Hey Mom! Wanna Join the Habs …?

Do too many cooks spoil a broth? Perhaps.

A hockey team? We will see …


The Montreal Canadiens have hired Sylvain Lefebvre to coach the Hamilton Bulldogs. This former Hab defenceman re- joins Le Club de Hockey Canadien following stints in more cities than a groupie on a good day. No wonder Bergevin hired the dude – the pair can trade tales of suitcase stickers …

Lefebvre was last seen as an assistant coach to Joe Sacco in Colorado. This will be his first head coaching gig and will make him a better candidate to replace Therrien mid- season than his predecessor; Randy Cunneyworth. The Habs have learned something from their past – hire a francophone for the farm team! Nothing like being a boy scout … be prepared is what they teach …

Lefebvre is joined by another former defenceman from Quebec. Martin Lapointe from Red Wings’ fame – has been recruited as the director of player personnel. Lapointe knows Bergevin well and share bieres once in a while.

Bergevin’s motives are clear.

Out with the old regime, in with the new.

Sorta … kinda type thing.


Aside from Therrien, all the new guys in management are new guys in management; Montreal -wise. Lefebvre was a defenceman in Montreal. Once upon a time, Sylvain was on the same team as Patrice Brisebois. Another defenceman from the team’s past. Brisebois now joins his pal in Montreal once more as director of player personnel in Montreal.

Say what?

Yes – that Brisebois. The Guy who was loved and hated more often than an Adam Sandler character.

Presumably – Brisebois’ racing career is off track. Either that or the man is a glutton for punishment. At least he doesn’t have to touch the Puck and hear the boo – birds call his name everynight. He can hide in his office when things go snakey.

Maybe it is not a question of too many cooks. It comes down to one factor …

How will the Turkey taste?

We will know around Christmas time …

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  1. philippe ouimet

     /  June 13, 2012

    Nos glorieux Canadiens appear to be getting top heavy…..I guess this is the new way to manage a hockey team…..Hope all these additional salaries does not push the price up for the already expensive tickets!!!!!


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