And the First Star is …

Must have been a lot of rich people attending the match between the Montreal Canadiens and the Tampa Bay Lightning last night at Le Centre Bell

What other explanation can there be for the selection of the three stars ? The crowd was obviously drunk  and to be inebriated at the home of the Habs requires cash … and lots of it !

Erik Cole as one star ?  Why not ? Two goals in a game in a season that has been one positive note after another . Pacioretty or Desharnais as one of the other two stars … ? Yup  … ! After all , one musketeer follows the other …

If the Hab faithful were not drinking like a duck on a dry day – they would have noticed the game’s first star was as obvious as a Kenny Roger’s facelift . There was one guy on the ice who contributed to his team’s defence and was one of the largest contributors to the offence. Perhaps that is the reason the throng of people were exempt from the on – ice antics of le premiere etoile . The best player on the ice for the home team is not obvious on most occasions …

It was a work of art . A drawing – forever implanted in the sketch book of the Canadiens’ history. Pure finesse on the part of a player who is not known for such things. If a chalkboard was placed in the dressing room of a hockey team consisting of eleven year olds  – a coach would describe the play as one of perfection ;

  • Cradle the puck on your blade as if it were an egg.
  • Shoulders squared – keep your head up as you maintain constant motion with the puck.
  • Pick a point to where the intended receiver will be …
  • Give a quick head fake to the opposite direction and fire a crisp pass .

The above is precisely what the Montreal Canadien player did. Beautiful to watch and beautiful to explain to your wife , husband or friends over breakfast . At least an attempt could be made – after all , the Mona Lisa must be seen to be appreciated .

I give you …

The first star of last night’s match for his beautiful pass to V. Lecavalier of Tampa Bay …

Mr. Peter Budaj !

( Click on Peter’s Name to Watch )

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