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Usain Bolt


How do you describe wow?


How do you describe two wows divided by two and multiplied by ten more? It ain’t easy – unless of course your name happens to rhyme with jolt.

A surprise shove and / or shock is what the sporting world witnesses every time a 6’5″ Jamaican by the name of Bolt displays his unholy power. It’s no surprise the runner wins. It is not a shock the world record holder in the 100m dash teaches victory with relative ease. His shock value in this world is simple – the man is a giant amongst giant athletes and drugs remain at their diminutive level …

A hero is what Usain Bolt is.

In his mind, he is a legend and that is okay. The world does not mind. The world requires Bolt and seemingly Bolt requires us. Think about it. Who was the last man to conquer the imagination of sports without using drugs to cloud that judgement.

The great and most decorated Olympian of all time, Michael Phelps – his image tarnished by marijuana. Bolt comes from a country where marijuana is celebrated. Rightly so. For Bolt to be scandalized, he would have to be caught eating a slice of Apple pie. That is the difference in the two cultures. That is the difference between hypocrisy and fun …

America is filled with cheaters in every sport.

Cycling has Armstrong. Baseball bears Bonds. Football has … well, everyone. Jamaicans just run with smiles on their faces. Making everyone smile in the process. Remember the Jamaican bobsled team? They did not win yet their legacy remains …

They made everyone smile and continue to do so.

Russian, Czech, Chinese, Canadian and every athlete from every country should take a seat and chill-out with some ganja and Carey Price. That way, instead of every four years, the world can say wow every day.

Wow multiplied by ten!


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