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Little Johnny Goes Shopping

If the Montreal Canadiens were steering the Titanic – a lot of lives would have been lost. In other words – the organization cannot see the obvious even if it were erected on the side of it’s home – Le Centre Bell.

Amazing is it not? Sell ten dollar hot – dogs? Not a problem. Sign Tomas ( marshmallow ) Kaberle to a multi- year deal while everyone around the league snickers at his every shift? Once again, for Le Club de Hockey Canadien – as easy as an Eric Weinrich hair cut! Try to sign a General Manager for the storied club? Suddenly it is like pulling teeth from a rabid squirrel – difficult, dirty and dangerous!

In any business, a properly – run business, a list of candidates should be made for the open position. Check. The Habs have done that or are in the process of doing so. Like the old guy in the red suit that comes each year; les Canadiens are making a list and hopefully – checking it twice.

The list with the names of potential G.M’s should be a piece of perfection. Not a dollar – store run. Not the type of list that a young Mom sends her eight- year- old to accomplish. If little Johnny was sent shopping for peanut butter, a jar with a picture of an elephant holding a toy car would fill the shelves at his home.The good stuff? Still at Wall mart being man – handled by Wall martians presumably.

Little Johnny should not be allowed to purchase a G.M. for les Canadiens de Montreal. If Molson allows such a thing, little Johnny will come home to the Bell Center and place some odd items on the shelf. Items such as …

Luc Robitaille.

Lucky Luke comes in an attractive package. Young enough to be hip and old enough to place square pegs in square holes. His label arrives in two languages yet his off – ice skills are delivered in one. The type of product our grandmothers displayed when visitors arrived. The good stuff? Hidden away for personal pleasure when the guests have left.

Ron Hextall

Little Johnny loves psychos! What little boy does not? Hextall is akin to a father of three buying a sportscar with two seats. A sportscar that ran over the family dog a few years back!Hextall may be quick to pull a punch with his competitive juices yet the unilingual sock-it- to-me will only do damage in the Montreal media. An enemy remains an enemy!

Guy Carbonneau

Like any child left unpunished, the same mistakes will be made over and over until the same result results in a bad result. Little Johnny requires guidance – or punishment if Guy is his guy! Carbonneau is too closely removed from the bitterness some feel towards Bob ( as in Gainey).

Larry Carriere

See above

If Serge Savard and Geoff Molson are serious,covering all the bases is a crash course for Serge. An intro to the free – spending, cap – induced league of Bettman’s nations. In the course of the next few weeks, Savard must re – acquaint himself with the league and sort through the sheep and the wolves.

Savard and his intelligence, may be using his ‘quest for a G.M.’ job as a cover. A costume which allows an insight into the inner – working of the NHL circa 2012. A NHL that Savard is out of touch with.A new type of Hallowe’en parity.

If that is the case – is it any wonder Savard won a few Cups before the Titanic grabbed a few Oscars? It is obvious …

" Here's the plan! I become G.M. And you coach ...! "

Former Habs’ captain Butch Bouchard passed away this morning, April 14 – 2012. He was 92. Stay tuned in the course of the next few days for more information.


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