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Rangers Win! So what …?

The Rangers took a 2 – 1 series lead against the Devils this afternoon in New Jersey with a 3 – 0 victory. By no means does this mean anything in the big scheme of things …

The Eastern Conference is a tight place. Every team is almost the same as every other team. How do we know this? Look no further than the number of game sevens in the East compared to the West. Just look at the Kings …

Their opponents, les Coyotes de Phoenix – skated into the series filled with visions of ‘Brodeur’ as opposed to grandeur. The Predators, slapped away like the tiny mosquitoes they became in the last series. Did anyone think the series between Phoenix and L.A. would be easy? Raise your hand if you are lying by saying yes.

For that matter, did anyone truly believe the Kings would run over the Canucks like a tank over a squirrel? Once more, to the corner with your back against the wall if your answer is affirmative.

The West has been weird. The East? Weird but understandable. Seven games to dispatch Boston, Florida and Washington …? The norm in Norm Ullman’s original Western cousin’s conference.

The Rangers and Devils will go the distance. The Kings and Coyotes? Not so much as the dessert dawgs will be peering into other dunes aside from East L.A. to discover their winning bones. The East is tougher and the West will rest as they await their Stanley Cup final opponents.

‘C’est la vie’ and you never can tell what puck- shaped chocolates you may find …

Unless you are a fan of the Kings. This year

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