P.K Subban – Three Years; 3 Million?

P. K will sit down next week and discuss his future.

What to name his new hamster? How to get away with sporting a Bruins’ jersey with the name Malcolm on the back and not get caught? Should a BlueRay player be purchased?

Pressing questions which require pressing solutions.

No mesdames et monsieurs. It is a bit more complicated than that. Mr. SUBBAN, along with his agent, Don Meehan – will be deciding whether or not Subban will continue to add revenue to the Canadiens’ banque account.

How about a Weber- type deal? P.K. in a Habs ‘ uniform for 15 years for 45 million. Sound good …! The mathematical challenged may require help on this. That would be three million a year. Good for now but not later …


Malcolm? M.K.?

A lot can happen in fifteen years. Subban may lose his virginity for example. Look at OvechkIn. Women decrease abilities on the ice while increasing abilities in the bedroom. One French – Canadian woman, a femme fatale, its all over for the Ontario native.

P.K. could also lose his mojo – the hockey mojo. His desire may shrink to the size of a replica puck on the desk of a Tony McKegney fan. The wrong end of a fight, the wrong end of a slapshot or the wrong end of a Carey Price high – five may send Pernel Karl skating to the waiting arms of his Mom – Mrs. P.K.

The long contract is a silly idea.

Sign a player, any player – to a three year deal tops. Following the time it takes for a sperm to become an entity worthy of the ‘ terrible twos’ – evaluate and then re – sign if warranted.

Marriages are for life. Marriages, sixty – four percent of the time are not for life. Why in the name of Robert G. Orr should hockey contracts end differently. Ask the Islanders how breakfast is working out each morning with Dipietro …?

Subban should get 3 – 3.5 million a season for three seasons. Once the outcome of this test in futility has been determined, sit down and buy the more nature P.K a cup of coffee.

Then, discuss his future …


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