers’ Rick Monday ended the chances of the Expos heading to the World Series,the Montreal Gazette printed a story about Kid Mercury’s impact on the baseball club. Here is an example of Mercury’s impact on the atmosphere at that time as reported by the Gazette’s Rene Laurent;

‘Irrepressible Kid Mercury,privately known for his supernatural powers,will attempt to put the fritz on the competition.” It’s my black cape that carries the spell,”said the kid, a near- permament resident of the 300 level at the Big O.” The material is from Africa and it carries special vibrations from the original voodoo owners.I’m going to put a hex on ’em.” Anyone who sits near the kid knows that he projects an unmistakable something,along with all that noise from his beat- up trumpet,Black Magic may be one of his attributes.’

Kid Mercury’s magic did not work as the Dodgers defeated the Expos 3 – 2 in their best of five series yet the magic of Mercury’s appeal remained.He cheered for the club as it ‘s principle Voodoo Master until 1985 when he took his act to the Montreal Forum and led ‘the charge’ at Montreal Canadiens games.

“Some of the decisions the club made zapped my enthusiasm for baseball and the security guards were starting to take their jobs too seriously.I also approached the team and asked for a free pass, I figured after all I did to promote the team- it was the least they could do.”

Mercury did not receive that pass yet carried nothing but fond memories to the Forum.Being invited to one of Bill Lee’s parties among them.”A good time was had …” Is all Mercury will say on the shenanigans that took place at the Spaceman’s. Lee – a free spirit himself, was the only Expos player who be-friended Mercury and signed his pennant ; ” Don’ t forget to hit the cut-off man !”

Mercury’ s funniest memory is the time he joined the German Oom -pa-pa band in the beer garden which lay nestled in the bowels of the Expos’ home. It was a favourite gathering spot for hundreds of fans celebrating a home victory with some good tunes and a few lagers.

“I jumped on stage with my trumpet, I had a few beers so I  along with a couple of hundred people were having a blast . One of the guys from the band approached me and asked if I knew a particular song. ” Hey man- I said, aside from the charge ditty I play to pump up the crowd and the funeral song TAPS – do you think I know how to play this thing?”

Kid Mercury plied his craft at the Montreal Forum from 1985 until the team moved to it’s new home at Le Centre  Bell in 1995. Mercury , away from the spotlight, continues to entertain with Kid Mercury Entertainment / Animation. He specializes in children’s parties as a magician and general entertainer. He continues to make people smile and feels the love in return.

The only difference between the kid now and the one that grew up in Cote St Luc … ? He no longer takes the 161 bus to do what he loves.

Kid Mercury and Rick Keene

* Stay tuned for Kid Mercury’s tales from the Forum including the time Pat Burns called a security guard to pass a message to Mercury …a message that made Mercury realize how much impact he had on the game !

To contact Kid Mercury ; Kid Mercury ; Montreal’s Most Dynamic Magician and Kids’ Entertainer  

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English: Gary Carter's Retired #8 with the Mon...

Trade Deadline Update

Pierre Gauthier has been a busy guy …

Rick Nash, born June 16, 1984 in Brampton, Ont...

Thanks to a few ‘ spies’ , here is what Gauthier was up to yesterday as he places all his energy into improving Le Club de Hockey Canadien

9am – Places call to his tailor ( after all – it is better to look good than to feel good).

9 : 30am – Tries in vain to get Bob Gainey‘s advice regarding the colour of tie he should wear.

10:00am – Calls up the Columbus Blue Jackets and hears only laughter when offering up Scott Gomez for a skate sharpening machine

10:30am – Decides on an early lunch.

11:00am – Attempts to trade his chicken sandwich for a tuna melt . Chef laughs in his face.

11:30am – Gainey calls back and suggests black.

12:00pm – Calls up Scott Gomez and hears only laughter.

12:30pm – Misses his cab as he is distracted by angry mob outside his front door.

1:00pm – Columbus calls back asking if Subban has life insurance policy and if so – is he available?

1:30pm – Calls up Carolina to see how long Kirk Muller‘s contract is …

2:00pm – Calls up Tampa to see how long Boucher‘s contract is …

2:30pm- Calls March Recchi to say hi and see what he is doing these days.

3:00pm – Carolina calls back – Gauthier  must keep the receiver from his ear as the laughing is deafening.

3:30pm – Decides on an early supper.

4:00pm – Is denied entry to all of Montreal’s finest restaurants.

4:30pm – His tailor calls back suggesting an all black suit – you know , the kind they wear at funerals …

5:00pm – Tampa calls back – Again the laughter is deafening !

5:30pm – Calls it a day !

* Stay tuned for an interview with an iconic Montreal sports figure and Expos memories Part Two !

NHL Trade Rumors: Columbus Blue Jackets Players Preparing for Busy Deadline Day (

Habs Suffering from Erectile Dysfunction

An opportunity to move within four points of a play- off spot was not enough reason for the Canadiens to add Viagra to their water bottles.No wonder the Dallas Stars were the only team scoring on Tuesday night …

Sunday, in their loss to the Devils, the Habs may have had a small reason to come up flat. There was a moving ceremony before the game in honor of the Habs’ old baseball counterparts fallen comrade- Gary Carter. Watching an athlete in peak condition on the scoreboard , knowing that no one is exempt from cancer’s dangerous touch – is ample reason to behave life- less.A hockey game relatively unimportant in the big picture they call life.

The game against Dallas was an important one. The Habs demonstrated that maybe – the plug has been pulled on a dismal season. Where was Hal Gill on this night? Nashville is no place for a player whose ability to shut down top players was required. Didn’t the Habs get the memo that Mike Ribiero was back in town?

“I didn’t know what to expect, a lot of players who came back when I played here, the people used to boo them,” Ribeiro said. “I wasn’t sure for today, but the fans have always been behind me. It was kind of
nice and surprising and a little emotional after the first star, so I decided to salute them and say thank you in my way to them.”

Ribiero’s words upon being elected first star by the fans.Ribeiro scored a goal and added an assist to go along with four shots on goal as the Stars continue their battle for a play off spot.

“Hopefully we see what we did here today and see how we’re supposed to
play,” Ribeiro said. “We rolled four lines and everyone played well as a team. We need 20 guys, and tonight we had 20.”

Of those twenty players , goalie Kari Lehtonen can stand at the front of the class.The Stars’ goalie made 31 stops, several of them key, as his team closed the gap between them and the eighth place Calgary Flames.

The Habs, on the other glove, along with their 3 -1 loss to New Jersey,blew another opportunity to move within 4 pts of the eighth spot in the Eastern Conference.

They can’t seem to get up for big games – something that repeated
itself on too many occasions this year. Especially at home, a place that was once the hardest place to play for visiting teams.

The Canadiens did not get their first shot on goal until after the eight minute mark of the first period. Something that should not be happening at this time of year. Against the Devils on Sunday – the team went eighteen minutes between shots. That is a combined twenty-
six minutes – if opposing team’s goalies were women waiting to be seduced,the Habs would find her asleep with boredom by the time they re – entered the bedroom.

“There’s a good team on the other side of the ice that’s trying to do the same thing as us, and they did it way better today than we did,”
Eller said when asked to address the team’s poor start to the game. “Dallas was a better team. I can’t stand here and make a deeper analysis than that because that’s how simple it is. Dallas was a better team than we were, all the way through.”

Tomas Plekanec was scratched before the game as the Czech is suffering from a virus. This did not help a Habs club who have and continue to struggle offensively.Carey Price may want to speak to Ribiero and convince him to return to the team where it all started. In 522 games
since the trade which brought Janne Niinimaa to Montreal , Ribiero has gone on to score 118 goals and pick up 268 assists with the Stars.

Maybe ‘Mickey Ribs’could bring the Habs’ forwards out back,open his trenchcoat and sell them some Viagra.

The Montreal Canadiens have the ambiance at home – it is not the time
to suffer from impotence. Especially since they hit the road and attempt to pick up points in other team’s bedrooms …

Remembering the Expos – Part One

In 1982,at the age of seventeen – I moved into a townhouse in Dollard, Qc. A new home for me, my dog Barney and my Mom. Who knew it would end up being one of the best things to happen to me; baseball – wise.

On the 13th of July,two weeks less a day from the family move ,Major League baseball was holding it’s annual All – Star game. This was no ordinary match. It was a monumental game for baseball.A historic day for the Expos, Montreal and Canada. The world’s best were coming to our city and it would mark the first time a game such as this was to be played outside the United States. It was an exciting time to be a fan!

Fred Lynn, Reggie Jackson and Rickey Henderson would be prowling the outfield with their cat – like reflexes at OUR Olympic Stadium.They were the elected starters for the American League and in a time when inter- league play did not exist – a National League fan’s only chance to see them n person without trvelling.The incredible trio would be complimented by Robin Yount at shortstop,Rod Carew at first, Bobby
Grich at second and George Brett at third base.Carleton Fisk of the Boston Red Sox would be catching Rich(Goose)Gossage,Ron Guidry,Dan Quisenberry and Rollie Fingers.Are you kidding me?

Most of these players have since been elected into the Hall of Fame and Lynn and Fisk were two of my favorite players growing up. Before
the Expos’ games were televised – the ABC network in the states would broadcast the Sox games to Montreal. It was hard not to be a fan of
our neighbors to the South.Babe Ruth’s curse and all …

The Montreal Expos were reaching the pinnacle of popularity that year. Although they lost to the Dodgers the year before on a season-
ending home run by Rick Monday in the Eastern final – the team was filled with stars.Old and new …

Gary Carter was selected as a starter behind the plate. Andre
Dawson and Tim Raines were voted to start in the outfield along with Dale Murphy of the Atlanta Braves.The Expos Steve Rogers was the starting pitcher for the National League and Al ‘ Scoop’ Oliver was in
the game as a reserve first baseman.(Oliver would have started yet
Pete Rose was the nostalgic choice).

Tickets to the game were not going to be easy to obtain and if a fan was lucky enough- behind the scoreboard,just below the pigeons was the seat of choice.

On the day of the move – I encountered a very big man in the
hallway of my building. He weighed 250lbs or more and was over six- foot tall.What I remember most of the man was a) he always wore a
fedora b)he had a huge moustache and c)he was forever sweating. He frightened me every time I saw him.I was always polite as to not upset my Mom yet I just wanted to turn and run the other way every time I lay witness to his presence. In hindsight – my Mom’s advice to play nice was a blessing in a baseball disguise …

The giant lived across the hall from me.Very bad for my dreams.The giant, it turned out – was a sportswriter.Very good for my dreams.
A brief battle occurred in my brain over these matters and the sports fan inside managed to KO the scared kid who shook on the outside.

The next time I saw the man – instead of turning my head in fear, I smiled fertilely and held my hand out for him to crush. His gigantic paws were as gentle as a strong wind as he introduced himself as the
one, the only – Al Wolfe. My Mom ( it turned out )was a braver soul than I and had spoken to ‘ Al the Giant’ on a few occasions.For this
reason – the behemoth knew of my love for baseball and hockey.His
questions now became a pacifier to my nervous soul as I evolved into ‘Rusty the Rooster’ before the friendly giant’s massive eyes.

In the next week,incredulous to anyone who knew of my fear, Al,
Barney and I became an unlikely threesome. A trio glued by the absence
of a father figure and our matching love for baseball( Barney was hot and cold – depending on who was playing).

Al had a job in the Olympic stadium.I had a job flipping burgers at
the Wendys restaurant across the street.I wanted his job – he wanted my burgers.I spent a lot of time picking the man’s brain. He was an American. What most adult Canadians know of hockey pales to an
American’s knowledge of their country’s pastime.

It would have been wrong of me to not milk this tree for all the baseball sap within.

All Stars

During the course of our discourse one evening, the subject of the All – Star game arose like a flower atop an unpainted table. A thing of beauty, a collection of talent which made the hungriest scout in the tiniest town drool with envy. Al told me eye- witness accounts of some of the players who would make their way to the artificial turf of the
Olympic stadium. He told me facts, details the average fan would never know.

Al told tales of Chicago native Fred Lynn driving in 10 RBIs in his
1974 rookie season and adding an astounding 105 his sophomore summer. The biggest jump in the history of the game. He would inform me that Rod Carew will be playing in his 15th straight All – Star game and that Bobby Grich set a major league record in 1973 with a then high .995 fielding percentage.( Grich broke his own record in 1985 with a .997 percentage).Al knew everything and I wanted to know more.

We spent nights and days together, watching and talking baseball. Al was a single guy and as far as I could tell – kind of lonely. My Mom started to invite him for dinner because she was kinda lonely as well. I tried to ‘ set up’ the two , figuring a step-Dad of this calibre may be a good thing.Unfortunately for me,Al was nor her type.She being more
suited to a man smaller than the country of Peru.

I knew I would not see much of Al as the big game approached. Writing on this event would be crucial to his career. In the meantime, I spent my time trying to find tickets to the game. I knew they would be hard to come by yet the game was nearing at alarming speed and all signs veered toward an evening with television announcer Vin Scully or on radio with Dave Van Horne and Duke Snyder.

To be continued …

Need a dynamic entertainer and Magician ? Kid Mercury is your man !

Top Ten Reasons Montreal misses the Expos

The top ten reasons Montreal misses the Expos.

10. Gary Carter

The ' Kid '

9. Gary Carter

8. Gary Carter

7. Gary Carter

6. Gary Carter

5. Gary Carter

4. Gary Carter

3. Gary Carter

2. Gary Carter

And the number one reason Montreal misses the Expos ?

1. Gary Carter

In honor of Gary Carter – the rest of the week will be Expos week. I will write my fondest memories of the team. Please send your stories
and comments to Or leave a comment on this site. The Mobtreal Gazette only has so much room and time to re – print stories. I ll print everything !
Thanks !

Derick Brassard Coming Home ?

The trade deadline blooms …

The Montreal Canadiens got a jump on things when they sent Hal Gill and a conditional 5th round pick to Nashville for Blake Geoffrion, Robert Slaney and a 2nd round pick in 2012. According to a source – Gauthier’s next move will involve that 2nd round pick.

Pierre Gauthier has  been in talk with Columbus and all indications point towards center man and Hull , Qc. native Derick Brassard coming to Montreal.

Brassard is in his fourth season with the Blue Jackets and has accumulated 133 pts in 251 NHL games. Mirroring Columbus’ disastrous season ( a season that makes the Habs appear like champions) , Brassard has managed to net 10 goals and add 13 assists in fifty games this season.He also sports a – 20 on a team that is filled with such numbers.

Derick’s numbers are a drop -off from last year when he scored 17 goals and added another 30 helpers for 47 points in 74 games. This season has seen him moved from the team’s top line to the fourth and everywhere in between – including the press box. At 6’1, 199 lbs – Brassard is a physical center man who can also play left wing. Brassard’s totals are not indicative of his talent or play. They are more a reflection of a Columbus team that is in total disarray.

Nash and Carter, the team’s two biggest stars – are rumored to be on their way out. Gauthier, along with most GM’s in the league, has been discussing the possibility of landing one of the two stars yet the price is too high and the players that Columbus would want in return are not available.Gauthier is said to be ready to deal Kostitsyn, Plekanec,Gomez, Moen, Campoli and /or Weber and a 2nd round pick for Nash. Columbus wants P.K Subban, Leblanc or Tinordi. Three players that fit with the future plans of the Montreal Canadiens and seem untouchable. Then again , The Edmonton Oilers dealt Wayne Gretzky – anything is possible.

English: Montreal Canadiens forward Andrei Kos...

Andrei Kostitsyn should be on his way to Columbus along with the 2nd round pick Gauthier received for Gill.In return, les Canadiens will receive a french – Canadian player who , at the age of twenty – five, would bring talent and youth to the ‘new ‘ Habs. A team that is heading forward with size and French in their blood .

Andrei Kostisyn’s course in Montreal has run it’s length. Chance after chance, coach after coach – Kostisyn has never been able to play consistent.A player of that caliber should be ashamed of what he has done. Andrei should be a perennial 30 goal scorer – instead , the 27 year -old Russian has grown into a big, bad , bleu , blanc et rouge weed.

It is time he is fertilized away from the garden of Montreal.

The deal makes sense for both clubs.

Top Ten Reasons Hal Gill will be Missed

Hal Gill.

The giant from Massachusetts is no more.

Traded to skate with Sergei Kositsyn in Nashville, Tennesseeeee…..

What happens when you play a country and western song backwards? Do you get your truck, girlfriend and Hal Gill back ?

Time will tell …

In the meantime – here are the top ten reasons Hal Gill will be missed!

10. Brian Gionta will need a stool in order to buy stuff on the top shelves at supermarkets.

9. The Montreal players will have nowhere to hang their clothes in the dressing room.

8. At least Magic Johnson will stop calling to ask for Larry Bird !

7. The hour that it used to take to sharpen Gill’s sized twenty skates can now be used for better things!

6. Female fans of the club will now have to get used to ‘ it’s not the size that matters ‘ concept …

5. David Desharnais’ job of ‘ underarm deodorant applicator ‘ – a thing of the past!

4. Randy Cunneyworth does not have to stand on the bench to pat Gill on the head for a good

3. The take – off routes of planes are no longer impeded by Gill’s socks as they hang from the baggage compartment onto runways below.

2. Gionta’s home not referred to as ‘ the dollhouse ‘anymore !

And the number one reason Gill will be missed ?

1. Who will take care of P.K Subban ?


Gill Gone for Bloodline

The Habs sent 36-year-old veteran defensive defenseman Hal Gill to the Nashville Predators in exchange for Blake Geoffrion and Robert Slaney. The Canadiens also receive a second round pick in 2012.

Thanks Hal !

“Wow..what a day…its bitter sweet, going to miss my hometown of Nashville, but going to where it all started with my family…MONTREAL!!!” .

Those words from the mouth of Blake Geoffrion – the grandson of Hab legend Boom – Boom Geoffrion and the great – grandson of Howie Morenz. The 23 year old brings size to Montreal at 6’2 and is known to give out great body checks when needed.

Should Geoffrion play 40 games in the 2012 – 13 NHL season with the parent club, the Canadiens will also send the Predators, a 2013-fifth round pick.

Gill was scheduled to be an unrestricted free agent on July 1, 2012.  The Predators are a Stanley Cup contender and Gill’s experience will help their cause.

The Habs are increasing their size. They shipped oft-injured Cammalleri to Calgary for Rene Bourque and with the addition of two more physical players in Geoffrion and Slaney, the days of the smurfs appear to be finished. Slaney is also 6’2 and a physical left winger. What ? The Habs made a trade and it did not involve a defenceman !

By adding Geoffrion – what better way than to silence the lack of french canadian players on the team by signing the bloodline of two of the greatest french canadian players in franchise history ?

Blake Geoffrion

Tres bien M. Gauthier …tres bien !

Thank You Mr. Carter

I recall the day as if it were yesterday …

It was a Sunday afternoon on a clear, sunny day in July, 1978. I was thirteen years old.

Living across the street from Meades Park in Kirkland,Quebec – made baseball very easy for me. A ball , a glove and bat were all that was required to play the game. Oh yes – other people as well …

Given my room with ‘ a baseball view ‘ – all I had to do was peer across the street and see who was at the field playing the game I loved. Sometimes there was a game going on with umpires and everything. In which case , I would bound out of the house , laces undone and flying in the breeze. Thanks to players such as Stan Bahnsen, Woodie Fryman and Steve Rogers – baseball was a passion.Any opportunity I had to play – I was there.

In 1978 – there was a player on the Montreal Expos who was in his fourth season with the club. He was a catcher from California with a golden tan and a smile to match. It seemed the man was always smiling and boy could he play baseball ! Normally, aside from a few, catchers were known primarily for their defensive abilities.Not Mr. Carter. The man could hit and hit long. In 1978 – he hammered twenty out of the park which helped him to accumulate seventy-eight RBI ‘s that season. He would eventually end his career in 1992 with 324 ‘ dingers’, 1225 RBI s and 2092 hits.

Gary Carter was and still is my favourite Montreal Expos’ player.

My Hero

I peered out my window on that July day and saw a few guys playing ball. Not a game – just a bunch of older guys horsing around.

Meades Park, in those days, was a diamond that had no fence surrounding its future hall-of-fame exploits. Although the park was rather new and  placed on a fairly busy road ( Hymus blvd), it was not the place where kids hung out and played the game. Other parks such as Kirkland and Ecclestone were in the middle of built-up communities and were always busy. Meades somehow seemed like my park. My very own ‘ field of dreams’ amid ten brand new houses across the street – one of which I lived.

Upon seeing the players – I grabbed my glove and ball, gave a quick ‘see-ya-Mom-I’m-going-to-play-ball ‘ goodbye and dashed across the street as quick as my North Star running shoes would carry me.

I neared the guys on the field, I recall thinking how big they were. They grew even bigger with each step I took and boy were they good ! Suddenly my enthusiasm gave way to reality and shyness became my greatest ability. I swayed to the right and toward the third base dug-out. The next half hour – I sat and I watched. Who knew that baseball could be played so well by mortals ? A far as I knew – it was only guys like Andre Dawson and Warren Cromartie that could field, catch, throw and hit a ball this well. There was no way I would be joining this bunch on the field. In fact – thoughts of returning home to my dog went through my head. I wished I had not brought my glove …

After a while – one of the guys started toward me. He entered the dug-out and reached in his bag to get a drink of water from a water bottle . The ‘man’ took a drink , wiped his mouth then his brow and placed the bottle back in his black duffel bag.

” Hey Kid !” The voice came my way.

” Hey Kid – do you want to play ? ”

I looked at the man’s face as he approached me. He had a huge smile and a dimple on his chin. His eyes lit up the area and curly hair bordered the baseball cap that sparkled in the mid-afternoon sun.

There was no mistaking that dimple. I had never seen a dimple like that before I was a baseball fan and I do not think I have seen one since. That dimple’s owner was Gary Carter. The man who wore number eight for the Montreal Expos …

I do not recall how long I just stared. A minute – two minutes – an hour ? However much time passed , it was long enough for Mr. Carter to understand that I had recognized him. Instead of making me feel like an ‘ apple among oranges ‘ – Carter made me feel as if I was one of the boys.

“C’mon – we need another guy , we are short !” Was his answer to my perplexed,questioning eyes. ” Hurry up!”

He grabbed his glove and returned to the right of second base. The dry dirt flying into the humid air with each of his future hall-of-fame steps.

Andre Dawson was on third, Cromartie at short and Scott Sanderson was playing first base. Carter was at second and Dan Schatzeder was on the mound. If I had realized this before I started walking on the field – I may have run for my life …

A player I did not recognize was standing at the plate – bat in hand.

In a voice that was so timid , I asked ; ” Where do I go …?”

Someone shouted ; ” At bat !”

For the next several moments – Dan Shatzeder pitched to me and I attempted to hit balls on shivery, nervous legs … I grounded out , I grounded out and then grounded out some more …The entire situation was surreal and even now – my memory is not exact when it comes to the hitting I did that day.

I do remember after the game. Sitting in the dug-out with all these ball players. Dawson was so big and mean looking. Cromartie – comical with his gap toothed  grin. They all made me feel great yet none as much as Carter.

He sat beside me while everyone was packing up and started asking me about ball. He said that I had a real good arm and wondered what position I was playing on my team. I told him third base which , he agreed , was a good place for someone with a strong-arm. He asked if I had ever caught – like him, behind the plate. He went on to say I had great eye-hand co-ordination and was quick on my feet. I told him I had never tried to catch nor had the idea crossed my mind.

Gary Carter  , took the time – his time and brought me to home plate .In the next half hour – he taught me the basics of catching.My crash course and what a course it was …

I went on to become a catcher. I played AA Ball through Bantam and Midget and was very good at what I did. I even made it to Cooperstown ( in a tournament ) !

Thank you Mr. Gary Carter – I could not have done it without you …

God Bless

A Winter Classic

Sweat poured from the brow. Rapid heart rates created anxiousness or was it the other way around.It was edge of the seat time and the game had not yet begun …

Sticks clashed making noise like lightning striking an old oak tree atop a darkened mountain as the rubber disc commenced the proceedings.Silver blades made noise like thousands of tiny knives cutting an ice sculpture on a barren field of snow.

Bodies crashed like icebergs as the fans cheered like birds from high above.Flecks,spots of blood appeared bright against a backdrop of virgin white. Blood – some accidental, some  – on purpose. Intenstity grew. Anger became the emotion that ruled.

Disappointment came yet was dispatched with a wave of passion. A willingness to not give up.A buzz surrounded the stoppages like angry bees trapped in a place that was helpless.Could they help or did they require help.A theme was searched and then discovered like a sunken treasure amid the despair of a lonely ocean grave.

‘It can be done’ replaced the feeling of being lost as the black disc hit the satiny twine – rope cleverly placed in it’s rosy-red jail cell.Frenzy! Circa 1977.Circa – 1955. Premature chants of victory echoed through the ears of young and old.

Without warning yet something expected – it ended.Concluded with a sideshow. A freak contest from the past to induce the green into the less fortunate among the richness that exists among thirty.

This is the Montreal Canadiens against the Boston Bruins. Always has been.

A true winter classic …

NHL Trade Rumors: Boston Bruins May Be Stuck with What They Have (

RDS 5 – CBC 0

In Saturday night’s convincing Canadien’s win over the Maple Laffs , one can only wonder if the Toronto team was the only loser. On an evening when the all time leading scorer in Leaf history( Mats Sundin) was honored by having his number 13 raised to the rafters – it was the CBC network and Hockey Night in Canada that were the real losers.

Aside from a comical display by the Leaf organization( showing just two goals by Mats Sundin on the big screen and the rest of the time his smiling face), the game was a demonstration of how many buffoons work and call games on the once proud franchise known as Hockey Night in Canada.

Some of the lowlights from the mouths of hockey babes ;

Dion Phaneuf shoved Pacioretty from behind into the Leaf net minder.The referees blew the call and gave Max a goalie interference penalty. The announcers replayed the scene three times with Kelly Hrudey saying ” Oh ya … Clearly Pacioretty shoved Reimer and deserved the penalty! ” Hrudey’s job and the reason for showing replays is so the announcers can give an insight that a split- second referee’s call cannot. Hrudey paused briefly before the third replay – an astute viewer could tell that he knew he was wrong. Why could Kelly Hrudey not just say ; ” Oops – sorry folks , I was wrong.”

– The Leafs were on a power play in the third period and were down in the play and
scoreboard.For a ten second period of time, the Leafs had possession in the Habs’zone.Bob Cole said ; ” Well folks… It seems the Leafs have taken control of the game now …”. The power play ended and the Leafs ended up with one shot on goal.They went on to lose 5 – 0. I’ll have what Cole is smoking please …

During the entire telecast, not once did anyone in the booth say anything negative about the Leafs or anyone of the players that skate in Harold Ballard‘s shadow.Dion Phaneuf was horrible , James Reimer could not stop a bus even if he jumped in front of it and the entire Leaf offence was flatter than a rum and coke at five AM.

Les gens on RDS, the French- Canadian sports network, do not have a hard time pointing out the foibles on the Montreal team.If one of the Habs commits a foul, even if it goes unnoticed by the referee, the announcers on RDS will point it out. If the Habs as a team play awful – the guys who speak with an accent will say so.

The problem with the CBC and their flunkies is simple. Corporate ties bind the world they live in. Money has replaced common sense. A hockey game is a hockey game. One team plays better than another and wins.

It is the duty, yes duty …of the announcers on any broadcast to call the play with neutrality. A flower pot is a flower pot. An artist may see the colors that others do not and a child may see beauty where others do not. Everyone in the world sees things in different ways – whack makes the world a wonderful place.

Still – a flower pot is a flower pot and a non – penalty is a non – penalty.

Unless one happens to be wearing blue and white glasses that are part of a bonus package on CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada…

Don’t Panic ! Part Two

* The theme of my blog is in prayer for former Montreal Expos’ player Gary Carter. Gary is battling brain cancer.God bless ...

The only thing that can mess up the Habs’ bright future is the management. That is why it is so crucial the decisions that Geoff Molson and company will make in the ensuing six months.

Forget the saga that turns coach Cunneyworth around in circles. Forget the poor decisions that have plagued Gauthier’s legacy. The Canadiens ownership must sit down in a room, close the blinds and think responsibly about the future of Le Club de Hockey Canadien.

There is a tremendous core of talented hockey players skating under Jacques Plante’s banner right now. This group of skaters, not unlike a bunch of children that have been spawned by a bad up – bringing, require guidance, firmness and love in order to excel to greater heights.

Starting fresh next year – here is a list of the forwards that should
remain with the team and the attributes they place on the skating rink.

A True Captain

Erik Cole

Has there been a more pleasant surprise to Habs fans since it was learned Jose Theodore used Propecia to lure female fans to his crease? Cole arrived with a lengthy contract under an umbrella of doubt. Would he be a twenty goal scorer or a man who may be lucky to hit fifteen. These were the sums of his past two seasons in Carolina and as any player who is
aging – questions arise.Erik will not only hit the twenty – five goal mark – he will do it with force. It has been a long time since a Montreal forward, shift upon shift, has entered the opposition’s zone with conviction.Too often in years past – have Hab forwards gained a zone actin like a lost puppy.When Cole has the puck,the chances of a goal for him and his mates rise dramatically. Erik is also a great power – role model for Pacioretty. Brothers – in – broken – vertebrae, the two have fast become forces to be reckoned with.

Max Pacioretty

As mentioned above – where would ‘patches’ be this season without Cole? Whatever nerves remained after returning from a broken vertebrae, were quickly dispatched past the newly
replaced stanchion at the Bell Center. Pacioretty has picked up where he once was before Chara almost killed him. Max is on pace for a thirty goal season with one big assist to an older version of himself – Erik Cole. Max will double his career highs in points, goals and assists and provide the Habs with a power forward for years to come.

David Desharnais

Living proof that a small French Quebecer has the passion to suceed for the Mobtreal Canadiens. The third player on the Cole – Pacioretty line,Desharnais’ability to drive opposing defencemen nuts with his constant footwork provides an excellent ying to Cole and Pacioretty’ s yang.Desharnais has already doubled his points total from his sole season in the NHL and is growing stronger by the game. Barring injury – David just may be Montreal’s version of a certain player in Tampa. Can we start calling him the Pocket St.Louis ?

Tomas Plekanec

Cole - The best forward in years ....

Montreal’s most consistent forward for the past two seasons and the team’s leading point getter. ‘Pleks’ is having an off year for the first time in his sixth NHL season. Tomas does
everything.Penalty kill,power play man and one of the best two- way players on the team.Considering what has gone on with this team in 2011-12, one gets the feeling that Tomas has lost some of his spirit.Like Price – when a player gives 110% and too many around are mailing their effort in, Plekanec seems to have thrown his arms in the air. Lately, with a resurgence in the team’s effort, Tomas is once again playing with passion and consistency. Unless the team has an opportunity to trade for a Rick Nash – look for Tomas to play out his contract in Montreal and sign another in the year 2016.

Brian Gionta

Of the three main players that arrived in Montreal as part of Bob Gainey’s ‘cleaning house'( Gomez and Cammalleri the others), Gionta is the only one who has earned his dollars.Rewarded as the team captain- Brian provides leadership,heart and until recently – points to Saku Koivu’s old squad.This season has not been a lucky one for Gionta.Sidelined with a lower body injury early in the season that caused him to miss eleven games- the Habs captain has been sidelined with a torn bicep muscle for three weeks.An injury that may end his season.If the team makes the playoffs and make it to round two – expect the team’s heart to be back in action. Gionta will and deserves to remain in Montreal for the remainder of his five year contract that ends in 2014.

Gomez Scores !

Gomez scored …!

What does everybody think right now ….?

Check it out !

Check it out !

Check it out !

Check it out !

Check it out !

Check it out !

Aw … What the heck 🙂

Don ‘ t believe it ? See it with your own eyes !

This is for you Scott !

Crazy eh ?


Check out Habs Eye on the Prize , Knuckles and the Hockey Writers – they may tell you why ?

Do Not Panic ! Part One

You lose, you gain—it’s all caprice. The omnipotence of caprice. The likelihood of reversal. Yes, the unpredictable reversal and its power.

Philip Roth, The Humbling

Cover of "The Humbling"

Cover of The Humbling

Believe it or not , the Montreal Canadiens are in a position of envy around the league right now. What is that you say ? Is Rick Keene on the sauce once again? Have the voices inside his head finally turned to the dark side ?

Before you call the boys carrying white coats with no elbow room – make a coffee, open a beer and read a while …Won’t ya ?

Let ‘ s take a look at the positives in the Habs organization instead of dwelling on the Gomez’, the beer prices and the general malaise that surrounds the club. If Gauthier or the new man that takes the reign of Le Club de Hockey Canadien plays his cards right; the future is very bright for the team. Starting with guys that have held the team in every game – here is an evaluation of the team’s brightest stars.

Carey Price

Price is young and talented. People are on him a bit because ‘According to them’ – he is having a sub – par season. First – let us place ourselves in his goalie skates.For a season and a half, playing the most minutes of any goalie in the league, Price has placed his team in a position to win. Game upon game – his buddies score less often than a man with a one inch penis. After a while – the phrase ‘ what the f*ck ‘ starts spinning inside his mask like a Micheal Jackson video shoot gone bad. . A player in his position should always optimize his talent yet a human being is a human being. Mr. Price has not called up Ronald Corey on his cell phone and demanded a trade. He may be wavering on his upcoming contract talks yet it is par for the hockey course. Carey Price has many years to play and win Stanley Cups and will evolve into an experienced veteran along the way.

Alexei Emelin

This guy is the real deal. Not quite through his first season in the NHL and this guy is improving by the game.Hard – hitting in the mold of Scott Stevens, he will not back away from anyone. There is no controversy with this kid, no bad comments and no negatives. Someone once said – if no one notices you then you are doing your job.Please stay hidden Alexei and try not to pay attention to all the crap that circles the club.

Josh Gorges

Thank the Lord for Craig Rivet. If San Jose had not been so keen on landing the former Hab defence man – our future captain wold not be here. Josh has and continues to demonstrate a maturity beyond his years. On and off the ice. He will not shy from the rough stuff yet obtains the ability to keep his anger in check. That anger will arise if one of his mates is on the receiving end of dirty play by an opposing player. Always coming to the defence of his pals. Josh Gorges face would look nice next to Guy Lapointe, Serge Savard and Robinson on the Habs’ dressing room wall. ‘ From failing hands we …’.

P.K Subban

Leave the dude alone ! He is the most creative and talented defence man to suit up for the Habs since Markov’s rookie year in 2001. Since Gauthier rid the team of two veterans, Spacek and Hamrlik, P.K has been asked to do everything. Powerplay, penalty kill and a leader on the team. Hello ….this is the guy’s sophomore season ! Tag all of his responsibilities along with the fact he is still on a learning curve and he is a victim of hate in most arenas – it is amazing the guy has not snapped. Nobody messed with Bobby Orr’s psyche , let P.K play hockey and let him be our Bobby Orr.

Raphael Diaz

Most predicted this guy would play the season in Hamilton. He surprised everyone in training camp, he surprised everyone in pre – season and he continues to surprise everyone well past Christmas. He is level headed, has a great shot and has shown an improving ability to take the man. Like Emelin – on most nights , he is not noticed . Like Emelin, his sophomore season will be better.

Andrei Markov

English: Josh Gorges of the Montreal Canadiens...

Regardless of all the negative press the guy and his knee attract – Markov remains the most talented defence man on the club and in the NHL. Perhaps the swelling and the second operation on his knee that has kept him out of the line-up all season is a blessing in disguise. Let him and his knee heal until the beginning of training camp next year. He will arrive in camp healthy and hungry to play. If all goes well – he will have a new found youth to his step which will only help the club and Subban, Diaz and Emelin.

Stay tuned for Part Two as we look at the forwards.

Part Three will look at the defencemen that should join the club next season and part four will examine the prospects that may join the forwards.

In the meantime …

Habs Eye on the Prize , Knuckles and the Hockey Writers give their opinions ….

Want more to read …?

Habs Keep Penguins on Ice

First Detroit – now Pittsburgh.

Too bad the Montreal season cannot be fast forwarded to the play- offs. After all , it is supposedly good teams ONLY allowed into the NHL’s after-hours club.

Les Canadiens do not have problems skating with the elite in Gary Bettman’s ‘ flying circus. Game after game – the Habs either win or come very close to beating teams such as Boston, the Rangers , Canucks and Red Wings. Could Montreal be a playoff team and the only person who received the memo was the man who built the squad? Pierre Gauthier must be smiling as he stays awake scanning the Internet for Markov sightings.

If, if , if … He must be telling his cats as they prowl the living room in their red, white and blue collars.

If ….Cammalleri did not love his mirror so much – what could have been. If … Andrei Kostisyn had a heart the size of Brian Gionta – what could have been. If … Lars Eller understood a season in the NHL is longer than thirty games. If … Scott Gomez’ middle name was not If … If only Randy Cunneyworth was bilingual and Jacques Martin had some passion between those elf – like ears. If …if …if only …

As the Canadiens attempt to scrape the Huuricanes’ sh*t from their skates , the team has not
been playing bad. They are not being blown out and even in a 3 – 0 loss to the Capitals, the score was not indicative of the play. In reality , Washington won the game by a tally of one – the rest of the goals ? Bad luck and pond hockey markers. Lady Luck did not sign a contract with Pierre Gauthier over the summer – that is for sure.

Last night – les Penguins de Malkin arrived in town. Last night , the two teams entertained the crowd with a solid match de hockey. Last night , Lady Luck suited up for the Habs – if
only for one game.

" I don't want to be a poster boy ...! "

Lars ( I’ll score every ten games ) Eller , launched a wrist / snap shot toward the Penguins goalie from just outside the Pittsburgh blue line. A small child with polio could have stopped the puck yet somehow, a NHL goalie by the name of Fleury could not. For a brief second, it appeared that Lady Luck was on the bench as the puck bounced off the goal post to Fleury’s left, As Marc – Andre did his best Charlie Chaplin impersonation , Ms. Luck tossed the puck at Fleury’s rear end and it landed just behind the goal line. Last night – the Forum ghosts paid $ 220.00 for a ticket and waited for the intermission to buy their beers.

The game ended tied at two after the five minute overtime decided that kissing your sister was okay – if only for a night.

Shoot – outs are for the U.S television revenues and to ensure that hockey maintains it’s place just below The Lingerie Bowl in the big scheme of things. The 2012 edition of the 1970 ‘ s between period Showdown on Hockey Night in Canada is entertaining yet should
not decide a hockey game.

Last night it did.

The Habs won 3 – 2 after Tomas Plekanec netted a goal in the eight round and the Pens’ Jason Williams did not .

If only … Pittsburgh must be wondering .

Top Ten Signs the Boston Bruins Won the Cup !

As we know …especially in Montreal , the Boston Bruins won La Coupe Stanley.
Here now are the top ten signs that prove nightmares can come true …

10.Cup dented due to a questionable collision with a stanchion.

9.The Patriots lost to the Giants on purpose citing ‘ not enough room for two trophies on city hall’s tiny bookshelf ‘ as an excuse …

8.You thought Don Cherry was annoying before?

7.Cam Neely owns two suits now!

6.With his bonus money – Milan Lucic can now be spaded AND de – wormed …

5.People of Boston nervously looking over their shoulders …

4.Bobby Orr has a reason to visit Boston again.

3.Derek Sanderson can stop living under a bridge.

2.All of the players could finally chip in to get Jay Miller out of the hospital from the beating he took at the hands of Chris Nilan in 1988 !

And the number one sign the Bruins won the cup ?

1. Tim Thomas is number one on the CIA ‘s most wanted list !

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