Why the New York Rangers won’t win the Cup and Rick’s Picks – Round Two

Require sound advice …? Need a shoulder to cry on …?

Rick Keene is the wrong guy!

Two wins and six losses with picks in the first round is a statistic normally reserved for a baseball pitcher with a bad defence behind him. ‘ The only way out is up ‘ to quote a hibernating bear.

Round One was filled with a couple of upsets, a lot of fights, more goals than an ambitious banker and an unpaid hooker ( oops was that out loud)?

How will round two play out and will Rick Keene redeem his integrity coupons …?

Eastern Conference Round Two

 Rangers          Capitals

Two teams playing the same type of hockey from polar opposite positions. The Rangers finished first – the Capitals seventh. The Rangers are not known for putting the puck in the net and rely on a four line sweep. Everyone is contributing and when there is a weakness – goalie Lundqvist shuts the Swedish door. Caps’ net minder Holtby is playing above his years and the rookie has enabled his squad to advance to round two.

Holtby cracking or Ovechkin awakening are the two factors that matter most. Ovechkin is a dormant animal and he will come alive if the fire in his eyes stays lit from his post – game interview after ousting the Bruins. The Caps have the edge with their superior scoring power. This ain’t Alfredsson’s team.

Capitals in seven.

   Devils                  Flyers

The Flyers will struggle to gain emotion after a spiritually draining victory over the Penguins. Philly goalie Bryzgalov will need to be on the top of his game early  as the Devils will be in top gear. If Bryzgalov cannot hold them off and the series heads to N. J. with the Devils up by a couple of games – the Flyers’ dream could end.

The Flyers have Claude Giroux and the forward appears on a mission to be included in the elite Crosby – Malkin club. Giroux will not let the Flyers sag too low and he can turn a game around with one shift as he did against Pittsburgh. The Flyers have too much depth and talent for the Devils to handle and Brodeur is not twenty years old anymore .

Flyers in Five

Western Conference

  Coyotes                  Predators

Can two teams with similar logos compete in the NHL? The answer is yes and no. One will be eliminated and in this case it will be the team with teeth in it’s logo that lives to bite another day. Unless …

Gary Bettman and his cronies own the Coyotes. H’owns …h’owns …

( Slapshot officiandos – you are welcome). If the Coyotes advance all the way to the .. gulp .. finals – Bettman will be howling all the way to the bank. Say it ain’t so Joe Murphy!

The Preds have the edge hockey-wise and goalie – wise, especially if ex – Hab Hal Gill is playing. The defencman’s experience in the playoffs is a gem in the treasure chest of Nashville‘s hunt for the Cup. A younger troupe also tilts the ice in Nashville favour and Pekka Rinne is that much better than Mike Smith. Rinne also has a much cooler name …! Uma – Pekka, Pekka – Uma …

Predators in Six

     Kings                        Blues

Once again – a regal battle between two squads that are equally – matched. Great coaching balanced by four great lines will get results. Both teams are long suffering Stanley – less skaters and their home crowds will attempt to hex the opposing teams.

Advantage to St. Louis for having Elliot and Halak in goals. Elliot will start and if he falters, Halak will be healthy enough to stop the Quick – need Kings.

St . Louis in Six

As I said; Rick Keene is the wrong guy …



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  1. Icedogg

     /  April 27, 2012

    Not that you asked but… After going a respectable 5-3 in the first round of the NHL playoffs – including predicting L.A.’s upset of Vancouver – here are my 2nd Round Picks: Rangers over Capitals in 6, Flyers over Devils in 6, Kings over Blues in 7, Nashville over Phoenix in 6. 🙂

  2. Icegogg – if that is indeed your real name … Duly noted twice now !
    Habs in six ! ( Next year ) .

  3. Pubpools is indeed my real name (and if you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you), and as a fellow Habs fan and blogger, allow me to inflict my picks on your page: Rangers in 5, Flyers in 5, Blues in 6 and Preds in 6.

    And Personally, I hope to see PG the next time I go to Wal-Mart. Although goats also fit well in the petting zoo.


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