Galchenyuk’s Top Ten Reasons for Signing a Three Year Deal

The Habs’ third pick in the 2012 draft, Alex Galchenyuk, has inked an entry level – three year deal with Le Club de Hockey.


With little trepidation, the Russian agreed to the deal for several reasons.

Here now are the top ten;

10. Heard the strippers in Montreal are much better than in Sarnia.

9. Are you kidding? Miss a chance to play with Scott Gomez … ?

8. The colors red, white and blue add a fiery dimension to his normal placid complexion.

7. Three words; Awesome skate sharpener!

6. Where else can you buy premium Russian vodka until 11pm every night?

5. ‘You say tomato – I say tomate!’

4. Always wanted to get up close to a black hockey player …

3. Driving Montreal roads; A ‘new’ challenge!

2. Heard Youppi is really Tretiak in disguise.

And Galchenyuk’s number one reason for signing with the Canadiens?

1. His Mom told him to …!


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