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Tuesday Tid – Bits ( not to be confused with TimBits )

As the post – season nears faster than Chevy Chase on a National Lampoon sled , the teams in Bettman’s wonderful world are jousting for many positions.

Let us take out our binoculars , put on the sun block and get prepared for what should be a wild spring in the NHL … Shall we ?

-The Toronto Maple Leafs play the Hurricanes tonight in a game where winner takes all.
All , in the case of both squads , is having a chance to stay in the playoff hunt . Newly appointed Leaf coach Randy Carlyle gave a ‘ win for pide , win for passion ‘ speech after practice today . Basically a ‘ win one for the Gipper ‘ kind of speech . Once his inspired talk was finished , captain Dion Phaneuf responded ; ” And you are …?”

Ron Wilson - No longer alone ... ?

– In the Wild West ; Detroit has a 65 percent chance of finishing fourth and a 30 percent chance of finishing fifth . Nashville , on the other glove ; has a 31 percent chance of finishing fourth and a 61 percent chance of finishing fifth. What does all this mean ? There is a 100 percent chance Detroit will be facing Nashville in a first round series . It also means that 100 percent of statisticians will be right 1 percent of the time … Speaking in percentages of course …

– The Minnesota Wild’s disappointing season is ending with their fourth leading goal
scorer , Matt Cullen , missing his team’s final games as he is entering hospital to have surgery on a broken finger. Cullen is not sure if he will be able to hold both hands in the air as he screams ; ” We’re number 13! ” He promises to try his best …

– As the Washington Capitals attempt to hold on to eight spot – rookie net minder Braden Holtby gets the start tonight against the red – hot Sabres. “It’s a big game but at the same time it’s just another one,” said Holtby who is 2-1-1 for the Capitals this season, including a 3-0 shutout over Minnesota on Sunday. “It counts as two points, just like all the others do. You’ve got to go into it with that mindset, but there will be a little extra motivation to have the team going and get a win.” You gotta give the guy credit for knowing what time of the year it is . You also have to give his parents credit for letting him be a goaltender and not a neurosurgeon …

-The Vancouver Canucks are being bitten by the concussion bug this year . Daniel Sedin is the recent victim as he joins defenceman Keith Ballard who has been sidelined since Jan . 8th. “I had a lot of different stuff,” Ballard told the Vancouver Sun. “I had dizziness and a lot of headaches during the day. I was sleeping 16-18 hours a day and, when I tried to do some light workouts, I ended up getting real sick and I’d be in bed for four days …” Geez – Ballard ‘s comments sound like a healthy Tomas Kaberle to me ….

– The Colorado Avalanche have slid from great heights and Denver Post columnist Adrian Dater went on to call Stastny’s performance against the Sharks “particularly odious”. When informed of Dater’s comments , Stastny replied ; ” I don’t understand – I use deodorant every day !”

As for the Montreal Canadiens … ?

They are taking on the Panthers tonight in what will be the first game of the season for half the boys … Better late than never !


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  1. “Once his inspired talk was finished , captain Dion Phaneuf responded ; ” And you are …?”

    Good stuff lmao

  2. Thank you sir ….;)


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