Ovechkin to Montreal? Got a Light … ?

Everybody needs a pal in the sandbox. Montreal Canadiens’ star defenceman Andrei Markov – is no different …

Sure fellow countryman Alexei Emelin provides Markov with a comrade in chatter as opposed to arms. Sure Markov has been in Montreal long enough to feel at ease at Le Centre Bell. A talented polar opposite? Entirely something else …

“I think it’s possible (he gets traded),” one former NHL coach told the Edmonton Journal. “I think it would have to be a New York or maybe even a Montreal with the owner (Geoff Molson) there.”

Markov and Ovechkin are friends.

Close enough that the Capitals’ money- making forward almost turned into La Belle Province in lieu of Obamatown when he was looking for a new contract in 2008.

Ovie and Markov – Comrades in Montreal

Every time the Caps and Habs get together to play a little game called hockey, the press is forced to hang around a half hour while Alexander and Andrei trade tales. Catch – up first, cross- checks second …

Does the idea of Washington’s number one attraction leaving for the not- so- safe confines of Le Centre Bell make sense? конечно!

Here is why …

The Montreal Canadiens desperately require a superstar. Not a goalie- in-waiting- to- hit- their- prime type as they already have with Price. They require someone who can carry the torch, which – at the moment, lay somewhere between Thurso, Qc. and Jean Beliveau’s recently vacated hospital bed. Somewhere around Ste. Foy.

They need someone who will burn the bottom of the banners with it as they score goals with fire in their eyes. Passion in their strides and desire in their souls. Ingredients which Ovechkin has lost in previous years. Ingredients which can be found in the city of Montreal’s diversified cultural community. A city recognizable to not only Ovechkin – the love of his life as well …

The cold war is over.

Russia and the United States of America can bowl together without knocking down any political pins. In reality – a Russian alley is not an American one or vice- versa. When Ovechkin is not sporting his tinted visor and leaping into panes of hockey arena glass; he likes to feel comfortable.

In the arms of his Russian- born girlfriend is one place for a piece of his mind and a place for pieces of something else. Hanging with his Russian buddies is another heart- warming experience. All this with the backdrop of a Maryland Wall Mart haunting his psyche? No wonder the King is almost dead in The Verizon Center…

Montreal has WallMarts. Montreal has been eaten slowly over the years by America’s influential appetite. Montreal has something Washington cannot provide to the Russian superstar. Hockey passion, cold weather and Markov. Take that Wallmart – ians!

Ovechkin is rich, Ovechkin is dying …

A move to Montreal in exchange for anyone but Price, P.K., Markov and Pacioretty will revitalize two careers. Markov’s recovering knee will get an added boost and Alexander the Great’s soul will soar once more.

If Habs’ owner Molson and new G.M. Bergevin play their cards right in the upcoming draft, a young Russian will join the club. If Ovechkin departs – three generations of Russian talent will provide a hockey menage a trois. A wise, offensive- minded Markov placing the puck on the sticks of Ovechkin and a rookie named Grigorenko.

Add Radulov from Nashville and Montreal suddenly has an entire line or – at the very least, a potentially potent power play.

Need someone with passion to understand and guide Ovie’s game to the offensive heights that disappeared?

How about Grigorenko and Radulov’s old coach Patrick Roy?
He currently holds the torch in Ste. Foy and would probably be glad to pass it on …

Twenty years a little too long.

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  1. philippe ouimet

     /  May 22, 2012

    Good article besides…it is not impossible….you have certainly put the right elements together to create that SPARK that CH fans have been yearning to see for the last two decades. I’m sure the new CH management are working very hard to pull a rabbit out of their hat!!!! this fan has his fingers crossed

  2. Kevin Smith

     /  May 23, 2012

    While it is certainly not impossible, I notice that you leave out one very important fact…what would the Habs have to give up to get Ovechkin? You say something about not Price, PK, Markov, or Pacioretty, but I expect a trade would *have* to involve at least one of them (except Markov). I can’t imagine any GM, even Milbury, willing to give up Ovechkin without getting back a player with star potential.

    Of course, the Habs do have 3rd overall…but wait, you also suggest the Habs get 3 generations of Russians by keeping the pick. Plus add Radulov? How the heck are they getting him (he may not return to Nashville, but they’d probably rather let him go back to Russia than give him up to a potential opponent for next to nothing).

    Simply put, if the Habs want Ovechkin it’ll cost them. Maybe something like one of the P’s (Price, PK, Pacioretty and Plekanec), 3rd overall, and some other, slightly lesser, assets. Maybe a prospect Dman like Beaulieu. I don’t know, but the cost would be high and there is no way we are getting Ovechkin without giving up one or two key pieces of the team.

    • Not necessarily a star player. I would give up Plekanec, Desharnais , Diaz , Leblanc or any combination of four guys for Ovechkin. The caps would take four talented guys over one star easily – don’t you think!

  3. Who did Edmonton receive for Gretzky off the top of your head? Exactly …! You cannot recall because it was not a star for star deal. Radulov has already stated he wants to play for his old coach – Roy. If a team wants something they must be creative. For once, let’s see the Habs have b*lls!

  4. Robert

     /  May 28, 2012

    The Gretzky trade was more of a financial move than a hockey move…Though i don’t remember off the top of my head the name of the 3 first rounders that were dealt, i clearly remember that 15$ million was the essential part of the deal. Hence, the Gretzky trade makes more sense than trading Ovie to the Habs for 2nd and 3rd liners. I’d love to see him with the CH, i just don’t see who McPhee would want, if PK, Price and Pacio are off the table.

    • The Capitals are going nowhere. The bunch blew there chances. McPhee must decide whether to carry on with or without Ovie. The Habs can give up Plekanec, Desharnais, Diaz, Leblanc and insert name here. They can throw in prospects and Gionta. It’s a lot of guys to reorganize in Washington. Plus he rids himself of a lot of money to get more talent. The Habs lose a lot by can gain a lot of offense as kong as they acquire Radulov. To me, it makes sense. 🙂


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