Dale Hunter Resigns – Great for Hockey!

Dale Hunter stepped aside as coach of the Washington Capitals.

The reason? Egos and politics …

Hockey – Too Political?

Dale Hunter as a player did not enjoy B.S.

To discover this – YouTube his hit on Pierre Turgeon. A horrible after-the-fact body check from the former Capitals’ player. Turgeon scored the winning goal and moments later, Hunter almost killed the Islanders’ sniper.


Because Turgeon was a sissy. A prima Donna. A man whose nickname was ‘tinman’ – a monicker given because of Turgeon’s lack of heart.
If there is one thing guys like Hunter do not enjoy, lack of heart is it.

When Hunter separated Turgeon’s shoulder and received a 21 game suspension, the Petrolia,Ont native saw red. Not only did Turgeon score against his team, in Hunter’s mind – Pierre scored against Hunter’s manhood. Anyone aside from Turgeon, anyone who carried a big stick and did not walk softly – would have scored and skated into victory. If a man scored, in Hunter’s view of things, all is good. If ‘Wendy’ tallied a marker … Into the boards and hospital she must go.

The Washington Capitals have a few Wendys. Far too many players do their ballerina act on the ice. The ones who bring grit on the ice – act like Wendy off the ice. Does Hunter need or want this?

As coach and co – owner of the London Knights, Hunter can form players into mini – me’s. Little Hunter- esque clones that may one day clobber little Turgeons. Something that is in his hands, something he may control.

The NHL, with it’s celebrity hockey stars, stratosphere contracts and me generation mentality – is not Dale Hunter’s Father’s league.

Hunter’s blood pressure must have rocketed to Ovech – kian heights behind the Caps bench. He could not bodycheck his players and he could not take the ice and body check the Rangers or the Bruins.

It is better for Hunter to return to junior hockey. The players can be formed and taught to be tough. Hunter was a great player and although prone to questionable decisions – a tough customer with heart …

In the NHL there are too many egos and politics. There are too many discrepancies with the officiating.

There are too many Turgeons …

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