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RDS 5 – CBC 0

In Saturday night’s convincing Canadien’s win over the Maple Laffs , one can only wonder if the Toronto team was the only loser. On an evening when the all time leading scorer in Leaf history( Mats Sundin) was honored by having his number 13 raised to the rafters – it was the CBC network and Hockey Night in Canada that were the real losers.

Aside from a comical display by the Leaf organization( showing just two goals by Mats Sundin on the big screen and the rest of the time his smiling face), the game was a demonstration of how many buffoons work and call games on the once proud franchise known as Hockey Night in Canada.

Some of the lowlights from the mouths of hockey babes ;

Dion Phaneuf shoved Pacioretty from behind into the Leaf net minder.The referees blew the call and gave Max a goalie interference penalty. The announcers replayed the scene three times with Kelly Hrudey saying ” Oh ya … Clearly Pacioretty shoved Reimer and deserved the penalty! ” Hrudey’s job and the reason for showing replays is so the announcers can give an insight that a split- second referee’s call cannot. Hrudey paused briefly before the third replay – an astute viewer could tell that he knew he was wrong. Why could Kelly Hrudey not just say ; ” Oops – sorry folks , I was wrong.”

– The Leafs were on a power play in the third period and were down in the play and
scoreboard.For a ten second period of time, the Leafs had possession in the Habs’zone.Bob Cole said ; ” Well folks… It seems the Leafs have taken control of the game now …”. The power play ended and the Leafs ended up with one shot on goal.They went on to lose 5 – 0. I’ll have what Cole is smoking please …

During the entire telecast, not once did anyone in the booth say anything negative about the Leafs or anyone of the players that skate in Harold Ballard‘s shadow.Dion Phaneuf was horrible , James Reimer could not stop a bus even if he jumped in front of it and the entire Leaf offence was flatter than a rum and coke at five AM.

Les gens on RDS, the French- Canadian sports network, do not have a hard time pointing out the foibles on the Montreal team.If one of the Habs commits a foul, even if it goes unnoticed by the referee, the announcers on RDS will point it out. If the Habs as a team play awful – the guys who speak with an accent will say so.

The problem with the CBC and their flunkies is simple. Corporate ties bind the world they live in. Money has replaced common sense. A hockey game is a hockey game. One team plays better than another and wins.

It is the duty, yes duty …of the announcers on any broadcast to call the play with neutrality. A flower pot is a flower pot. An artist may see the colors that others do not and a child may see beauty where others do not. Everyone in the world sees things in different ways – whack makes the world a wonderful place.

Still – a flower pot is a flower pot and a non – penalty is a non – penalty.

Unless one happens to be wearing blue and white glasses that are part of a bonus package on CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada…

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  1. Great post Rick. Hockey Night in Canada showing a Toronto-centric bias? Who would’ ve thunk it. Here’s my Top Shelf post on why the Habs should be super peeved with Hockey Night in Canada. http://topshelfwithbk.wordpress.com/


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