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Eller; Deuces Wild!

The pieces of the puzzle are connecting nicely in Montreal. Too bad Therrien is the one in charge of piecing them together.

My bad.


A chance should be given and Therrien may be a different guy than before. By Christmas, the red, white and blue tinsel will either be on the floor or in the tree.

The latest present given to Hab fans by Santa Bergevin is a two year deal for Lars Eller. No Grinch, no Max the dog at the great Dane’s place come December 25th.

WHO is this guy? A non – partisan of le club that Corey destroyed may ask over a cup of tea? Eller is a very talented man – boy who is having a devil of a time fitting into his body. That’s who …


Strong and gangly, Mr. Eller of the four goal type – is desperately seeking to ditch Susan in lieu of Samson. In other words, the soft player emerges intermittently with the tough Lars. A normal event for a young man attempting to join the big boys of the NHL.

Flashes of brilliance are overshadowed by the Eller who wants to have fun. Hockey, at this level should not be fun. Not in the lazy, selfish way guys in Eller’s age group strive for.

Growing pains are what the fans are witnessing first hand. Not unlike the three seasons it took Guy Lafleur to shed his helmet and his Thurso childhood. Eller is a lot like Mats Sundin – appearance wise and talent wise. Eller is tougher than Sundin and possesses heart. Something Sundin sadly swerved to avoid on the hockey assembly line.

The Dane’s blonde hair frames a face fresh as a baby’s bottom. In two years,  the face has been spanked. The face has been put through some of the rigers of hockey North American style. So far – the son of the Ellers has held his own. All the while climbing each experience rung of a Canadien ladder. Imagine how many points he would have had last season if the team had not been in turmoil.

If a proper coach had coached him properly, at this stage of the game – Eller would not be puzzling.

Obviously, Bergevin believes he needs this piece. Or else Eller’s four goal game complete with a highlight spin-er-ama would be just a part of Canadiens’ lore.


Have a nice day …

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