Why the New York Rangers won’t Win the Cup and Rick’ s Picks – Update

Listening to ‘ the Voice ‘ instead of Don Cherry? Christina Aguilera much prettier than Ron Maclean?

Not to worry …

Here is an update as to what has been happening on the ice in the first round of the NHL playoffs;

Eastern Conference

Philadelphia                     Pittsburgh 

In the words of former Chicago Cub broadcaster Harry Caray … Holy Cow!  Who would have saw this coming? Not only are the Flyers up 3 – 1 in the series; the two team have combined for more goals than the production of the Montreal Canadiens in an entire season! They are fighting – they are scoring – the only people not having fun in this series are the referees, Brendan Shanahan and the goalies.

After four games ( if we can call them that ), the Pennsylvania based teams have combined for forty – five goals. That total has beaten the record for the most goals by two teams in a series first four games. The two rivals have accumulated an average of 11.25 goals and 70.50 penalty minutes per game, as well as nine misconduct infractions and three eight-plus-goal explosions.

Starting goaltenders Marc-Andre Fleury and Ilya Bryzgalov may want to stay home tonight for game five. The pair of padded ones have each faced 109 shots and possess save percentages of .817 (20 goals allowed) and .844 (17 goals allowed) and GAAs of 5.43 and 4.95. The back-ups? Even worse.

The Pens’ Brent Johnson and the Flyers’ Sergei Bobrovsky have allowed two goals on six shots (.667, 6.00) and five goals on 18 shots (.722, 8.11).

Grab some popcorn, forget Christina ( except for your dreams ) and sit back. What will happen next?

Only Fred Shero, Bob Johnson and God knows…

Washington                        Boston       

The defending Stanley Cup champions are in tight against the Capitals. What else is new? The Bruins commenced last year’s Cup winning drive by going the limit against the Canadiens in the first round and requiring overtime in game seven. Guess what? Expect more of the same thing as the two squads see-saw until someone falls into the sand (vacation time) of Florida. A defence – oriented series from a defence -oriented conference. Aside from a couple of minor altercations ( Backstrom – Peverley ), a relative tame series with Tim Thomas and a surprising Washington rookie net minder  ( Holtby ) – holding the twine.  Series is tied 2 – 2 and should be tied 3 – 3 in a couple of days.

Florida                               Jersey       

Outside of Florida and New Jersey … Does anyone care what happens to these two teams? The only compelling stories emerging from this first – round series is Martin Brodeur“s continual climb up the record books and the return of plastic rats on Florida ice. The series is even at two – heading back to Newark, New Jersey on Saturday. Martin Brodeur surpassed Patrick Roy with his 24th playoff shutout in a 4 – 0 win in Florida last night. A sign of the Panthers demise? Maybe if Brodeur was twenty … Expect a flip – flop on Saturday and a close Florida win.

Ottawa         New York   

Didn’t anyone tell the Rangers to not wake sleeping giants? Or – in this case, sleeping Senators ..? Tortorella’s skaters gave the Sens’ iconic captain; Alfredsson – a headshot. The iconic captain is nearing the end of an illustrious career. Do his teammates know this? Are they aware this may be a final attempt for their captain to hoist the Cup? Yes, yes and yes – an upset is underway as the teams head to the Big Apple tied at two games. Are the Rangers shaking in their skates? Do the eighth place Senators have anything to lose? Are they looser than their opponents …? Where is Sean Avery when the Rangers  need him …!

Stay tuned for the West ….gringos!

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