Habs Keep Penguins on Ice

First Detroit – now Pittsburgh.

Too bad the Montreal season cannot be fast forwarded to the play- offs. After all , it is supposedly good teams ONLY allowed into the NHL’s after-hours club.

Les Canadiens do not have problems skating with the elite in Gary Bettman’s ‘ flying circus. Game after game – the Habs either win or come very close to beating teams such as Boston, the Rangers , Canucks and Red Wings. Could Montreal be a playoff team and the only person who received the memo was the man who built the squad? Pierre Gauthier must be smiling as he stays awake scanning the Internet for Markov sightings.

If, if , if … He must be telling his cats as they prowl the living room in their red, white and blue collars.

If ….Cammalleri did not love his mirror so much – what could have been. If … Andrei Kostisyn had a heart the size of Brian Gionta – what could have been. If … Lars Eller understood a season in the NHL is longer than thirty games. If … Scott Gomez’ middle name was not If … If only Randy Cunneyworth was bilingual and Jacques Martin had some passion between those elf – like ears. If …if …if only …

As the Canadiens attempt to scrape the Huuricanes’ sh*t from their skates , the team has not
been playing bad. They are not being blown out and even in a 3 – 0 loss to the Capitals, the score was not indicative of the play. In reality , Washington won the game by a tally of one – the rest of the goals ? Bad luck and pond hockey markers. Lady Luck did not sign a contract with Pierre Gauthier over the summer – that is for sure.

Last night – les Penguins de Malkin arrived in town. Last night , the two teams entertained the crowd with a solid match de hockey. Last night , Lady Luck suited up for the Habs – if
only for one game.

" I don't want to be a poster boy ...! "

Lars ( I’ll score every ten games ) Eller , launched a wrist / snap shot toward the Penguins goalie from just outside the Pittsburgh blue line. A small child with polio could have stopped the puck yet somehow, a NHL goalie by the name of Fleury could not. For a brief second, it appeared that Lady Luck was on the bench as the puck bounced off the goal post to Fleury’s left, As Marc – Andre did his best Charlie Chaplin impersonation , Ms. Luck tossed the puck at Fleury’s rear end and it landed just behind the goal line. Last night – the Forum ghosts paid $ 220.00 for a ticket and waited for the intermission to buy their beers.

The game ended tied at two after the five minute overtime decided that kissing your sister was okay – if only for a night.

Shoot – outs are for the U.S television revenues and to ensure that hockey maintains it’s place just below The Lingerie Bowl in the big scheme of things. The 2012 edition of the 1970 ‘ s between period Showdown on Hockey Night in Canada is entertaining yet should
not decide a hockey game.

Last night it did.

The Habs won 3 – 2 after Tomas Plekanec netted a goal in the eight round and the Pens’ Jason Williams did not .

If only … Pittsburgh must be wondering .

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