Habs Puck – Up?

A Hab fan knows …


What appears good is not necessarily good. Especially with first round picks.

Where shall we start?

Eric Chouinard? Lyndsay VALLIS? Don’t say the ‘W’ word … As in Wickenheiser ( Doug)!

There have been so many promises, so many fallen hopes. First round picks and management that have made those picks have been left crestfallen many times over the years. So much so that Sam Pollack is no longer observing the Canadiens from his heavenly perch. No sir – Mr. Pollock has exchanged his blue Forum seat for a more comfortable place watching Red Storey referee the big match in the sky …

In 2012, the Montreal Bergevins possessed the third overall pick in the draft. Given the fact the team has suffered greatly in recent years in the character department, by selecting Alexandre Galchenyuk – G.M Bergevin et al are attempting to fix that problem.

Galchenyuk did not play last season. Much.

He blew out his knee early in the season and his point production along with his presence alongside number one pick – Nail Yakupov was missed. His countryman, Grigorenko, did the opposite. He missed the end of a season following a productive point season in Junior. His absence due to a bout with mono.

Mono disappears. Knee injuries never completely go away …

If you watch the two forwards play the game they love, it is apparent the pair are polar opposites. Galchenyuk has the talent to be a Samsonov as in Sergei. The good Samsonov which won a calder trophy as rookie of the year. Grigorenko – the tools to tread somewhere between Mario Lemieux and Ron Francis.

The knock on Grigorenko? No passion, no desire. All this before he gets rich. Imagine how lazy he would be then?

Galchenyuk has heart. Galchenyuk has desire. Galchenyuk has a broken knee.

When Samsonov started his decline from a great player to an average player. When the word ‘average’ became his moniker, the desire and passion never left him. As a Bruin, a HAB and a Hurricane – Sergei always was one of the most visible players on the ice. The effort was there but teams were smart to defend. Creativity on Samsonov’ s part – not his strong point.

Grigorenko will not be a Samsonov. He may end up as another Yashin yet never a Samsonov. Grigorenko may also become a player who scores in bunches. Think of a Lecavalier with consistency.

Galchenyuk will always be a Samsonov. Which one? A player who hovers between twenty- five and forty points a year with five different teams.

Grigorenko will be a …?

This a Hab fan knows …

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