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Bernie Nicholls’ Day with the Cup





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P.K and the Habs


Scott Hartnell; His View

Straight from a Minnesota hockey camp with a bunch of kids from Philadelphia, Scott gives a player’s view of the CBA agreement, his career and Jagr …


Last season, the Flyers’ forward donated one thousand dollars to his foundation every time he fell down. The thirty year old Hartnell fell 200 times – that is a lot of money to a bunch of underprivaleged kids.

Hartnell is in his 11th season in the league and he attributes his best year last season to two factors; conditioning and teammates.

“Nutrition, fitness and playing with Giroux and Jagr. There is no question they are the three factors which led to my great season. I was a little upset Jagr is not coming back. It was really good playing with him. He brought so much experience to me and Claude, it was a real privilege to skate with him. ”

As far as conditioning, Hartnell maintains there is no choice for the players. There are a lot of eighteen year old kids waiting to take his job and guys like him must stay in shape.

“Getting lucky and having great linemates doesn’t hurt though!” He laughs.

In shape is what the Flyers have to be according to Hartnell as he discusses the loss of Jagr, Pronger and the almost Flyer – Shea Weber.

“We have lost a few guys to injury on defence to start this season coming up and obviously it is disappointing not to see Weber come. Especially when he was so close. The guys will have to step it up but we have a great organization in Philly. We have to regroup.”

The Flyers may be strong yet there may not be a season if the owners and players cannot arrive at an agreement. Hartnell  remains optimistic…

“It was frustrating to receive the last offer of 46 percent revenue sharing from the owners. There are a lot of teams making money and our proposal ensures it goes to everyone. I’m sure the owners will see that. We will probably have to wait a few weeks for an answer but we ( the players ) are hopeful.”

If there is a lockout, this would be Bettman’s third work stoppage. Something that will not look good for the commissioner’s legacy. Another thirty or so  games lost, that would be almost two full seasons gone under Bettman’s watch …

“Gary is a smart man and he works for the owners. I don’t know what his legacy will be but you can’t blame him for trying to get the best deal possible. It is his job.” Says Scott.

During the previous lockout in 2005, the Regina,Saskatchewan native played in Norway. He enjoyed his time there yet says  there is nothing like playing in the NHL.

“It was a great life experience playing over there but in North America, you have so much love from the fans. They come out to see the goals, the hits, the fights – everything. Add that to the rivalries like us and Pittsburgh. There is nothing like it.”

Pretty solid stuff coming from a guy who  was voted number one on a list of best ‘beer guys’ in Philadelphia.

According to Scott – he pales next to Claude Giroux …

‘Off the record’ of course!


Scott and Lisa Hartnell

Breaking News! Habs acquire goal scorer from the Kings!


What is the Sequel to Dumb and Dumber? Rich and Richer …

Will there be a NHL season in 2012-13?

This is the question on people’s minds these days as the NHLPA and the owners of NHL franchises slug it out.


Or more accurately, why does the question of a lock – out come into play? Can’t the two sides sit down, grab a coffee at Smoke Meat Pete and come to an agreement without the players sitting at home watching old Don Cherry rock em’ sock em’ videos …


If two people decide to divorce, really – they do not kill the kids. Ok -sometimes they do. That is neither here nor on the front pages of the sports pages.

The kids – in this case are the fans. The people who shell out Maurice Richard’s once weekly pay cheque in order to purchase tickets to a game. The ‘ partisans’ – the’ punters’; the salt of the earth …

If two folks, parents or parties cannot get along on primitive terms, as mature entities – they must come to an agreement where the innocent do not suffer. After all, a kid’s sole crime is giving love,laughter and smiles. Once in a while, a little shit is thrown the parents way, it is part of the deal.

In the case of the NHL ( THE NATIONAL HOARDER LEAGUE ), the fans also give love, laughter, smiles and occasionally throw crap the league’s way. The difference between the child and a fan?

The league brings in on itself and the fans pay to he involved.

If most sane parents can come to admirable terms in a split ( a difference of opinions for the sake of the children ) – why can’t grown men who are up to their elbows in money, work things out and ensure their kids are sitting down and watching good entertainment on a Saturday night …?

One word; Greed …

Don’t Worry … Be Happy!


Pacioretty a Hab for Seven Years – Why?

Max Pacioretty is well liked in Montreal.

Presumably, Max Pacioretty is well liked by his Mom also. That does not mean she wants him to move in for six years …


The Habs inked ‘Patches’ to a six year extension yesterday. Added to his one year deal – Max will be a Canadien for the next seven seasons.

Good or bad?

Pacioretty had a career high season last year following a disastrous time the year before. Give the American credit for not only coming back from a concussion and broken vertebrate – kudos for coming back with no fear.

Following a life and career threatening injury, many times an athlete is never the same. A perfect example is former Pittsburgh Penguin Kevin Stevens.


Stevens was a goal scoring machine until a fateful day in May – 1993. Skating to get the puck in the corner, Stevens’ face collided with Islander Rich Pilon’s visor. Stevens was knocked out on impact and he fell to the ice face first.

One hundred stitches were required to sew back the skin in his face following hours of reconstructive surgery.

Kevin’s stints in Boston, L.A, New York, St.Louis, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh were never able to revitalize a career snakebitten by fear. Stevens was also arrested in a hotel room with a prostitute and crack cocaine.

Luckily for Hab fans – the closest Pacioretty came to such shenanigans, was being on the same team as Andrei Kostitsyn.

Pacioretty has not proven anything. One good season following an injury such as his could be a fluke. Max had to dig deep  to prove to the Habs and himself that he deserved a chance. Anger also was key as Max was infuriated at having his season cut short by the Bruins’ captain. Pacioretty missed the playoffs and watched a Bruin team win the Stanley Cup.

A Cup that may not have been won if Pacioretty was in the lineup in the Habs -Bruins first round match-up.


The Habs should obtain the power forward and not let him skate to whiter pastures. A reward for his tenacity is a no – brainer, especially on a team with Bergevin as G.M. Few skaters were as tenacious as Bergevin the player.

Six years is too much however. Three years is ample time to reward and see if Patches is indeed the real deal.

Heck, three years is two and a half years longer than his Mom would probably allow him in his old bedroom.

And she loves him …?

Top Ten Sticking Points in P.K Subban’s Contract Negotiations

P.K and the Habs …

Two entities further apart than Mick Jagger and Justin Bieber …

Why the delay? What’s going on dudes?

Here are the top ten problems with P.K Subban’s negotiations;

10. Bergevin won’t budge on his ‘ no money for diving’ policy.

9. Mrs. Subban, cannot – under no circumstances, go behind the bench and massage P.K ( practices or not ) !

8. IHOP not sure if pancakes can be delivered to Canada.

7. Number four not available – Bobby Orr or not!

6. Subban lied about what P.K represents. ‘Pearly Kate’ not as attractive to the paying public.

5. Bob Gainey should not have promised to pay Subban 7.5 million – at all!

4. Hooters girls from South Shore must pay their own way home!

3. P.K ‘s little toy truck not allowed on dressing room floor, regardless if it calms Pacioretty down …

2. Absolutely no Mickey Mouse Ears on the back of the Jersey!

And the number one sticking point in P.K’s contract negotiations?

1. A low high five with Carey Price is not worth ten million a year!

Usain Bolt


How do you describe wow?


How do you describe two wows divided by two and multiplied by ten more? It ain’t easy – unless of course your name happens to rhyme with jolt.

A surprise shove and / or shock is what the sporting world witnesses every time a 6’5″ Jamaican by the name of Bolt displays his unholy power. It’s no surprise the runner wins. It is not a shock the world record holder in the 100m dash teaches victory with relative ease. His shock value in this world is simple – the man is a giant amongst giant athletes and drugs remain at their diminutive level …

A hero is what Usain Bolt is.

In his mind, he is a legend and that is okay. The world does not mind. The world requires Bolt and seemingly Bolt requires us. Think about it. Who was the last man to conquer the imagination of sports without using drugs to cloud that judgement.

The great and most decorated Olympian of all time, Michael Phelps – his image tarnished by marijuana. Bolt comes from a country where marijuana is celebrated. Rightly so. For Bolt to be scandalized, he would have to be caught eating a slice of Apple pie. That is the difference in the two cultures. That is the difference between hypocrisy and fun …

America is filled with cheaters in every sport.

Cycling has Armstrong. Baseball bears Bonds. Football has … well, everyone. Jamaicans just run with smiles on their faces. Making everyone smile in the process. Remember the Jamaican bobsled team? They did not win yet their legacy remains …

They made everyone smile and continue to do so.

Russian, Czech, Chinese, Canadian and every athlete from every country should take a seat and chill-out with some ganja and Carey Price. That way, instead of every four years, the world can say wow every day.

Wow multiplied by ten!


The Problem with Doan …

Shane Doan is homeless …

The forty year old lifetime member of the Pheonix / Winnipeg franchise, is doing his best to put his skates in a comfortable place.

New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Montreal are just a few of the stops the Alberta native has made in the past few weeks as he tries to continue his career outside of Phoenix.

Those are just the Eastern cities the father of four has visited.

Fans in San Jose can put aside any dreams of seeing the former captain of team Canada in brilliant Teal this winter. The Sharks are not willing to part with 4.5 million a year, Doan’s apparent asking price. His former squad, the Coyotes, are willing to give their last season’s captain 4 million a season for three years.

There lies the problem …

Doan is a leader with experience. Doan is a battler. Shane Doan does not score forty goals a year.

At his age, a salary of 3 million should be the maximum a team should part with to obtain his services ( that is 2.5 for his association with God and .5 for everything else).

In Habland – Doan is a perfect fit for the way the team is being constructed. Once the P.K Subban issue has been settled, Bergevin will know what monies are  available to sign Doan.

P.K should get 3.5 million for two years and Doan 3 million over the same period. Four year and over contracts are for the Crosbys of the world.

In two seasons, the Habs will either be on top or the bottom. Enough time to see how the new editions are gelling. Doan can teach the Gallaghers and Desharnais while Markov will do the same with the P.Ks and Emelins.

Veterans teaching the rookies, something which has been lost in recent years in Montreal. Doan, despite his loyalty to Phoenix – should jump at the chance to play in a hockey market such as Montreal and enjoy the challenge of teaching some pretty good up and coming talent.

He would also fit in with guys like Gionta and Cole. Players who come from the same ‘ win at all cost ‘ school as him. The same generation.

It is better than being homeless, especially in Montreal.



Round One – Olympic Men’s 100m Video

Athletics – Round 1 – Men’s 100m

Mcleans Pub Tonight! Save TSN !

As most hockey and sports fans are aware, the city of Montreal is in danger of losing its only English language sports radio station.

A fact which treds on the road of prohibition of the language and civil liberties in this town.

Mitch Melnick – a man who has fought and created a station that not only gives a voice to English sports fans in this province, it allows him and his colleagues to provide educated and street – smart views that only anglophone Montrealers could provide to the listeners.

The French stations such as RDS, maintain a monopoly on hockey and although they provide great coverage of the beloved Canadiens de Montreal, their views stem  from the legacy of the Rocket, Beliveau and Lafleur. The French culture‘s views on the team.

Within this scope of talent, there lies the Blakes, the Harveys and the Robinsons. The English legacy which countered the French etoiles so elegantly.The Pollocks, the Bowmans – the Irvins.

Add the long and predominantly English heroes which passed and blocked their way to stardom with the Alouettes, the 99.9 percent of all the adored Montreal ExposTSN 990 is the link to the past.

A time when sports transcended the language barrier. Eras when the coach of the Habs had to win and not worry about ordering Sheppard’s Pie in French.

Melnick et al provide a more balanced, just way of gazing at the pastures of sports in this city.

French broadcasters and some of the French – Canadian fans have driven the Habs into a rusty garage filled with soiled rags of the past jaded with mis-informed views of the team’s successes and history.

Who should be removed from the airwaves?

Mcleans Pub tonight at 8:30pm. Come and sign a petition …!


Be Back Soon …


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