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Darche is Done!

It’s sad really …

Why does a guy like Mathieu Darche have to be blessed with no natural skills?


Jeff Whyte – Darche’s bantam coach, parlayed the same sentiment in a conversation we had last year. According to Whyte, Mathieu had to work very hard to get better all the time.

“Even though he was the captain and had a strong sense of the game, he was one of the weaker skaters on the team. It was sad because he was the best team player and the most gung – ho guy on the team.”

If not for Darche’s work ethic, a stop in Montreal would never have happened. Mathieu would have stalled in one of the many AHL destinations that was part of his climb to a regular spot in Montreal.

Even then, would Darche have played as long in Montreal if his name was Mathieu Smith?

In an environment begging for a French player to calm the masses, Darche was at the right place at the proper time. Once Maxime Lapierre was dispatched to Vancouver, Mathieu’s place was secure due to his connaisance of the ‘mot’ poutine and his willingness to cook it as well.

In the Bergevin era with new guys like Geoffrion and White in the mix, guys who are younger and are blessed with more talent – Darche is expendable. No use in Hab management over – welcoming their offer to the now free agent. In other words – an older hen can lay eggs but a younger one can lay more …

Mathieu comes from a great background. His father is a doctor and his brother J.P is currently studying to be one at the University of Kansas. This following a sucessful career in the CFL and NFL as a longsnapper.

Whatever happens to Mathieu, if a team picks him up or he retires sooner than he thought, one thing is certain. Mathieu Darche will be remembered as a hard working guy who did everything he was asked to do.

The only sad thing is he did not lift a cup in his hometown. Yet.

According to Mr. Whyte, Darche will make an excellent coach one day …


Whyte should know. He and Mathieu won a couple of championships together …

Thank you Mathieu and good luck!

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