Pacioretty a Hab for Seven Years – Why?

Max Pacioretty is well liked in Montreal.

Presumably, Max Pacioretty is well liked by his Mom also. That does not mean she wants him to move in for six years …


The Habs inked ‘Patches’ to a six year extension yesterday. Added to his one year deal – Max will be a Canadien for the next seven seasons.

Good or bad?

Pacioretty had a career high season last year following a disastrous time the year before. Give the American credit for not only coming back from a concussion and broken vertebrate – kudos for coming back with no fear.

Following a life and career threatening injury, many times an athlete is never the same. A perfect example is former Pittsburgh Penguin Kevin Stevens.


Stevens was a goal scoring machine until a fateful day in May – 1993. Skating to get the puck in the corner, Stevens’ face collided with Islander Rich Pilon’s visor. Stevens was knocked out on impact and he fell to the ice face first.

One hundred stitches were required to sew back the skin in his face following hours of reconstructive surgery.

Kevin’s stints in Boston, L.A, New York, St.Louis, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh were never able to revitalize a career snakebitten by fear. Stevens was also arrested in a hotel room with a prostitute and crack cocaine.

Luckily for Hab fans – the closest Pacioretty came to such shenanigans, was being on the same team as Andrei Kostitsyn.

Pacioretty has not proven anything. One good season following an injury such as his could be a fluke. Max had to dig deep to prove to the Habs and himself that he deserved a chance. Anger also was key as Max was infuriated at having his season cut short by the Bruins’ captain. Pacioretty missed the playoffs and watched a Bruin team win the Stanley Cup.

A Cup that may not have been won if Pacioretty was in the lineup in the Habs -Bruins first round match-up.


The Habs should obtain the power forward and not let him skate to whiter pastures. A reward for his tenacity is a no – brainer, especially on a team with Bergevin as G.M. Few skaters were as tenacious as Bergevin the player.

Six years is too much however. Three years is ample time to reward and see if Patches is indeed the real deal.

Heck, three years is two and a half years longer than his Mom would probably allow him in his old bedroom.

And she loves him …?


Habs Getting it Right ( for a change )

Scott Mellanby? Never skated alongside Guy Lafleur …

Rick Dudley? Never partied at Pete Mahovolich’s parents’ home as a teammate. Mahovlich made the rounds. Dudley and the ‘Little M’ may have crossed paths and rum and cokes somewhere as acquaintances.

Marc Bergevin? Not even an entrance into the Canadiens’ storied dressing room. Three hockey playing men; three non – Habitants.

On the dreaded day in 1995, when former team president Ronald Corey appointed Steve Shutt, Yvan Cournyoyer, Mario Tremblay and Rejean Houle to run the Montreal Canadiens – things were never the same since.

Amid a rah – rah press conference, a ‘garbage goal’ skater, a ‘roadrunner’ and two lunch pail plumbers were expected to resurrect a franchise that did not require resurrecting.

Just two short years removed from a Stanley parade, Houle et al were called in to ‘save’ a squad which commenced the season a (tongue-in-cheek) horrendous 0- 4. This on the heels of the team missing the playoffs for the first time in twenty- five seasons. For Jaques Demers, the writing was on the wall even if he could not read it.

Houle, the G.M, and Tremblay – the coach; had no experience in either position. Still, the bleu, blanc et rouge blood which pumped through their veins; enough to instill victory to their former club. Add the inexperience of assistant coaches Cournyoyer and Shutt – the worse foursome at any golf tournament around the NHL.

That tenure set Le Club de Hockey Canadien further from a parade than an eighty – two year old man with no patience. Players came and went amid so much panic, it’s a wonder the fire alarm did not summon the emergency workers daily. Add the fiasco with Patrick Roy – the Habs were going downhill and quick …

Same old Song and Dance

In years since, the Habs have tried in vain to bring in fresh faces. Attempts have been made with the likes of Vigneault, Therrien, Julien and Jacques Martin. Upstairs – Andre Savard attempted a coup and had moderate success. The common denominator of all these hockey people? French Canadians and Hab fans from the past.

When this did not work, back to the familiar ‘ex – ‘Hab’ drawing room.

Gainey and Carbonneau were set to carry the club to victory. Two former captains of the Canadiens. A pair of defensive heroes. A pair of hockey minds.

Carbonneau and Gainey were on the right track. A first place finish in the Eastern Conference for the first time in twenty years. Then, something funny happened away from the old Forum. The team (corporation), realized millions could be made with a centennial celebration worthy of kings. Everyone could get rich, the organization would receive attention and a chance to display feathers like a hockey – playing peacock.

Along the way, the team was forgotten …

A kindergarten class requires a teacher. If not, paint will adorn the walls and the sandbox will smell awful funny. Gainey and Carbonneau’s crew lost without the Skipper. Somewhere, Carbonneau lost his way also and was dismissed by Gainey.

Enter a Gauthier with ties to the French. Enter a Martin with ties to the Gauthier. A repetition worthy of not repeating. Plus ca change … Plus c’est la meme chose!

A New Beginning

Serge Savard, a man wronged by Corey in 1995, was given a shot at redemption. New owner Molson, a virgin at hockey affairs… Serge or – ‘Le Senateur’, brainstormed with the boss. In Savard’s views, hockey first – language second. By hiring Bergevin to run the show – an English ‘sheep’ in French clothing. Savard is savvy. Savard knew ex- Quebec Premieres Parizeau and Bouchard attempted to rally the French away from Canada while sending their kids to the States to learn. In English.

By hiring Bergevin, a response to the French call of duty. By hiring Bergevin, an insight into the real hockey world – en Anglais.

Rick Dudley – an Englishman straight from Toronto. Scott Mellanby – an Englishman straight from the land of Halak. The new coach … ? Straight from the land of versatile knives.

For all intensive purposes, Hartley is English with enough French to order breakfast and not be laughed at in La Belle Province’s La Belle Province.

Bob Hartley never skated with Guy Lafleur either …

Really – The RDS Hockey People Need a Life …

Disgusting, isn’t it?

Afraid to look in a mirror because it may look back?

That should be the motto of most of the panel of ex- players and ex-coaches on RDS. What do these guys do when they are not acting like little old ladies …?

So and so did this, so and so did that … so and so did this with so and so … It is a wonder hockey can be played in the background and the panel on L’Anti Chambre are aware!

Here are a bunch of guys that get together every night. They peer into the camera with so much anger and ‘truth ‘. It is as if they are saying ” If we approve – then hockey in Montreal will be okay?”

Are you serious guys? In the words of a man being woke up in the middle of the night by a lost stranger; ” Who exactly are you …?”

Mario Tremblay is the worst.

Either that or he should be commended for having courage. Added together – he is the worst courageous guy on television. M. Tremblay must be commended for his passion and devotion to Les Canadiens de Montreal. In his own facon – the former Stanley Cup whining Hab acts like a protective parent. Les Habitants are his kids and as most parents think – ” DO NOT MESS WITH THEM OR I”LL KILL YA.”

This mentality should be applauded. It should be instilled in every player that currently plays for the Habs and their offspring along with their offspring. You tell two Habs and so on and so on …

The problem with Tremblay is; ‘ they give everyone a licence to fish or drive yet anyone can be a parent’. In this case – coach or wannabe coach…

There are several of his kind polluting the airwaves with craziness.An entire generation of children watching RDS will be arrogant, in-your-face, broadcasters when they grow up. Broadcasters who want to be coaches …

Ironically, M. Tremblay ( considered along with a certain M. Houle ) is considered to be the villain in the ‘ Hunchback of Patrick Roy ‘saga. He used poor judgement with the former Conn Smythe winning net minder and caused a ‘Roy’ -al coup. Mario Tremblay committed a ‘ faux pas ‘ in hockey and in business . He let his personal feelings interfere with the end product –  a winning hockey team.

The irony?

Mario Tremblay finished his coaching career with a wining record in Montreal. In 179 games coached; Tremblay possesses a 71-63-25 record for 167 points. No Scotty Bowman type numbers. No Boom – Boom Geoffrion numbers either

Does this allow him the right to be on television – providing insight to kids and parents that cannot think for themselves? Generations of hockey fans in this city, take these guys’ words as the only words when it comes to intelligence in hockey. Because of these ‘ broadcasters’, blue and white collar francophones live in the dark ages. It is a type of propaganda. A dictatorship. A sovereign legacy …

New Age of Hockey

Aside from a tiny little man who lives behind a rock in the aboriginal outback, everyone is aware of the French – Canadian connection with the Montreal Canadiens. As the world changes – so must every organization. Families much cling together and remain on top of life issues. If not, kids may be drowned in a van.

Even the Royal family, an institution older than the Montreal Canadiens – are aware that a new generation is watching. They are aware this new generation accepts and welcomes William and Kate because the newlyweds are not the Queen and Prince Phillip. It is now time for RDS to accept the same notion as they cede the Canadiens’ royal legacy to a younger Bergevin – led future.

The passion must not be forgotten. Every now and then, bring out the tapes and replays of the Canadiens’ terrific past. A legacy of hall of famers not to be left behind like a rolled up piece of tape on the dressing room floor. The rest of the time – blank tapes must be entered for new recordings.

It is time for RDS to re-think their future. ‘Too many cooks spoil a broth ‘ and too many ex- hockey players/ coaches / brown nosers –  spoil a hockey telecast.

Employ some younger Francophone minds that do not recall the days of the usual parade route. ‘Jeune’ guys who know hockey and are aware that a Shea Weber would not lose his way along Ste. Catherine Street with or without a Stanley Cup.

It is time RDS looks in the mirror .

Maybe it won’t be discusting after all …?

There are Stanley Cup Rings Blocking my Ears …

Blah , blah , blah … blah , blah , blah …

These are the words that escape the pages of Montreal Canadien websites , blogs and articles about the team . The same things – over and over and over and …

Yes we know . Gauthier has made such a mess with this team it is a wonder he has not been assassinated by the FLQ . Gomez , on the other hand was assassinated some time last year. His cadaver – skating the perimeter of the Bell Center , haunting every shift and in turn – paling the performances of ‘ the real Hab ghosts ‘ in contrast.

How about Bob Gainey ? Once again – we are quite aware … The current hall of famer and former hockey player is placing red , white and blue post – it notes in Gauthier’s pocket on a daily basis. Gainey is the real villain – Gauthier the figurehead …

Through the past darkly , there have been worse atrocities that have destroyed millions of children , their parents and grandparents before. Everyone is aware of a man named Hitler . While not forgetting these events is a good thing – it is also not a good thing to be pounding on doors every hour to pass this message on. By no means am I comparing the destruction of Jewish people to the destruction of the Canadiens – the latter a far worse obliteration than the former in many skewed French – Canadian eyes.

There skates the problem …

This team is subject of so much scrutiny , the whole atmosphere in Montreal is creating a monster not seen since Steinbrenner and Billy Martin booted the Yankees’ legacy into foul territory on every second pitch in the 1970’s. Like the current Habitants – Mr. Steinbrenner , the Bronx Zoo media , the Bronx Zoo themselves , the Yankee players and their coaches – pressed their pens a little too tight in an attempt to sign a winning agreement.The sole difference between the pair of dynasties ? In the empire known as Canadiensland , once a coach is dismissed – he is dismissed. No Billy Martin – a – Rama in Montreal unless your name is Gainey – then you can play G.M / coach whenever you want .

Really . It is the same thing.

When Gainey was not ‘the ghost G.M ‘ and previous to ‘ the ghost ‘ G.M Gauthier driving the Hab’s Zamboni into the bowels of the NHL basement – Gainey’s game of revolving coaches was the first indication of panic in a hockey dynasty.

Five years without a Stanley Cup ? Bearable … A little painful yet bearable … Five years was but a hiccup in a long drunken party in Montreal. Five years – a rest stop between conquered NHL cities in a seventy – five year trip. Suddenly – the number five doubled to ten . ‘ Mon Dieu !’ Screamed the partisans of the famed club de hockey from Gatineau to Gaston Gingras’ home ! Les Canadiens had never gone seven years without a sip from Stanley. Now it is the number that proudly rode on Lafleur’s sweater that is on the back of Canadien’s fans like a four hundred pound Guy – rilla !

There was still hope …

Reality grabbed the Canadiens’ glove and the two became allies. It was a new age .The dawning of the age of ‘money puck ‘.The excuse to define all excuses . Les Canadiens – victims of a new world , a new sporting world and an opportunity to cash in. Salary caps and selfish players quashed the bird previously known by the name dynasty. Like the DoDo previous , all the dynasties of years gone by became inked history lessons. Generations now poised to read the hockey year books of glorious years skated by.

A two year drink by the Red Wings and Penguins soured by the salary cap juices of the modern era. A championship now judged by a season. The exclamation point between fire sales and free agency. A successful season now defined by merchandising , a playoff birth and consistency. As far as the Habs … ? One and a half of three not bad … Hey , if you can’t beat ’em – may as well out sell ’em !

Everyone associated with Le Club ‘storied’ de Canadien grew fat. Huge in every aspect of life. Bigger cars , fancier suits and even fancier opportunities. A Montreal Canadien employee was held above others . The past and present prancing around like Will and Kate – all expenses paid by the team’s championship royalty. The future ? An after dinner mint never delivered in person or thought …

Now …

As the team nears twenty years of championship drought …

Like a bunch of guys waking up in Vegas after a bachelor party in the year 2012 , reality is setting in. The fog is starting to lift. What have we done has replaced what are we going to do ? The media and fans are now the angry spouses and curious girlfriends. The scrutiny justified by the antics that have taken place.

If Les Canadiens stay in Vegas – a rocky marriage lay on the horizon as a deceased elephant would replace a beautiful landscape. By removing the strippers and the Tyson – esque groupies ,the slate would be removed of all stains that have clouded the team ‘ s guilded plaques. A clearer caption would encrypt the caricatures drawn by the cities’ media muses.

Blah , blah , blah … Blah , blah , blah …

© Rick Keene Le Forum de Montreal 2012


Non – Wing Night / Roy vs. Lafleur

An educated person would have estimated perhaps 1.5 % of the people at the Wings – Habs game Wednesday night had ,at one point in time, experimented with LSD. At the end of the first period – twenty thousand plus spectators must have felt they were on the illicit drug and all that was missing was a purple elephant offering chips at a discounted price.Enough about me …

The Detroit Red Wings , the league’s top team, commenced the All Star break the same time as the rest of the league. The only team playing on Wednesday were the Canadiens. Fitting, since the Hab players ( save for Price), have been on break since mid – November.A combination of the Wings absence and a little bit of luck – torpedoed any chance of what most people thunk – a domination by the Babcock – led Wings.

Instead of Price skating to the bench and instructing Geoff Molson that he had played his last game as a Hab, it could have been Howard telling Mike Illitch that he had downed his final pan – pan pizza regardless if it was free.The Detroit net minder was bad yet his defense much worse in a period that saw the Sawchuk wannabe allow four goal on twelve shots. A dozen shots were what Mike Babcok insisted he was having at the end of the game. Twice in the month of January – the coaches’ team has been ridiculed by bottom tier teams. The lowly Islanders embarrassed the Wings 5 – 1 on the 5th. That defeat along with the 7- 2 massacre in Montreal would make anyone want to drink.

” Where…” Babcok must be wondering. “Is that purple elephant when you need him?”

Patrick – Guy , Guy – Patrick

As the Habs stumble, skate and stumble some more during this bizarre and disappointing season, it is interesting how two former hall of famers and former Habs have entirely different opinions on the Canadiens recipe for future success.

Guy Lafleur was a man who played the game by instinct. A trait that continues in his post hockey career. Anyone who has followed Guy over the years knows well the former superstar could never coach in the league. Everything he did , all of his good and bad was done with feeling. When he snuck into the arena in Thurso,Qc ( his boyhood home)to practice his skills, there was a good chance the possibility of arrest never crossed his mind.

Lafleur( in response to Roy), is adamant about the Canadiens NOT tanking the season thus assuring a top draft pick. Guy states that if the current inclination of his former club had pride – finishing out of the playoffs would be one of the seven words you do not say on hockey t.v. Roy , on the other glove, is saying the exact opposite.The former Conn Smythe winner says there is no point competing for a spot in Bettman’s dance. Roy cites an early departure from the post – season which invariably would bring a middle of the Pack pick in next season’s draft. So. Who is right?

Both men played the game with pride and prejudice. The pair’s drive for winning landed both of them on the pedestal and in trouble – on and off the ice. Roy is taking an analytical view while Guy is speaking on instinct and , in typical Guy fashion, from th heart.

Both are right and if a combination of the two paths could be ordered – an extra large pizza box would be required.

If the current team had heart, it is quite possible they would not be in this position to begin with. If the owners and Gauthier had analytical skills – the team would not be in this position to begin with. If Roy and Lafleur were running the team and could play nice in the sandbox, this team may win.Roy and Lafleur could not run this team because of the simple fact they are both passionate in what they do and fights between the two men would be common.

The team needs Roy and Lafleur’s attitude. They need someone who thinks like Roy upstairs and someone who thinks like Lafleur behind the bench.

Two ingredients.Two opinions.

One winner.

As usual – Habs Eye on the Prize , the Hockey Writers and Knuckles  will keep you informed.

Santa Claus is Making a List and Czeching it Twice – Part One

It is the time of year when Santa sits down, pulls out his keyboard and decides who has been naughty or nice. The players on the Montreal Canadiens are not exempt from his discrimination.

Who will recieve a new iPad and who will have a big lump of coal deposited in their red, white and blue stockings …?

Le Forum de Montreal has placed an undercover elf ( Brian Gionta) into Santa’s workshop and discovered the fat-man’s notes …

The Defence

P.K Subban

Mouths off to opponents / Bad

Is always smiling / Good

Gives away the puck sometimes / Bad

Gives low fives to Carey Price / Good

Enjoys listening to the Roots on iPad/ Good

Gift decision – A basketball contract

Hal Gill

Is very tall / Good

Is very wimpy/ Bad

Keeps P.K in line / Good

Once played for Toronto and Boston / Bad

Can clean banners at Bell Center without the use of a stool / Good

Gift decision – Gift certificate at Big Men-Tall Men- Stout Men Shop

Brian Gionta

Josh Gorges

Recovered from knee operation / Good

Is having career year point-wise / Good

Growing hair/ Good

A leader in the dressing room / Good

His parents could not spell Georges properly / Bad

Gift decision – The letter ‘ C ‘ on his sweater

Jaroslav Spacek

Tomas Kaberle

Played for Boston and Toronto / Bad

Missing ‘H’ in first name / Bad

A – 19 in Carolina / Bad

Knows cheerleaders from time in Carolina / Good

Gives Habs the zany Czech humor that Spacek had / Good

Gift decision – A heart from the Wizard of Oz

Alexei Yemelin Emelin

Can’t understand what Jacques Martin is saying / Good

Enjoys Vodka/ Bad

Name keeps changing/ Bad

Body-checks like a demon/ Good

Improving everyday / Good

Gift decision – A healthy Andrei Markov

Raphael Diaz

Chicks dig him/ Good

A good sense of the game/ Good

Scored first NHL goal/ Good

Keeps Weber happy with Swiss verbal bantering/ Good

Chicks dig him/ Good

Gift decision – A no trade clause with the New York Islanders ( see Streit, Mark).

Yannick Weber

Keeps Diaz happy with Swiss banter/ Good

Gives up the puck too often/ Bad

No relation to Yannick Noah/ Bad

If Campoli and Markov were healthy – would be in Hamilton/ Bad

Visited children’s hospital/ Good

Gift decision – Toblerone ( it was 3-D first ) !

Chris Campoli

Did not get decapitated by Ryan Malone/Good

Keeps things ‘ light’ in infirmary / Good

Knows the Ottawa Senators system very well/ Bad

Makes great spaghetti sauce/ Good

Never seen him play / Bad

Gift decision – An instructional  DVD by Eric Lindros titled ‘ Keep your head up and enjoy the game !’

Andrei Markov

**** Gets present by default for his years of service

Gift decision – Steve ( the six million dollar man)  Austin’s phone number …!

Stay tuned for more of Santa’s list …!

You Can’t Do That in Movies ( or hockey games )

If the Montreal Canadiens erected a 2 ‘ x 2 ‘ board in front of their goal during practices – ninety percent of the time , the players would hit that board.

Puck you !

Time and again , opposing net minders arrive in town as ‘ just another goalie ‘ in a waterfrozen league. Time and again they leave, named one of the stars among the three star selections. Coincidence ? In the words of George W. Bush … ” I think not …”

Last night was an exception. The Oilers’ pipe-keeper arrived with incredible numbers in this young season. A goals against average of .099 and an off the plexi-glass save percentage of .970. The thirty-eight year old Russian is on top of his game as he leads a young and talented Oiler team atop the Western Conference. Khabibulin is standing on his mask and the Canadiens helped to both diminish and augment his numbers by shooting at his mask and not his skates.Instead of shooting high – Les Habitants aimed lower than ‘ Snooky ‘ on her knees. A site that left Khabibulin smiling with the results of both outcomes.

At least some things are pretty in Montreal

James Reimer , Ryan Miller , Marc-Andre Fleury , Semyon Varlamov and Nicolai Khabibulin. Five men who came, conquered and left Montreal with better bargaining power over their next contracts. Five men who have won in other towns but whose victories were earned with quick stick-work and cat-like reflexes. Against the skaters from Hab-ville , the wins are as easy as a freshly – divorced woman filled with wine . Bet your Gretzky rookie card , each of these guys have the next Canadiens match-up circled heavily on their calendars. Extra tickets will be required as these goalies invite everyone from their second cousins to their very first stick boys from Pee-Wee teams gone -by. Everyone is invited to come and witness their future victories against the not-so-mighty Canadiens de Montreal.

Right Turn Clyde

Clint Eastwood co-starred with an orangutan named Clyde in a 1978 movie titled ‘ Any Which Way but Loose ‘. That movie was followed by a sequel in 1980. The name of the follow -up was ‘ Any Which Way You Can ‘. Unless the Habs are willing to inject their resident orangutan ( Scott Gomez ) into the line-up and hope he starts beating the opposition with his hairy-fists , the team would best be suited to heed the second title as their motto. Don`t do it for the Gipper – do it for Clyde !

Tight is not working as the players hold onto their sticks like a trucker without brakes. If

Clint and Clyde - Box Office Success !

they ( the team ) relax their grips and realize what the critics learned about the two Eastwood films ( Clint was having fun ), maybe the pucks will start filling the net with a little more fluency. The fans and team will enjoy the nightly spectacle and the Canadiens will go on to win Oscars ( Stanley Cups ) for best picture and director. Like Eastwood , the Habs should not rest their laurels with a lifetime achievement award. Spaghetti westerns and Toe Blake have run their course. Modern day hockey is `Unforgiven` with it`s million dollar babies.

Sergio Leone ,Eastwood`s former director, could not provide a script to help solve the Habs problems. Mr. Leone did not do funerals. The best choice would be Bernard Herrmann. The orchestrater behind the music of the majority of Alfred Hitchcock films. Herrmann would be the wise decision because , like Hitchcock , the Canadiens keep everyone in suspense each game. Will the team score is as pressing a question as`Will Tippi Hedren be devoured by birds ` or `Will Janet Leigh be diced into tiny pieces by Norman’s mother.`

 Alfred Hitchcock adored killing off his blonde leading ladies and Habs management loves murdering defensive coaches. ‘ To Catch a Thief ‘ must be  Montreal`s Hitchcock movie of choice. Every goaltender around the league ‘ steals’ two points from them. Unfortunately , the Canadiens do not have Grace Kelly to console them and Cary Grant has passed to the studio in the sky.  Sadly, Mr. Grant cannot take to the ice and score.

Here a Sniper – there a sniper …

Mike Cammalleri arrived in town on one knee as a sniper. A goal scorer. Ditto for Brian Gionta and recently,Erik Cole. Entering their third seasons with the Habs – Gionta and Cammalleri ‘s productivity is heading downhill faster than Sonny Bono. Be sure , Cole’s output will be felled by a defensive tree and Cammalleri will start putting two knees down in the form of prayer. One can only hope that God is a Montreal Canadien fan as he listens to Cammalleri`s plea for goal-scoring help.

There is so much emphasis on defense in Montreal , the players play scared. Afraid of making a ‘ faux pas ‘ in their zone. Scared silly of being too creative in the offensive zone for fear of getting caught and instilling the wrath of the Elfin Martin. Is this Jacques fault ? Not much more than Carbonneau , Julien , Vigneault and Therrien`s before. The sickness comes from above and with each passing President or owner – the organization with twenty-four Cup rings preaches defense. It is what won them many championships and that is the `history` they are sticking with. Through merchandising thick and winless thin. It does not matter if Jacques Martin and his team `never get a dinner`!

This team earns more money than Brian Mulroney on a good day. They are fast becoming the Toronto Maple Leafs (everyone started to make fun of the Leafs when they had gone eighteen years without a Cup ). Every season there are highs and lows. When the team wins – they are worthy of the banners that fly above them . When they lose – Oleg Petrov is the last great skater to sport the colors and logo of the famous Club de Hockey. Whatever the outcome – the team seldom scores more than three goals and perennially allows  two. For three seasons or more – Doug Harvey`s former squad plays the same hockey game . Over and over …

Ninety percent of the time – it’s like hitting your head against a board. It’s starting to be painful ! 


See what Kevin has to say at Habs – Eye on the Prize.

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