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Diaz, Defence and Daigneault

Your Montreal Canadiens are bottom heavy.


When and if training camp commences in September, the team will have so many defensive ends – fans just may think an Alouette football practice is underway.

Subban, Markov, Emelin, Bouillon, Gorges, Kaberle and newly – inked Diaz. Seven … er, six defencemen (if you count Kaberle … ).

Add Tinordi,  Beaulieu, Ellis and St. Denis and a whole lotta draft picks and riff – raff attempting to make the big club. Plus new off- ice personnel such as Patrice Brisebois, Sylvain Lefebvre and J.J. ( Dyno -mite ) Daigneault; the Habs could quite conceivably tie every game 0-0.

If Price is at his best – it should be difficult for opposing teams to score. If Price is at his best – it should be difficult for the Habs to score!

What else is new …? Yadda, yadda , yadda …

The top line consisting of Cole, Desharnais and Pacioretty is filled with what- ifs.

What if
– Cole’ s spectacular season was an aberration?

What if – Pacioretty’s surge had everything to do with proving himself and not about consistency?

What if – little David Desharnais’ feints and follies were videotaped into the minds and hearts of big opposing defencemen everywhere?

Truth be known, one season does not an Anderson, Messier and Gretzky make. Worried yet …? How about a second line of scoring …

Last season, Captain Gionta was not playing well before his bicep was torn like something from a Freddy Krueger movie. Rene Bourque skated  as Krueger himself and Scott Gomez played as if chased by Krueger / Bourque. Either that or Scott was a victim of too many pennies in his pockets wearing him down.

See any goals on the Habs’ horizon? Maybe – yes. Probably – hmmmm …

The remainder of the forwards such as Prust, Moen, Blunden. White, Armstrong, and Plekanec* will be;

A) Hitting people all over the rink
B) Beating people all over the rink
C) Spending the majority of the time in the penalty box or

D) All the above.
* Plekanec does not fit into any category at the moment. His bewilderment of last season not conclusive. Waiting for the Gauthier bugs to clear …

Goal scoring comes in the form of potential. Leblanc, Gallagher, Eller and Galchenyuk. The former – the best bet and the latter – a longshot for this season. Gallagher? Somewhere between the middle and Hamilton. Eller? BETWEEN Leblanc and Gionta to give the team a ‘LEG’ up on the new season …


Place Galchenyuk on a line with Gomez and Gionta – a triple ‘G’ line for marketing bliss. How about the ‘G’ Spot line?

As the story goes and for lack of a better finish …

Your Montreal Canadiens are bottom heavy. As long as it is not the bottom of the league …


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