Pointe Claire Video

It’s refreshing isn’t it?

June release

Why stay home with your computer all the time? Downloading, uploading and not noticing your neighbor’s house is on fire …

A video store is a social network. Where else can you interact with strangers and obtain movie reviews from someone aside from your Mom?

The fact that Pointe Claire Video not only survives in this day and age, it is an attestment the store thrives as well. Customer service, friendliness and old – fashioned values is why …

Sure the store rents adult films, sure the store rents action – packed ‘violent’ films. It is part of the culture we live. What sets the store apart, is one of the largest up to date family and kids sections. The ideal place to bring the children to help choose the afternoon entertainment.

Once a week, the store receives new releases. An minute by minute revolving video door. Are older movies something you want to add to your collection? Pointe Claire video has a large for sale section of new and previously viewed releases for sale.

Check here, every week for an update of new releases and any discounts, sales and promotions.

Pointe Claire Video also carries a wide selection of movie posters, snacks and drinks. Are video games your style? Rent or buy all the latest Xbox, Playstation and Wii games. All this makes an outing a one stop adventure!

Refreshing isn’t it?

June 5th Movie Releases

Sherlock Holmes – Games of Shadows

Other June 5 releases

Act of Valor
Bad Ass
The Collapsed
Mysterious Island
Machine Gun Preacher
Safe House
The Whale

Pointe Claire Video
295 St. Jean
Pointe Claire,Qc.
514 697 1242

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