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Don’t Panic ! Part Two

* The theme of my blog is in prayer for former Montreal Expos’ player Gary Carter. Gary is battling brain cancer.God bless ...

The only thing that can mess up the Habs’ bright future is the management. That is why it is so crucial the decisions that Geoff Molson and company will make in the ensuing six months.

Forget the saga that turns coach Cunneyworth around in circles. Forget the poor decisions that have plagued Gauthier’s legacy. The Canadiens ownership must sit down in a room, close the blinds and think responsibly about the future of Le Club de Hockey Canadien.

There is a tremendous core of talented hockey players skating under Jacques Plante’s banner right now. This group of skaters, not unlike a bunch of children that have been spawned by a bad up – bringing, require guidance, firmness and love in order to excel to greater heights.

Starting fresh next year – here is a list of the forwards that should
remain with the team and the attributes they place on the skating rink.

A True Captain

Erik Cole

Has there been a more pleasant surprise to Habs fans since it was learned Jose Theodore used Propecia to lure female fans to his crease? Cole arrived with a lengthy contract under an umbrella of doubt. Would he be a twenty goal scorer or a man who may be lucky to hit fifteen. These were the sums of his past two seasons in Carolina and as any player who is
aging – questions arise.Erik will not only hit the twenty – five goal mark – he will do it with force. It has been a long time since a Montreal forward, shift upon shift, has entered the opposition’s zone with conviction.Too often in years past – have Hab forwards gained a zone actin like a lost puppy.When Cole has the puck,the chances of a goal for him and his mates rise dramatically. Erik is also a great power – role model for Pacioretty. Brothers – in – broken – vertebrae, the two have fast become forces to be reckoned with.

Max Pacioretty

As mentioned above – where would ‘patches’ be this season without Cole? Whatever nerves remained after returning from a broken vertebrae, were quickly dispatched past the newly
replaced stanchion at the Bell Center. Pacioretty has picked up where he once was before Chara almost killed him. Max is on pace for a thirty goal season with one big assist to an older version of himself – Erik Cole. Max will double his career highs in points, goals and assists and provide the Habs with a power forward for years to come.

David Desharnais

Living proof that a small French Quebecer has the passion to suceed for the Mobtreal Canadiens. The third player on the Cole – Pacioretty line,Desharnais’ability to drive opposing defencemen nuts with his constant footwork provides an excellent ying to Cole and Pacioretty’ s yang.Desharnais has already doubled his points total from his sole season in the NHL and is growing stronger by the game. Barring injury – David just may be Montreal’s version of a certain player in Tampa. Can we start calling him the Pocket St.Louis ?

Tomas Plekanec

Cole - The best forward in years ....

Montreal’s most consistent forward for the past two seasons and the team’s leading point getter. ‘Pleks’ is having an off year for the first time in his sixth NHL season. Tomas does
everything.Penalty kill,power play man and one of the best two- way players on the team.Considering what has gone on with this team in 2011-12, one gets the feeling that Tomas has lost some of his spirit.Like Price – when a player gives 110% and too many around are mailing their effort in, Plekanec seems to have thrown his arms in the air. Lately, with a resurgence in the team’s effort, Tomas is once again playing with passion and consistency. Unless the team has an opportunity to trade for a Rick Nash – look for Tomas to play out his contract in Montreal and sign another in the year 2016.

Brian Gionta

Of the three main players that arrived in Montreal as part of Bob Gainey’s ‘cleaning house'( Gomez and Cammalleri the others), Gionta is the only one who has earned his dollars.Rewarded as the team captain- Brian provides leadership,heart and until recently – points to Saku Koivu’s old squad.This season has not been a lucky one for Gionta.Sidelined with a lower body injury early in the season that caused him to miss eleven games- the Habs captain has been sidelined with a torn bicep muscle for three weeks.An injury that may end his season.If the team makes the playoffs and make it to round two – expect the team’s heart to be back in action. Gionta will and deserves to remain in Montreal for the remainder of his five year contract that ends in 2014.

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