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Do Not Panic ! Part One

You lose, you gain—it’s all caprice. The omnipotence of caprice. The likelihood of reversal. Yes, the unpredictable reversal and its power.

Philip Roth, The Humbling

Cover of "The Humbling"

Cover of The Humbling

Believe it or not , the Montreal Canadiens are in a position of envy around the league right now. What is that you say ? Is Rick Keene on the sauce once again? Have the voices inside his head finally turned to the dark side ?

Before you call the boys carrying white coats with no elbow room – make a coffee, open a beer and read a while …Won’t ya ?

Let ‘ s take a look at the positives in the Habs organization instead of dwelling on the Gomez’, the beer prices and the general malaise that surrounds the club. If Gauthier or the new man that takes the reign of Le Club de Hockey Canadien plays his cards right; the future is very bright for the team. Starting with guys that have held the team in every game – here is an evaluation of the team’s brightest stars.

Carey Price

Price is young and talented. People are on him a bit because ‘According to them’ – he is having a sub – par season. First – let us place ourselves in his goalie skates.For a season and a half, playing the most minutes of any goalie in the league, Price has placed his team in a position to win. Game upon game – his buddies score less often than a man with a one inch penis. After a while – the phrase ‘ what the f*ck ‘ starts spinning inside his mask like a Micheal Jackson video shoot gone bad. . A player in his position should always optimize his talent yet a human being is a human being. Mr. Price has not called up Ronald Corey on his cell phone and demanded a trade. He may be wavering on his upcoming contract talks yet it is par for the hockey course. Carey Price has many years to play and win Stanley Cups and will evolve into an experienced veteran along the way.

Alexei Emelin

This guy is the real deal. Not quite through his first season in the NHL and this guy is improving by the game.Hard – hitting in the mold of Scott Stevens, he will not back away from anyone. There is no controversy with this kid, no bad comments and no negatives. Someone once said – if no one notices you then you are doing your job.Please stay hidden Alexei and try not to pay attention to all the crap that circles the club.

Josh Gorges

Thank the Lord for Craig Rivet. If San Jose had not been so keen on landing the former Hab defence man – our future captain wold not be here. Josh has and continues to demonstrate a maturity beyond his years. On and off the ice. He will not shy from the rough stuff yet obtains the ability to keep his anger in check. That anger will arise if one of his mates is on the receiving end of dirty play by an opposing player. Always coming to the defence of his pals. Josh Gorges face would look nice next to Guy Lapointe, Serge Savard and Robinson on the Habs’ dressing room wall. ‘ From failing hands we …’.

P.K Subban

Leave the dude alone ! He is the most creative and talented defence man to suit up for the Habs since Markov’s rookie year in 2001. Since Gauthier rid the team of two veterans, Spacek and Hamrlik, P.K has been asked to do everything. Powerplay, penalty kill and a leader on the team. Hello ….this is the guy’s sophomore season ! Tag all of his responsibilities along with the fact he is still on a learning curve and he is a victim of hate in most arenas – it is amazing the guy has not snapped. Nobody messed with Bobby Orr’s psyche , let P.K play hockey and let him be our Bobby Orr.

Raphael Diaz

Most predicted this guy would play the season in Hamilton. He surprised everyone in training camp, he surprised everyone in pre – season and he continues to surprise everyone well past Christmas. He is level headed, has a great shot and has shown an improving ability to take the man. Like Emelin – on most nights , he is not noticed . Like Emelin, his sophomore season will be better.

Andrei Markov

English: Josh Gorges of the Montreal Canadiens...

Regardless of all the negative press the guy and his knee attract – Markov remains the most talented defence man on the club and in the NHL. Perhaps the swelling and the second operation on his knee that has kept him out of the line-up all season is a blessing in disguise. Let him and his knee heal until the beginning of training camp next year. He will arrive in camp healthy and hungry to play. If all goes well – he will have a new found youth to his step which will only help the club and Subban, Diaz and Emelin.

Stay tuned for Part Two as we look at the forwards.

Part Three will look at the defencemen that should join the club next season and part four will examine the prospects that may join the forwards.

In the meantime …

Habs Eye on the Prize , Knuckles and the Hockey Writers give their opinions ….

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