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Top Ten Reasons Hal Gill will be Missed

Hal Gill.

The giant from Massachusetts is no more.

Traded to skate with Sergei Kositsyn in Nashville, Tennesseeeee…..

What happens when you play a country and western song backwards? Do you get your truck, girlfriend and Hal Gill back ?

Time will tell …

In the meantime – here are the top ten reasons Hal Gill will be missed!

10. Brian Gionta will need a stool in order to buy stuff on the top shelves at supermarkets.

9. The Montreal players will have nowhere to hang their clothes in the dressing room.

8. At least Magic Johnson will stop calling to ask for Larry Bird !

7. The hour that it used to take to sharpen Gill’s sized twenty skates can now be used for better things!

6. Female fans of the club will now have to get used to ‘ it’s not the size that matters ‘ concept …

5. David Desharnais’ job of ‘ underarm deodorant applicator ‘ – a thing of the past!

4. Randy Cunneyworth does not have to stand on the bench to pat Gill on the head for a good

3. The take – off routes of planes are no longer impeded by Gill’s socks as they hang from the baggage compartment onto runways below.

2. Gionta’s home not referred to as ‘ the dollhouse ‘anymore !

And the number one reason Gill will be missed ?

1. Who will take care of P.K Subban ?


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  1. Ha, these are very clever good job. Check out

  2. Merci …will do !


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