Top Ten ‘ Things to Do ‘ List for Marc Bergevin

Les Canadiens de Montreal announced after many days of agonizingly slow speculation – Marc Bergevin is the new G.M of the hockey club.

Bergevin’s job will not be easy.

He grabs the reins of a franchise that need to rebuild their on – ice as well as their off – ice product. The organization has also taken many blows to their image. A fact that leaves the new G.M with plenty to do.

Thanks to some spies, here now is a copy of Marc Bergevin’s top ten things to do list;

10. Revoke Pierre Gauthier’s grandmother’s press pass.

9. Send Youppi for a makeover session. His hair colour? Top priority.

8. Elevate Bob Gainey‘s retired number a little higher to the rafters and – in turn … out of the general public’s sight lines.

7. Cancel monthly payments on Scott GomezAnthony Robbins motivational tapes.

6. Paint the exterior of the Bell Center a more friendly, ‘ welcoming ‘ shade of blue.

5. Find out how tall Brian Gionta really is …?

4. Make room in garage for the Molson beer delivery that is arriving on Monday.

3. Using Chicago connections – find out if Chris Chelios holds a grudge and if not, does he still have interest in playing?

2. Those kids that skate around just before the Habs take the ice? Call their parents and instill a 5 pm curfew.

Finally, upon seeing the work that lay before him, Marc Bergevin’s number one ‘ thing to do ‘ ?

1. Call Stan Bowman to see how far the bridge was burned behind him!

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  1. philippe ouimet

     /  May 2, 2012

    All this is so exciting….Marc Bergevin is just simply …..a breath of fresh air!!!! He’s one of us ….born here, went to school here and he labours with both languages ( so everybody is happy)….and can you imagine EVEN Réjean Tremblay loves him since Marc played his junior hockey au Saguenay!!! and when I listened to my idol (big Serge) describe in a RDS interview his reasons for recommending Marc to mr Molson….well…this fan is now convinced we got ourselves a real winner…and the best is yet to come …. GO HABS GO

  2. Right on Phil …. 🙂

  3. Chris Bellman

     /  May 4, 2012

    Great stuff Rick. 🙂 Happy for Bergevin. Reins not reigns. lol


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