Galerie d’Art Pointe Claire

La Gallerie d’Art Pointe Claire has been a staple at Plaza Pointe Claire for thirty years.

Providing artists with the necessary tools to create their very own masterpieces! Owner Armand, created the shop in a small corner of the mall after convincing the owners to give him a chance.

Now – through hard work and integrity – his store has earned the loyalty of generations of artists.

Framing artwork, heirlooms and pretty much anything of personal value is Armand’s specialty. Something he takes great pride in and he has passed that pride to his three employees …

New student? What are you waiting for?

Head over to Plaza Pointe Claire! Ask Armand’s advice about oils, watercolors,acrylics and all the mediums required to get your project underway. He carries a wide selection of brushes, fixatives and canvasses. Everything for your artistic needs!

La Galerie d’Art Pointe Claire Inc.
303 blvd. St.Jean
Suite B
Pointe Claire,Qc.
H9r 3j1
514 695 7760

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