Whose Birthday Is It?

Just how old are you?

As we age and get older
Some saves become harder to do
But no one knows this near as much
As poor decrepit you

“How old are you” comes the question
And you simply let out a drawn out sigh
It’s not from a goal or a bad mood
It’s just so hard to count that high

If your age was a G.A.A
You would be an American League man
If your age was a bank account
You’d be the poorest in crease land

If your age was your save percentage
You’d be suffering from a stroke
If your age was the number of shots each game
Your team – a pretty old joke

If your age was your goalie pants size
No pads would ever fit
If your age was a back -up
He would be so slow he would get sh*t

But forty isn’t really all that old
You have way more future than you have past
Your body may be slowing down, that’s true
But, relax, your glove  was really never fast

 Happy Birthday Martin Brodeur!

( p.s Call Kid Mercury for your party ! )

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  1. philippe ouimet

     /  May 6, 2012

    Montrealers have real reason to be proud of this outstanding athlete from St Leonard.Brodeur is and will be an insperation to all the young upcoming goaltenders now and in the years to come. And to think our new GM wants to increase the number of CH scouts here to properly cover the LJMQ…Serge Savard has the same views and so does this fan!!!!

    • great idea there is something about a boy ‘s dream. I still believe that Brodeur should finish his career as Price’s back – up …great for both !


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