Monday Q-Tip ( or how I learned to stop worrying and love Gary Bettman)

Spent the weekend shopping?

Perhaps weaving in and out of alleys ….? Looking for your dog? Cat? Drunken hamster?

Maybe – the lusty music of Barry White played in the background as your fingers explored and caressed. Every vibration from the tune’s bass sending impulses through your fingertips and onto the keyboard as porn was being browsed.

Not to worry … Here is what you missed in the National Hockey League.

East is East – West is West

( and Raffi Torres will never forget ).

Raffia Torres will appeal his suspension of twenty- five games or won’t he? This is the question and have his chances increased since Chris Neal leveled Brian Boyle on Saturday night?

The Senator hit the Rangers’ Boyle with a very similar hit albeit not as bad as Torres’ on Hossa. Neal’s hit was the same as Max Pacioretty nailing the Penguins‘ Chris Letang … Max received a two game suspension and since Neil is a somewhat repeat offender ( was fined before ), Mr. Neal should receive five games if Shanahan and the league wish to be taken serious …

Whatever the outcome, a suspension or slap on the hockey glove – the decision will give Torres some leverage if he decides to appeal. The problem? Torres has been a bad, bad boy too often. He may have used all his ‘ get out of jail for free ‘ cards and cannot collect 200 million for passing go … Not this time.

Pittsburgh – Flyers Series

See what happens when a team does not listen to their Moms? Recall the saying: ‘ walk away … count to ten … ‘? How about the phrase; ‘ if your friend jumps off a bridge will you too …’?

The Malkin – led, Crosby – wannabe Penguins played hockey the Flyers’ way and lost. No ifs, ands or Bryzgalov’s about it. Following an inspiring attemp to come back from a 3 – 0 deficit, the Pens were too banged up emotionally and physically to beat their cross – state rivals. Penguin goalie Fleury was as bad as a goalie could get in the series and why his coach played him so often – is a mystery as deep as Scott Gomez’ stay in Montreal.

This series was a lot of fun and a dreaded sense could be felt throughout the Flyers’ home in the final moments even though the home team was eliminating their rivals. Nobody likes to see a good thing end. Whoever the Flyers’ opponents will be in the next round – it will take Philadelphia a few games to get pumped.

Bruins – Caps

If this series was named after a toy; a yo – yo would be suffice. These two teams trade goals and games like a hooker on a good night. The Bruins are resilient which makes Hab fans cringe and Bostonian’s nervous. For some reason, Boston excels when their backs are against the boards. A Washington upset seems unlikely as game seven plays out in the land of Bobby Orr. If ever was a time for Ovechkin to dispel the ‘ Crosby is king ‘ rumors – it is now or maybe never for Alexander the Great. Rookie Washington net minder Holtby has played with so much poise, Tomas Vokoun may find himself on yet another team come spring 2012.

Vancouver – L.A

The Canucks along with the Sedin Sisters won the Presidents Trophy. If the trophy had been named after John F. Kennedy – an assassination was carried out true to form. Goalie Robert Luongo was killed off as the starting net minder, Alain Vigneault may have been ‘ iced ‘ as the head coach and the entire city was left without a reason to riot.

Are the Canucks quickly becoming the Buffalo Bills or the Atlanta Braves of hockey? It appears an off – season shake up will be the task at hand. Just don’t say ‘ Quick ‘ too quickly to a Canuck right now …

Detroit – Nashville

Is it a surprise the Predators dismissed the Wings faster than a bouncer dissed a minor at a nightclub? Not really … Is it a surprise the high – powered Wings scored less than a pedophile millionaire in Thailand? How do you say yes in Swedish?

Datsyuk, Franzen and Zetterburg – three guys who every team would love to have. Trios amigos who were stopped in their tracks by an outstanding goalie named Rinne. The Predators are a good team yet their net minder threw everything aside when it counted most. The Wings are in transition, much like the Canadiens of 1980 inclusively … The veterans are aging and the youth are filling their baby bottles with experience.

Time will tell if the Wings will keep their fans equipped with octopi or if they will fade into Hab or Islanders land. Jimmy Howard is no Terry Sawchuk and has Mike Babcock’s act run old in the city of Motown…

San Jose – St. Louis

Another year, another team aside from San Jose will hoist La Coupe Stanley. Why is it – season after non – festive season, do the Sharks exit from the playoffs quicker than a patron at a fire – engulfed movie theatre?

The Boston Red Sox had the curse of the Bambino. The Cubs – the curse of the Billy goat. The Sharks? The curse of Doug Wilson …

Mr. Wilson was appointed the G.M of the Sharks in 2003. Mr. Wilson once played in Chicago as a defenceman. Mr. Wilson left for San Jose and the Blackhawks have since won the Cup. San Jose… ? Not so much … The city of San Jose should blow up a puck at center ice. Exorcise the demons that reside in Wilson’s office. Re – name the squad the San Jose Goats … Anything to keep San Josians coming back to the rink. After all, before Larionov – hockey was as transparent in Wilson’s land as Pierre Gauthier was in Montreal.

That’s it hockey fans from coast to coast …

Keep your sticks on the ice, lock up your cats and dogs and remember – don’t let your hamsters drive drunk!


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