Scott Hartnell; His View

Straight from a Minnesota hockey camp with a bunch of kids from Philadelphia, Scott gives a player’s view of the CBA agreement, his career and Jagr …


Last season, the Flyers’ forward donated one thousand dollars to his foundation every time he fell down. The thirty year old Hartnell fell 200 times – that is a lot of money to a bunch of underprivaleged kids.

Hartnell is in his 11th season in the league and he attributes his best year last season to two factors; conditioning and teammates.

“Nutrition, fitness and playing with Giroux and Jagr. There is no question they are the three factors which led to my great season. I was a little upset Jagr is not coming back. It was really good playing with him. He brought so much experience to me and Claude, it was a real privilege to skate with him. ”

As far as conditioning, Hartnell maintains there is no choice for the players. There are a lot of eighteen year old kids waiting to take his job and guys like him must stay in shape.

“Getting lucky and having great linemates doesn’t hurt though!” He laughs.

In shape is what the Flyers have to be according to Hartnell as he discusses the loss of Jagr, Pronger and the almost Flyer – Shea Weber.

“We have lost a few guys to injury on defence to start this season coming up and obviously it is disappointing not to see Weber come. Especially when he was so close. The guys will have to step it up but we have a great organization in Philly. We have to regroup.”

The Flyers may be strong yet there may not be a season if the owners and players cannot arrive at an agreement. Hartnell  remains optimistic…

“It was frustrating to receive the last offer of 46 percent revenue sharing from the owners. There are a lot of teams making money and our proposal ensures it goes to everyone. I’m sure the owners will see that. We will probably have to wait a few weeks for an answer but we ( the players ) are hopeful.”

If there is a lockout, this would be Bettman’s third work stoppage. Something that will not look good for the commissioner’s legacy. Another thirty or so  games lost, that would be almost two full seasons gone under Bettman’s watch …

“Gary is a smart man and he works for the owners. I don’t know what his legacy will be but you can’t blame him for trying to get the best deal possible. It is his job.” Says Scott.

During the previous lockout in 2005, the Regina,Saskatchewan native played in Norway. He enjoyed his time there yet says  there is nothing like playing in the NHL.

“It was a great life experience playing over there but in North America, you have so much love from the fans. They come out to see the goals, the hits, the fights – everything. Add that to the rivalries like us and Pittsburgh. There is nothing like it.”

Pretty solid stuff coming from a guy who  was voted number one on a list of best ‘beer guys’ in Philadelphia.

According to Scott – he pales next to Claude Giroux …

‘Off the record’ of course!


Scott and Lisa Hartnell

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