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Some of my Best Friends are Leprechauns

Little people …

More specifically – little green people.

Over the years , there have been many of these tiny little folk that have skated for Les Habitants . Some successful … others ? Not -so-much !

Let’s have a luck …er …look – shall we ?

Oleg Petrov

Petrov was from a little town outside of Dublin named Lilliput , in the county RussianWee. Listed at a generous 5’9 in the hockey annual – Oleg was closer to 5’3 without skates. A fiery competitor whose penchant for green thongs – made him extremely popular in Montreal’s seedy community. Petrov was a water – bug who , more often than not – outskated everyone , including himself.

Mats Naslund

Mats was the most clever of the little people. He disguised himself as a Swede – thus the entire NHL figured him to be soft. Le Petit Viking evolved into the most productive Leprechaun in Habs recent history cumulating with a Stanley Cup in 1986. Naslund is the last Canadien player to surpass the 100 point mark which he accomplished the same year the Habs won the cup. Hmmm….. Maybe the Smurf concept is not so bad after all.

Yvon Cournoyer

Known as the ‘Roadrunner ‘ – Yvon was the captain of the Montreal Canadiens for two seasons , winning the Cup on both occasions. A fire hydrant of a player Who was blessed with impeccable speed – Yvon retired in 1978 with ten Stanley Cups on the mantle above his little green door. Cournoyer ‘s bad back forced an earlier retirement for the native of Drummondville – yet he was the fourth leading scorer in Habs history when he hung up his tiny little skates.

Henri Richard

He commenced his career as The Rocket’s little brother. The 5’7 younger sibling of the most famous player in Habs history , created a legacy that will never be surpassed. He won 11 Stanley Cups as a player – a record that stands alone. As a rookie , Richard fought more often than guys should as he attempted to prove he belonged in the league. In Richard’s first five seasons in the NHL – he won five Stanley Cups …

Brian Gionta

The Habs newest Leprechaun and captain , quickly won hearts with his all – out competitive nature. The 5’7 forward is the tiniest American to play for the club and the first captain to hail from south of the border. Sidelined with a torn bicep muscle , his leadership has been sadly missed as the Habs chances for a playoff birth disappeared along with their captain.


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