Pierre Gauthier’s Top Ten Job Possibilities

The man whose nickname is ‘ the ghost ‘ has become transparent in Montreal.

The former General Manager of the Montreal Canadiens has been relieved of his duties and in turn – has relieved millions of Hab fans .

The Ghost

What is next for Pierre Gauthier ? Will he be okay?

Le Forum de Montreal has learned – Mr. Gauthier has received several employment offers and has a few ideas of his own. There is no need for anyone to fret over the well – being of Pierre …

Here now are the top ten job possibilities for ‘the ghost’…

10. Greeter at Wall- mart .

9. President of the music group Mister – Mister’s fan club.

8. Just a rumor yet he is being considered to replace Pee Wee Herman at the Playhouse.(negotiations on hold over his refusal to stay away from porn movie theaters ).

7. Bob Gainey’s neighbor in the re- make of the Home Improvement television show.

6. General Manager of the newly – formed Mime Hockey Club.

5. The lead role of Pythagoras in the upcoming movie adaptation of a play by the same name.

4. P.A announcer at wrestling matches … Let’s get ready to … Oh, never mind …

3. Stand – in for Silent Bob in the upcoming movie ; Jay and Silent Bob meet Sid the Kid.

2. Kid Mercury’s assistant ; you know … The one that gets sawed in half …

And the number one job possibility for Pierre Gauthier … ?

1. Player agent for Scott Gomez !


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  1. Chris Bellman

     /  March 31, 2012

    6,3 and 1 my faves.

    Don’t know if The Ghost could make Gnomez the Alaskan Anchor money though as I seriously doubt Gnomez is going to last in the NHL beyond Montreal. I did hear he wants to go back to Jersey though.

    Wonder if Lamoriello would want him? Maybe give him a tryout and offer him 200K a year if he makes it – max.


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