Top Ten Reasons the Devils will Win the Stanley Cup

L.A. Vs. the Devils of Joisey …

A Stanley Cup party nobody would have predicted back in October unless they were at a party also. A few drinks every minute? Really strange stuff can be heard!

Tomorrow night, Le puck she drop to start the 2012 Final series.

From coast to coast in Canada, the States and the one hockey fan with unbelievable running skills in Indonesia; everyone – it seems, has a prediction.

Devils in five, Kings in six – on and on it goes until the spouses call out ‘dinner is ready’!

There is no doubt between this writer and the hamster with the red, white and blue jersey running in my head; the Devils will win. Here now are the Top Ten reasons why …

10. Jonathan Quick’s penchant for bleached – out, Hollywood- type, B actresses; a distraction.

9. How can L.A. possibly score with all the basketballs Jack Nicholson tosses on the ice?

8. The members of the Phoenix Coyotes bought tickets directly behind the Kings’ bench and to say they are angry is a bit of an understatement.

7. Marcel Dionne’s excitement? A hindrance to the skate sharpening guys …

6. The Kings’ home jerseys were bleached in error. Somehow, the pinkish new ones with the Justin Bieber patches? Not as effective.

5. Wayne Gretzky is in town giving coaching advice …

4. Suddenly … without warning … The Kings realize where they are!

3. Hello? It’s 130 degrees in Los Angeles! That’s not hockey …!?

2. Martin Brodeur and all his freaky voodoo karma is in goals.

And the number one reason the Devils will win the Cup?

1. Marty McSorley is in charge of the Kings’ sticks!

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  1. “Marty McSorley is in charge of the Kingsโ€™ sticks!”


    • I do my best … ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • put any merit in the whole conspiracy thing from Robitaille and McSorely on the stick rack being inspected by Demers ahead of time?

        Gonna be a great series.

  2. I personally do not. If he did … So what! It’s the Kings fault if he saw them … They must have known they had illegal sticks – so hide them or make sure nobody sees them.
    Re series; I think a split first two games and mid – way through game three, Jersey starts to wear them down like they did against Philly and Rangers … If Jersey does not sway and Brodeur acts like his younger self – Devils in five or six. It’s goaltending and the ability of LA to stop Kovalchuk. If he gets going, opens the ice up for everyone on his team.

    • well said, no sour grapes on my part ( i hate the kings but I think they will win the Cup.) but I vividly recall Marty telling me stories of who claimed this, who said that in regards to the sticks. Can you imagine if Demers called for a stick check and it was legal? bwhaaha.

  3. If I were LA, I would throw the first game and just grind the he’ll out of Kovalchuk. To the point he is so sore for game two and three. Wave after wave – just nail him cleanly but hard. Take Kovalchuk away – a guaranteed Kings Cup !

    • Kovy certainly has surprised me, because I had all but wrote him, his ridiculous contract and the Devils off after their playoff performances last 2-3 years, especially after being dominated by the Flyers in ’10 and having the fans at the Rock chant “Let’s go Flyers”.

      What’s more surprising to me is Pancakes Penner, because he looked horrid for pretty much his entire tenure as a King. It will definitely be a great series.

  4. Split in New Jersey – then split in LA, then Devils two straight and the Kings appear listless … That’s what NJ does … ๐Ÿ™‚

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