Game On!

It has come down to this …

Winner takes all. For the loser – well, there really is no cryin`in baseball or hockey … 

The Capitals and the Rangers – two teams that may as well play against a mirror. The Caps, once upon a Halak were not like this. They were the wannabe Oilers of the 2000`s. A high – powered,  Ovechkin – led, scoring team capable of handing a team a big loss. Then – something changed.

They lost when it counted most. They peetered instead of puttering. They zigged instead of `’Jagr – ing’. Their goalies suffering at times, the curse of Pelle Lindbergh

Hello Dale Hunter – bye bye Boudreau.

Who would have thunk, a guy who was known for his fists rather than his Freudian mind would have taken a Washington team to the brink of the final four.  Hockey`s Conference finals …

The Caps bought in to the system, Hunter did not balk at Ovechkin`s stance. Alex and guys like Green and Semin, must have realized the Cup waits for noone and it certainly would not wait for them. Then there was Holtby

Would the Caps have ventured further than a boy on a first date without the heroics of their rookie netminder? Probably not. They would have died quicker than a fish out of water. Hunter`s system screams patience and for it to work, key saves need to be made.

No different than the Ranger team.

Talkin“bout the Boys from New York City

Defence -first, non- selfish play is what any team requires to make the dancefloor and compete for the pretty girl. In this case – the Stanley Cup.

Love him or hate him, Torterella convinced the Rangers of this fact before most other teams this year. The Rangers were playing the system before the system played teams like the Flyers and Canucks.

Lundqvist is being staunchy, Callahan is leading as a captain should and Ryan McDonagh is making Gainey queasy with his play. Who will win tonight and look for what is behind curtain number three?

The team who allows the least amount of goals …

It all comes down to that …

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