Build a Champion – One Thing. Keeping Them There Entirely Different …

Marc Bergevin has reintroduced success to the Montreal Canadiens.

The trick is to sustain the formula.

Through the years, when the Montreal Canadiens were not just the cream of the crop, but the blueprint of ‘how to win a Stanley Cup’, there was one factor involved which tends to be overlooked.

The squad – for so many years, had high caliber, all star and hall of fame players. That is one part of the equation. Was this the reason that so many banners hang above visiting players at Le Centre Bell? Sure as cows give milk it is. Yet these facts, these players were part of a plan carried out so successfully by the men who preceded M.Bergevin.

That plan. The design of the second most successful sports franchise in history was to make damn sure that each rookie, each newcomer – had one or several mentors to instill wisdom and a winning attitude. A passing of the ‘tenacity’ torch if you will. An ignition of integrity to jump start the careers of so many players. Some of whom that may have skated into obscurity with another organization.

Consistency of a championship constitution. Consistency of a carnivorous ‘ win at all cost’ mentality.

For reasons, some tangible and some – downright ridiculous, Les Canadiens de Montreal jettisoned that ‘yacht’ in lieu of a ‘leaky boat’ some years ago. It is now up to Bergevin and what appears to be an excellent surrounding cast of coaches, to maintain a core of character on the team and ensure the mentality of Gionta, Markov, Prust and Gorges is passed on.

Men who teach boys. Warriors of a winning breed. Experience.

Without a plan, without a dimension to bridge a gap innocent in it’s nature, a team flounders like a fish out of ‘ frozen water’. A group becomes lost and either sinks to depths beyond reasonable conversation or toils in mediocrity for years.

Applause is reserved for Bergevin, Geoff Molson and probably the most important name in the turnaround of The Montreal Canadiens – Serge Savard. A standing ovation warranted.

Question is …

Will there be an encore?

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  1. Philippe Ouimet

     /  September 11, 2013

    Just catching up on your great articles. My sixty seventh NHL hockey season is just around the corner and if my hunch is correct …and Carey doesn’t cave in…CH fans are in for an a real eye opener and will be thrilled to rediscover what winning is all about..GO HABS GO!!!!

  2. alain

     /  February 23, 2015

    hi Rick, saw your post and love it, i saw some great Expos memories….if you want to do an article on Lord Stanley and Alouettes, i have the rarest artifacts to show, i think it would be awesome to share those items with fans…..
    The items dates as far as 1878 from Lord Stanley’s personnal items, it’s quite a collection, probably the oldest NHL and CFL memorabilia and artifacts out there…



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