Habs Suffering from Erectile Dysfunction

An opportunity to move within four points of a play- off spot was not enough reason for the Canadiens to add Viagra to their water bottles.No wonder the Dallas Stars were the only team scoring on Tuesday night …

Sunday, in their loss to the Devils, the Habs may have had a small reason to come up flat. There was a moving ceremony before the game in honor of the Habs’ old baseball counterparts fallen comrade- Gary Carter. Watching an athlete in peak condition on the scoreboard , knowing that no one is exempt from cancer’s dangerous touch – is ample reason to behave life- less.A hockey game relatively unimportant in the big picture they call life.

The game against Dallas was an important one. The Habs demonstrated that maybe – the plug has been pulled on a dismal season. Where was Hal Gill on this night? Nashville is no place for a player whose ability to shut down top players was required. Didn’t the Habs get the memo that Mike Ribiero was back in town?

“I didn’t know what to expect, a lot of players who came back when I played here, the people used to boo them,” Ribeiro said. “I wasn’t sure for today, but the fans have always been behind me. It was kind of
nice and surprising and a little emotional after the first star, so I decided to salute them and say thank you in my way to them.”

Ribiero’s words upon being elected first star by the fans.Ribeiro scored a goal and added an assist to go along with four shots on goal as the Stars continue their battle for a play off spot.

“Hopefully we see what we did here today and see how we’re supposed to
play,” Ribeiro said. “We rolled four lines and everyone played well as a team. We need 20 guys, and tonight we had 20.”

Of those twenty players , goalie Kari Lehtonen can stand at the front of the class.The Stars’ goalie made 31 stops, several of them key, as his team closed the gap between them and the eighth place Calgary Flames.

The Habs, on the other glove, along with their 3 -1 loss to New Jersey,blew another opportunity to move within 4 pts of the eighth spot in the Eastern Conference.

They can’t seem to get up for big games – something that repeated
itself on too many occasions this year. Especially at home, a place that was once the hardest place to play for visiting teams.

The Canadiens did not get their first shot on goal until after the eight minute mark of the first period. Something that should not be happening at this time of year. Against the Devils on Sunday – the team went eighteen minutes between shots. That is a combined twenty-
six minutes – if opposing team’s goalies were women waiting to be seduced,the Habs would find her asleep with boredom by the time they re – entered the bedroom.

“There’s a good team on the other side of the ice that’s trying to do the same thing as us, and they did it way better today than we did,”
Eller said when asked to address the team’s poor start to the game. “Dallas was a better team. I can’t stand here and make a deeper analysis than that because that’s how simple it is. Dallas was a better team than we were, all the way through.”

Tomas Plekanec was scratched before the game as the Czech is suffering from a virus. This did not help a Habs club who have and continue to struggle offensively.Carey Price may want to speak to Ribiero and convince him to return to the team where it all started. In 522 games
since the trade which brought Janne Niinimaa to Montreal , Ribiero has gone on to score 118 goals and pick up 268 assists with the Stars.

Maybe ‘Mickey Ribs’could bring the Habs’ forwards out back,open his trenchcoat and sell them some Viagra.

The Montreal Canadiens have the ambiance at home – it is not the time
to suffer from impotence. Especially since they hit the road and attempt to pick up points in other team’s bedrooms …

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