Really – The RDS Hockey People Need a Life …

Disgusting, isn’t it?

Afraid to look in a mirror because it may look back?

That should be the motto of most of the panel of ex- players and ex-coaches on RDS. What do these guys do when they are not acting like little old ladies …?

So and so did this, so and so did that … so and so did this with so and so … It is a wonder hockey can be played in the background and the panel on L’Anti Chambre are aware!

Here are a bunch of guys that get together every night. They peer into the camera with so much anger and ‘truth ‘. It is as if they are saying ” If we approve – then hockey in Montreal will be okay?”

Are you serious guys? In the words of a man being woke up in the middle of the night by a lost stranger; ” Who exactly are you …?”

Mario Tremblay is the worst.

Either that or he should be commended for having courage. Added together – he is the worst courageous guy on television. M. Tremblay must be commended for his passion and devotion to Les Canadiens de Montreal. In his own facon – the former Stanley Cup whining Hab acts like a protective parent. Les Habitants are his kids and as most parents think – ” DO NOT MESS WITH THEM OR I”LL KILL YA.”

This mentality should be applauded. It should be instilled in every player that currently plays for the Habs and their offspring along with their offspring. You tell two Habs and so on and so on …

The problem with Tremblay is; ‘ they give everyone a licence to fish or drive yet anyone can be a parent’. In this case – coach or wannabe coach…

There are several of his kind polluting the airwaves with craziness.An entire generation of children watching RDS will be arrogant, in-your-face, broadcasters when they grow up. Broadcasters who want to be coaches …

Ironically, M. Tremblay ( considered along with a certain M. Houle ) is considered to be the villain in the ‘ Hunchback of Patrick Roy ‘saga. He used poor judgement with the former Conn Smythe winning net minder and caused a ‘Roy’ -al coup. Mario Tremblay committed a ‘ faux pas ‘ in hockey and in business . He let his personal feelings interfere with the end product –  a winning hockey team.

The irony?

Mario Tremblay finished his coaching career with a wining record in Montreal. In 179 games coached; Tremblay possesses a 71-63-25 record for 167 points. No Scotty Bowman type numbers. No Boom – Boom Geoffrion numbers either

Does this allow him the right to be on television – providing insight to kids and parents that cannot think for themselves? Generations of hockey fans in this city, take these guys’ words as the only words when it comes to intelligence in hockey. Because of these ‘ broadcasters’, blue and white collar francophones live in the dark ages. It is a type of propaganda. A dictatorship. A sovereign legacy …

New Age of Hockey

Aside from a tiny little man who lives behind a rock in the aboriginal outback, everyone is aware of the French – Canadian connection with the Montreal Canadiens. As the world changes – so must every organization. Families much cling together and remain on top of life issues. If not, kids may be drowned in a van.

Even the Royal family, an institution older than the Montreal Canadiens – are aware that a new generation is watching. They are aware this new generation accepts and welcomes William and Kate because the newlyweds are not the Queen and Prince Phillip. It is now time for RDS to accept the same notion as they cede the Canadiens’ royal legacy to a younger Bergevin – led future.

The passion must not be forgotten. Every now and then, bring out the tapes and replays of the Canadiens’ terrific past. A legacy of hall of famers not to be left behind like a rolled up piece of tape on the dressing room floor. The rest of the time – blank tapes must be entered for new recordings.

It is time for RDS to re-think their future. ‘Too many cooks spoil a broth ‘ and too many ex- hockey players/ coaches / brown nosers –  spoil a hockey telecast.

Employ some younger Francophone minds that do not recall the days of the usual parade route. ‘Jeune’ guys who know hockey and are aware that a Shea Weber would not lose his way along Ste. Catherine Street with or without a Stanley Cup.

It is time RDS looks in the mirror .

Maybe it won’t be discusting after all …?

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  1. philippe ouimet

     /  May 3, 2012

    As a 50 / 50 Froggy ( my grandmother unfortunately came from Britain) I have to agree with your comments regarding RDS and certainly that squirrel Mario Tremblay and his bosses boss (the Benedict Arnold of the CH the one and only Ronald Corey). I was an active blogger on RDS until I became aware of the Gerry Frappier politics. As a fan (I’m into hockey for the sport that I quite frankly LOVE …certainly not the politics but and theirs always a damm BUT… this linguistic thing keeps coming up and just seems to keep us devided as countrymen,citizens and sports fans and it has to stop or it will destroy us in the years to come. Our predecessors the owners of the Canadien and the Maroons knew this much to well and worked hand in hand to try and solve this issue back in the early forties and came up with a combination that seemed to satisfy everyone shelve the Maroons and create a 50 / 50 split ( French / English players) and by God it worked!!!….and here we are more than seventy years later still quibbling over the same issue. This fan says let’s move on here !!!! and the hell with all the red necks ( French or English) and Mario Tremblay and RDS….I’m fed up with loosing I want to win another CUP!!! GO HABS GO!!!!

  2. I agree that RDS needs a younger panel on l’Antichambre. It would be refreshing and they would have biased thought based on the glorious past of the franchise.

    • Phillipe and Robert – My views have nothing to do with French. They have everything to do with what is good for the hockey team. Thank you both for reading and expressing your views. The French press must realize that this is a hockey team and not a governmental wing. If a new G.M and coach was appointed anywhere else – the public would wait for results, good or bad. Here, for some reason, they feel as if everyone needs to know what they guy had for breakfast. The rest of the hockey world shrug and laugh at them …In the past couple of years, I have been fortunate to get to know writers from around the league. The newer generation have no respect for the Habs – in their eyes, what have you done lately is their feelings. The past will resurface when the present is sucessful. For now – the past is the past and the Habs are just another team in many people`s eyes.

  3. Sad but true ….


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