Something for Nothing …

Waiting for the winds of change
To sweep the clouds away
Waiting for the rainbow’s end
To cast its gold your way
Countless ways,you pass the days

Neil Peart

At the trade deadline and in a sane world- Geoff Molson tied Pierre Gauthier to a chair and placed duct tape over his mouth. The Habs’ G.M should be shown the door in less than a month and a half. No point in Molson allowing ‘ the ghost’ one last chance to ruin his club de hockey …

Alas …

The world in which we live is crazier than placing Gomez on the power-play. Reality dictates the Montreal Canadiens remained relatively placid on trade day to keep up with tradition. Either that or the organization was so snake – bitten by the ‘ Gomez for the kitchen sink ‘ deal in 2009 – they hid their heads in the tri – colored sand.

Let it be known,the once proud organization has now deployed two Kostisyn’s into cowboy country(Nashville) and received nothing in return. First, the younger of the brothers Belarusian was sent packing for two players. One forward who Mr.and Mrs. Boyd named Dustin and a goalie named Dan Ellis.

The boy named Boyd spent ten games in the same uniform as Rocket Richard. Danny boy – d scored one goal during that time and was quickly dismissed to Hamilton. This moved him closer to Mr. And Mrs. Boyd in their home of Winnipeg which pleased the parents but not
Pierre. Boyd is now skating in the KHL – further from Winnipeg yet just as cold.

Ellis, the net minder , was in the Montreal organization long enough
to taste a poutine and get a gander at the gals at Chez Pare. Ellis was signed as a unrestricted free agent by Tampa in July,2010 and went on to incense fans with his twitter feed. Mr.Ellis is now skating with the Ducks in Anaheim and is no longer tweeting anyone …

Which brings us to Andrei Kostisyn who probably thinks tweeting is something that birds do while they fly in the sky. Soaring with a head in the clouds is something Andrei knows well as he spent the majority of his time in Montreal doing just that. A change was needed.

The Habs did what they needed to do and sent the bigger Belarusian to be with his brother in Tennesee – the home of Ernie Ford. In theory – Montreal received a 2013 second round pick ( along with a fifth round pick in the same year)for their former Russian rogue. Given the team’s history of drafting – the team will get nothing.

Nada. Zilch. Zero.

Why do the Montreal Canadiens continue to delete their extras into the trash cans of the NHL for less than the price of a good quality Pez dispenser ?

In 2008, the Habs traded Cristobal Huet to the Capitals for a second round pick. That pick went to Atlanta along with a conditional one for a over- the- hill Mathieu Schneider. Schneider, in his return to Montreal – was formidable on the power play yet floundered in the defensive zone and was finished as a Hab at the end of the 2009 season.

Would it hurt, just once , for the team to land a skater with youth in his skates and stars in his eyes? It it that difficult to trade a competent guy who has ruined his welcome for a player of the same caliber? The Habs have been bit by the Pouliot bug when they shipped Latendresse for the Ontario native with the French name. In fairness – Pouliot changed lines more often than Al Pacino in the movie Scarface. In Pouliot – the Habs knew what the guy was capable of in the NHL. In trading brother Andrei for a second round pick, the team is taking a chance. A risk bigger than Latendresse and Pouliot together.

Could Kostisyn have not been packaged with someone to collect a sure- skated player? Maybe Pierre tried. I guess it is difficult when you are tied to a chair and have duct tape over your mouth.

Yet – whose fault is that ?

Well,you don’t get something for nothing
You can’t have freedom for free
You won’t get wise with the sleep still In your eyes
No matter what your dreams may be

Niel Peart – from the song Something for Nothing

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  1. Chris Bellman

     /  February 29, 2012

    We are talking about Goatier here not exactly the second coming of Sam Pollock, Ken Holland, Doug Wilson etc….. The man is a secretive scoundrel and The Ghost should have been fired a long time ago along with The Shadow Bob Gainey. Does Geoff Molson have the stones to do it? I surely hope so for Montreal’s sake.

    He traded for Tomas ‘softer than butter on an Angolan afternoon’ Kaberle! Lol Ridiculous. Everybody knew Kabby was done in Toronto years ago after getting smoked by Cam Janssen and concussed. Never the same. Jimmy Rutherford’s comments and openly admitting he was so relieved to be rid of Kabby says it all as to Gauthier’s hockey smarts. The Markov signing. A first class joke. Could have had Gorges locked up before and saved a bundle of money.

    Firing Jacques Martin. Cammalleri for Bourque will not help the Canadiens. Bourque is a known stiff who is not nearly the player Cammalleri is, and the numbers show that already no matter the distraction Cammalleri was. Imagine what Goatier could have gotten for Cammalleri on deadline day?

    Any GM who can’t look at Scott Gnomez and bury him as the Rangers did with Redden and Avery, as the Leafs did with Finger and as the Oil did with Souray is a coward and a clown.

    • It is a tough call …if the players played as they shoul have then the Habs are in the playoffs right now. Gomez is Gainey’s fault. Gauthier should have signed Hamrlik and not let Spacek go …he needed those guys to teach the rookies – the other mistakes he made was letting Moore go and then letting his replacement Halpern go …..Darche does not come close to either of them ….

      • I agree with Gomez ….why this guy has not been bought out or sent to Hamilton is beyond me.
        Re Cammalleri – true Gauthier should have waited …but the Habs did the same with Roy. Instead of letting Roy sit for a year if necessary – they panicked and got nothing in return.

  2. Chris Bellman

     /  March 2, 2012

    At least getting rid of Big Tits clears up $3.25 mill in cap space. That is a good thing no doubt. Doubt the second rounder they got from Poile will ever amount to anything, but they could get lucky.

    Waiting to negotiate that deal with Gorges cost them cap money too. Should have gotten his six year deal last summer when he would have come cheaper.

    I wonder who screwed up on the medical side of things re Markov? Which doctor or doctors told the organization Markov would be fine? Strange but he is on LTIR so the cap money does not come off the books. Wonder if Markov will ever play again, I think he will, but at what level? I think he will be at least 33 by the time next year rolls around. Ce n’est pas bon avec Les Glorieux right now at all.

    Why is Benoit Pouliot good enough for the Cup champs, but not the cellar dwelling Montreal Canadiens? Strange.

    Why was Perry Pearn let go as he was in such a classless manner? Strange.

    The list of gaffes by Goatier goes on and on and on and must disgust all Canadiens fans. I can’t believe there is not a massive groundswell of fan fury to can this clown.


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