Hey Andrei! You forgot Sergei?

The more things change in Andrei Kostitsyn‘s life, the more things don’t require a perestroika – at least in Andrei’s way of thinking.


The Russian who was supposed to snipe for the Montreal Canadiens, is up to his old tricks. Let us hope for Kostitsyn’s lady of choice’s sake – the tricks are not old as he makes the rounds in the seedy side of the hockey rink.

Andrei and his teammate, Alexander Radulov, are both being scratched from game three in their second round series against the Coyotes. Suspended for breaking team rules.

Ah …. C’mon! It was just one night …. ?!

It appears the duo – took the wrong fork in the road to the Stanley Cup. Veering left to the wee hours of the morning instead of keeping a curfew and staying on the right track. Andrei should know better. While in Montreal, the enigmatic Belarussian forward was linked periously close to a police investigation with alleged ties to the Russian mob.

Andrei, his younger brother Sergei and former teammate – Roman Hamrlik; cavorted off the ice instead of the ice surface. In a town such as Montreal where a hockey – playing Hab is the equivalent of a Tom Cruise sighting in Tinseltown, the trio’s shenanigans were as obvious as a pimple on Jimmy Durante‘s nose.

The ‘ Booze ‘ Brothers

Sergei was shipped away ( hockey matters played a small part ), Roman was exonerated and Andrei remained off the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. Until now …

Did brother Andrei mistake the anonymity of being a Predator with a licence to prey on rum and cokes? Did himself and Radulov not understand or feel the heat from the media’s playoff scrutiny as it filtered through the camera lenses?

Granted – this pair of partying players did not get arrested. They were not involved in a secret – service undercover operation involving undercover girls wearing Secret nylons and providing a service. As far as the world knows – they did nothing short of not being able to read the digital numbers that flash from their cellphones. The ones that informed them that David Letterman was off and Ferguson was awaiting them. Yet – in the name of Dick Duff … Where’s the hockey integrity? The passion? The desire to win …?

Never Quit

Down 2 – 0 in games to a Coyote team should not give anyone the right to re- enact a scene from the movie Coyote Ugly. Want to be ugly? By all means. Go back to the hotel room and watch some American politics on the tube. That will be more sleaze than Radulov and Kostitsyn will ever witness at an after – hours club. Not satisfied boys? Perhaps watching game tapes of your team’s performance in a loss to Pheonix should be on the agenda? That’s sleazy!

After – all, hockey and winning the Stanley Cup are the reasons millions are being directly deposited into your account. Up one or two games in a series? An outing with a few beers and a missed curfew is more tolerable yet not really. Win or lose – in a few weeks, a summer of sun, ladies and Pina Coladas await.

For now …

Please concentrate on the task at hand. Ask anyone who has ever been part of a Stanley Cup winning team. The celebrations start following a win …

A perestroika that does not take place …

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