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Trade Deadline Update

Pierre Gauthier has been a busy guy …

Rick Nash, born June 16, 1984 in Brampton, Ont...

Thanks to a few ‘ spies’ , here is what Gauthier was up to yesterday as he places all his energy into improving Le Club de Hockey Canadien

9am – Places call to his tailor ( after all – it is better to look good than to feel good).

9 : 30am – Tries in vain to get Bob Gainey‘s advice regarding the colour of tie he should wear.

10:00am – Calls up the Columbus Blue Jackets and hears only laughter when offering up Scott Gomez for a skate sharpening machine

10:30am – Decides on an early lunch.

11:00am – Attempts to trade his chicken sandwich for a tuna melt . Chef laughs in his face.

11:30am – Gainey calls back and suggests black.

12:00pm – Calls up Scott Gomez and hears only laughter.

12:30pm – Misses his cab as he is distracted by angry mob outside his front door.

1:00pm – Columbus calls back asking if Subban has life insurance policy and if so – is he available?

1:30pm – Calls up Carolina to see how long Kirk Muller‘s contract is …

2:00pm – Calls up Tampa to see how long Boucher‘s contract is …

2:30pm- Calls March Recchi to say hi and see what he is doing these days.

3:00pm – Carolina calls back – Gauthier  must keep the receiver from his ear as the laughing is deafening.

3:30pm – Decides on an early supper.

4:00pm – Is denied entry to all of Montreal’s finest restaurants.

4:30pm – His tailor calls back suggesting an all black suit – you know , the kind they wear at funerals …

5:00pm – Tampa calls back – Again the laughter is deafening !

5:30pm – Calls it a day !

* Stay tuned for an interview with an iconic Montreal sports figure and Expos memories Part Two !

NHL Trade Rumors: Columbus Blue Jackets Players Preparing for Busy Deadline Day (bleacherreport.com)

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