The Problem with Doan …

Shane Doan is homeless …

The forty year old lifetime member of the Pheonix / Winnipeg franchise, is doing his best to put his skates in a comfortable place.

New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Montreal are just a few of the stops the Alberta native has made in the past few weeks as he tries to continue his career outside of Phoenix.

Those are just the Eastern cities the father of four has visited.

Fans in San Jose can put aside any dreams of seeing the former captain of team Canada in brilliant Teal this winter. The Sharks are not willing to part with 4.5 million a year, Doan’s apparent asking price. His former squad, the Coyotes, are willing to give their last season’s captain 4 million a season for three years.

There lies the problem …

Doan is a leader with experience. Doan is a battler. Shane Doan does not score forty goals a year.

At his age, a salary of 3 million should be the maximum a team should part with to obtain his services ( that is 2.5 for his association with God and .5 for everything else).

In Habland – Doan is a perfect fit for the way the team is being constructed. Once the P.K Subban issue has been settled, Bergevin will know what monies are  available to sign Doan.

P.K should get 3.5 million for two years and Doan 3 million over the same period. Four year and over contracts are for the Crosbys of the world.

In two seasons, the Habs will either be on top or the bottom. Enough time to see how the new editions are gelling. Doan can teach the Gallaghers and Desharnais while Markov will do the same with the P.Ks and Emelins.

Veterans teaching the rookies, something which has been lost in recent years in Montreal. Doan, despite his loyalty to Phoenix – should jump at the chance to play in a hockey market such as Montreal and enjoy the challenge of teaching some pretty good up and coming talent.

He would also fit in with guys like Gionta and Cole. Players who come from the same ‘ win at all cost ‘ school as him. The same generation.

It is better than being homeless, especially in Montreal.



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  1. philippe ouimet

     /  August 6, 2012

    I’m still drooling over this Shane Doan deal….Bergevin has to settle once and for all and bring to closure the Kaberle and Gomez contracts !!!!!
    In my humble opinion Doan’s gritty contribution would surely motivate and bring the Team to another level ….if so …I’m thinking the BIG show and then who knows….. possibly our long overdue 25th cup!!!!


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