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A Winter Classic

Sweat poured from the brow. Rapid heart rates created anxiousness or was it the other way around.It was edge of the seat time and the game had not yet begun …

Sticks clashed making noise like lightning striking an old oak tree atop a darkened mountain as the rubber disc commenced the proceedings.Silver blades made noise like thousands of tiny knives cutting an ice sculpture on a barren field of snow.

Bodies crashed like icebergs as the fans cheered like birds from high above.Flecks,spots of blood appeared bright against a backdrop of virgin white. Blood – some accidental, some  – on purpose. Intenstity grew. Anger became the emotion that ruled.

Disappointment came yet was dispatched with a wave of passion. A willingness to not give up.A buzz surrounded the stoppages like angry bees trapped in a place that was helpless.Could they help or did they require help.A theme was searched and then discovered like a sunken treasure amid the despair of a lonely ocean grave.

‘It can be done’ replaced the feeling of being lost as the black disc hit the satiny twine – rope cleverly placed in it’s rosy-red jail cell.Frenzy! Circa 1977.Circa – 1955. Premature chants of victory echoed through the ears of young and old.

Without warning yet something expected – it ended.Concluded with a sideshow. A freak contest from the past to induce the green into the less fortunate among the richness that exists among thirty.

This is the Montreal Canadiens against the Boston Bruins. Always has been.

A true winter classic …

NHL Trade Rumors: Boston Bruins May Be Stuck with What They Have (bleacherreport.com)

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