Savard as Vice President of Hockey Operations ? Grooming Roy ?

If a report from Radio – Canada is true , Serge Savard will be named as Vice President of Hockey Operations for the Montreal Canadiens.

If indeed this is correct – does that mean Patrick Roy is ‘ close but no cigar ‘ away from being a G. M in the National Hockey League ? More specifically – the Montreal Canadiens’ G.M ?

Welcome to the Twilight Zone … Otherwise known as day-to-day life in the soap opera that is Montreal hockey …

Submitted for your approval ;

– Serge Savard is too old to travel from city to city as most G.M ‘s do. As a G.M in training – Roy can coach the team and fill Savard’s worn – out shoes away from the Bell Center. Savard can accompany the squad when he chooses so . The rest of the time , Serge can smoke his cigars a la Glen Sather and ( a la Glen Sather ) trade the Scott Gomez‘ of the world away while seated in his guilded office on La Gauchetiere.

– When and if Saint Patrick decides to have a tantrum , his actions will not lead to a Price or Pacioretty being dispatched to Colorado. M. Savard and his around- the- block wisdom will pause the problem and parlay the solution for Roy’s future use. Savard a mentor to the maniacal.

Of course , this being the Twilight Zone and all – Savard has denied the report and Roy has dispelled rumors of an up – coming appointment as coach.

Two negatives make a positive … ?

Damphousse Out

Former Hab Vincent Damphousse has removed his name from the back of the vacant G.M ‘s sweater and Serge Savard was disappointed. A troubling turn of events ? A sign of a Savardian slip in his old age ?

Damphousse may be intelligent as all signs are indicative of such . To be named as G.M of the Habs in another place , another time – bet the house on it. Right now , after one of the most disastrous seasons since Malakhov went skiing on a bum knee ? Not a good idea for several reasons.

– Damphousse is in the middle of an upcoming domestic violence court case with his ex – wife.

– His experience in the NHLPA should not give him the key to the executive bathroom at the Bell Center.

– He sits with Mario Tremblay on RDS . Given how the Canadiens ‘ image has taken such a blow recently , the last thing the team needs is any reason for skeptics to be skeptics.

Damphousse has far too much baggage. A carry – on bag is enough for the new G.M . My cousin Vinnie should look on from the outside as a media guy right now or – if serious about his future aspirations , drop – out from the media . Kudos to Damphousse for withdrawing his name . Anti – kudos to Molson and Savard for considering it .

Not the best time for Damphousse

Let us hope , the Habs have not committed a foul by appointing Savard as the VP , if that be the case. In a way – Savard’s appointment may limit the number of candidates for G.M .

Some men want to be the boss – period. With Savard as V.P , it makes the former Hab defenceman the boss of all bosses. The new G.M will have an asterix next to his decisions. In all his memos regarding trades – it will have to read ;

Submitted for your approval …


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  1. Phil Ouimet

     /  April 12, 2012

    I really like most of your comments regarding Serge Savard and YES he wants to be boss of bosses again ….he is the last real Godfather that had success pulling the CH strings…..they don’t call him the Senator for nothing. It is also true that old timers like Red Fisher and I guess guys like me see Savard as the candidate with the knowledge of the job and most important with POSITVE results.Geoff Molson paid a lot of money for this former prestigious team and unfortunately he does not have the luxury to screw this up again ….he has to make it work or it will continue to run downhill !!!! Molson is well advised and he knows all that …..and Savard is his man to save the franchise. Many fans are for and against the idea however to give food for thouht here’s one opinion to reflect upon….Savard does not need the job or the prestige or the money….he’s got all that and more… why is he ready to jump into this mess….Well in my humble opinion HE still has the passion …..if you have ever played the game you know what I’m talking about…..he has that fire…COMPETING AND WINNING IS EVERYTHING!!!! So I say to our younger talent ….patience…learn from those who have had positive results take whats good for you and if by any chance you demonstrate the skills of a winner …the old timers will DEFENITELY pass you the torch…just like the closing ceremonies at the old Montreal Forum

  2. I agree with you Phil, Savard has passion and so does Roy. I believe the pair are eating up inside with what is happening. They both want to win and are winners !


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