Robinson. What’s Up with That?

Larry Robinson is swimming with Sharks. Literally …


The hall of fame defenceman, the man who as a boy skated the Ottawa river to school, has been hired as a defensive associate in San Jose.

Does this mean the Sharks, the Buffalo Bills of hockey, will finally win a championship? For Canadiens’ fans – sadly, the answer is probably yes. Did the team miss an opportunity to develop young defencemen such as P.K Subban and Nathan Beaulieu? It all depends on the reasoning behind the decision or lack thereof.

If Molson of the legacy type, has opted to utilize his brain and drive the non – glorious route to a future Stanley Cup parade – more power to him.  The Habs have had more than their share of flat tires driving the bumpy road of past successes.


If Bergevin and his ‘cone of silence’ partners have decided the team needs hockey decisions to replace money – making ones, Robinson’s non employment is a way of saying ; ” Thanks but no thanks!” In other words – bad timing!

A proper hockey decision requires proper hockey personnel. The hiring of the latter should be priority number one.


Ca c’est Montreal . Ici c’est l’ endroit ou le Quebecoise veut rester libre. Charles de Gaulle, tragically, cannot coach.

On the tail of a dismal season,  following public relation and hockey disasters, the Habs can ill afford to stumble further from the hearts of the faithful.  No Shutts or Cournoyers allowed in the house which Corey assembled. Robinson, one of the most talented of former players – as a coach, is one of the members on the banned list. Sad but agonizingly so.

One of the greatest defencemen in the history of the NHL, the fellow who coached a defence squad to the finals in New Jersey last season – is the best guy for the Habs right now.


P.K Subban, Emelin, Diaz and up and comers such as Tinordi would grow in leaps and bounds under Robinson’s tutelage. Imagine Tinordi. A boy growing into his awkward limbs. Something a Robinson knows all about. Who better to hold the glove of Mark ‘ s son as he skates to a potential hall of fame career. A career which may veer toward the AHL sans Robinson.

If Bergevin held a meeting with Larry and opposite philosophies parted the bleu, blanc et rouge waters – it is something which cannot be altered.

Hab fans hope the decision to hire Daigneault in lieu of a man whose number hangs very high at Le Centre Bell is the right one. Or else …

Bergevin will be on an island surrounded by angry partisans. Fans hungry for a Stanley Cup.

Sharks …

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