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In the days of Toe Blake …


When the Habs were winning championships more often than an overweight man or woman ventures to the fridge for a midnight snack. There were no video reviews. One coach was able to control his players. Goalies, defencemen and the privaleged puck masters had to fend for themselves.

The Rocket through to Lafleur in the seventies did things successfully with a feeling. A gut instinct which made them rise above the hackers and dime-a-dozen players who attempted to thwart their desires of passion and victory.

Instinct was the biggest possible weapon toted through battles large and small.

What stops a man from stealing when he is hungry? Is it fear of the law or something else? Conscience plays a big role part of the time. A regal upbringing in the crown of adolescence. Yet there is something else which shakes the foundations of his moral compass.


Collectively, the city of Montreal, known for its hockey mad denizens, oozed a loud groan when the news of Michel Therrien as the new head coach of the Habs hit the media outlets. Did the majority of the fans not like Therrien’s haircut? Maybe his appearance on RDS ruffled a few fashion feathers? Know what?

None of the above.

When a sound similar to a chipmonk being run over by a mini – van is emitted from the mouths of hockey babes in under a second, a thought process of an Einstein is not taking place.

Ted Williams is not hitting the ball here. It’s Babe Ruth strolling to the plate and smashing common sense right down the throat of Marc Bergevin. Over the fence and into the cheap seats. That is where instinct has landed.

Molson et al do not take up residence in the cheap seats. The ball is too far away to see the scuffs of reasoning. The pine tar excess known as ‘ streetsmarts’.

The guy on the street, the man in the sewers and the gentleman who runs his minor hockey team know. Their brains hardwired to delete the nonsense from their hard drives of life. No grey areas when it comes to red and blue lines in hockey.

Michel Therrien will be relieved of his duties as head coach of the Montreal Canadiens before the team wins another Stanley Cup.

Like the days of Toe Blake …

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