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Top Ten Signs the Boston Bruins Won the Cup !

As we know …especially in Montreal , the Boston Bruins won La Coupe Stanley.
Here now are the top ten signs that prove nightmares can come true …

10.Cup dented due to a questionable collision with a stanchion.

9.The Patriots lost to the Giants on purpose citing ‘ not enough room for two trophies on city hall’s tiny bookshelf ‘ as an excuse …

8.You thought Don Cherry was annoying before?

7.Cam Neely owns two suits now!

6.With his bonus money – Milan Lucic can now be spaded AND de – wormed …

5.People of Boston nervously looking over their shoulders …

4.Bobby Orr has a reason to visit Boston again.

3.Derek Sanderson can stop living under a bridge.

2.All of the players could finally chip in to get Jay Miller out of the hospital from the beating he took at the hands of Chris Nilan in 1988 !

And the number one sign the Bruins won the cup ?

1. Tim Thomas is number one on the CIA ‘s most wanted list !

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