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Price, Armstrong, Prust, Bouillon and Jack Todd is an Idiot!

As I wrote …

The Habs are getting tougher with more character. Perhaps Bergervin read what I wrote a couple of days back. When will people start listening to me.

– Once the Habs’ two first lines are established, watch out. On this team – noone will push them around anymore. Galchenyuk and Leblanc should start the season together. For once, the brass of this storied club, must allow rookies to play without benching them.

– Let Eller fly. Allow the young guns to be themselves. That’s how you learn. If a guy like P.K screws up – that’s his problem to fix. If the Habs don’t like his style, well, they should not have drafted him in the first place … Emelin was a rookie, he screwed up. How many times was he scolded and prodded in the press?

– What a moron Jack Todd is. What morons this city has when it comes to hockey.  It is unbelievable how many are criticizing Price’s signing. For three years now, Carey has played on a team where the goals for per game have not ventured above 3.00. Price’s average has been around and below 2.50. Place Rinne, Quick or Halak on this team and their collective spirits would have sagged also.

If a goalie’s team sags on offence, it is difficult for a goalie to come up with ‘ big saves’.  Why should Price or anyone else give 100 percent when management kept dropping the ball and running the team like the three stooges on crack cocaine.

– Nice to see Bouillon back. The Habs made a mistake by letting him go. Now if only Leclair and Chelios could still play …

– JJ Daigneault? LOL

Bergevin’ s coaching choices are suspect. Um ….Robinson and Roy? 

Just saying ….

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  1. First time I come back to read your blog and you’re calling someone who doesn’t have the same opinion as you “an idiot”.

    • Normally I would not. It has nothing to do with a different opinion. The last few things I read by Mr.Todd are way off base. That plus the fact when I asked him to justify his opinion re Thomas at the White House – he ran and hid. Thank you for reading.


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