What is the Sequel to Dumb and Dumber? Rich and Richer …

Will there be a NHL season in 2012-13?

This is the question on people’s minds these days as the NHLPA and the owners of NHL franchises slug it out.


Or more accurately, why does the question of a lock – out come into play? Can’t the two sides sit down, grab a coffee at Smoke Meat Pete and come to an agreement without the players sitting at home watching old Don Cherry rock em’ sock em’ videos …


If two people decide to divorce, really – they do not kill the kids. Ok -sometimes they do. That is neither here nor on the front pages of the sports pages.

The kids – in this case are the fans. The people who shell out Maurice Richard’s once weekly pay cheque in order to purchase tickets to a game. The ‘ partisans’ – the’ punters’; the salt of the earth …

If two folks, parents or parties cannot get along on primitive terms, as mature entities – they must come to an agreement where the innocent do not suffer. After all, a kid’s sole crime is giving love,laughter and smiles. Once in a while, a little shit is thrown the parents way, it is part of the deal.

In the case of the NHL ( THE NATIONAL HOARDER LEAGUE ), the fans also give love, laughter, smiles and occasionally throw crap the league’s way. The difference between the child and a fan?

The league brings in on itself and the fans pay to he involved.

If most sane parents can come to admirable terms in a split ( a difference of opinions for the sake of the children ) – why can’t grown men who are up to their elbows in money, work things out and ensure their kids are sitting down and watching good entertainment on a Saturday night …?

One word; Greed …

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