Habs Ink Moen; Four Years?

Travis Moen is a plus to any squad …


Cool the Habs added him to a contract. Bergevin appears to be building his team on character. Aside from hiring Brisebois, the new G.M has accumulated many unshakeable people on the good ( and unsinkable?) ship Canadiens.

Lapointe, Mellanby, Dudley and the recently- signed White and first round pick Galchenyuk all have displayed grit and determination in their hockey lives. None appear to give an inch if push comes to shove. Add Moen, a Saskatchawan born farmer who presumably has fought a few cows in his life, it is obvious what direction this team is headed. Let the skill players play and if they are pushed around – Mr.White and company will beat the jockstraps out of anyone who dares take advantage of Plekanec, Subban and Desharnais.

The new Habs are being modelled after the Stanley Cup champion Blackhawks a couple of seasons ago. It is about time. Too many seasons have seen the ‘team which Pollock built’ pushed so hard that John Ferguson was spinning in his grave like a maddened Rocket. What happened to the glare of the team? This is what Bergevin wants to not only know – the Montrealer wants to find.


Moen is big. Moen is strong. Moen is the type of guy who will do what he’s told. No questions and no instructions required for Travis. As an added bonus – the man has been around long enough to feel at ease to discover an offensive side of his game. In any job, once the routine becomes easy, a person with ambition rises above the mundane and excels. Moen was that guy last season until Mr. Concussion budded in and placed Moen on the sidelines in the Montreal circus which is hockey.

Moen is no clown. He knows where he was and knows where he wants to be. Montreal is dear to his heart and his heart is in the right place. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder…

After missing fifty plus games last year, Moen’ s heart must be brimming with an eagerness to find out what if? The Habs have given him four years for those ‘ifs’ to find a place in the hearts of Montrealers.

Know what?

He’s already in them …


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